Who Are The 5 WWE Superstars That Vince Mcmahon Could Bring Back Following His Return

Vince McMahon finally returned to WWE, and he has some important announcements to make. Here are the highly predicted WWE wrestlers who can be expected to be back to WWE, followed by the return of Vince.

by Fredrick Fabian Daniel | Updated Jan 12, 2023

Who Are The 5 WWE Superstars That Vince Mcmahon Could Bring Back Following His Return
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Who Are The 5 WWE Superstars That Vince Mcmahon Could Bring Back Following His Return

After being elected as the Executive Chairman of the Board, Vince finally made his return to the WWE. His daughter and the former CEO of WWE announced her resignation last day. Nevertheless, Triple H remains the Chief Content Officer even now, and he has decided to bring back a few legendary players who went off the screen for the last couple of years. We can expect these 5 highly guessed wrestlers to get their performances in Wrestlemania 39.

5 WWE Superstars That Vince Mcmahon Could Bring Back Following His Return

1. CM Punk

There are high chances for CM Punk to make a comeback to AEW, or he might even become one big name from the free agent market. He got injured back in 2022 though he captured the AEW World Championship. If McMahon has the idea of increasing the value of the promotion, he might likely bring CM Punk back to action again.


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2. Andrade El Idolo

Charlotte Flair and Andrade were married, followed by her marriage, but Andrade wasn't seen on the WWE at all. He was released on March 2021 to join AEW, and his appearances on AEW were reported to be forgettable. And if the latter, along with his pair, it would make a lot.


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3. Lana

Lana had a massive triumph and success in WWE before she was released in June 2021; following her departure, Lana appeared in various films under her real name (CJ Perry), and she launched a premium for her watchers after she praised WWE, Vince might plan to bring her inside the WWE once again. Lana said, "If WWE were to call me tomorrow and be like, 'we want you back,' it's not about the money. I would shut the site down and go back because WWE is one of the greatest franchises in the world." 


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4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve Austin hit Vince with the worst Stunner in all his career. Vince might bring back Steve Austin as he proved he might want a redo on getting hit using Stunner at WrestleMania 39.


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5. Vince McMahon Might Possibly Bring Goldberg Back To WWE

Goldberg's contract with WWE officially ended last year, but chances are the 56-year-old hasn't announced the reports regarding his retirement, and he is still in remarkable shape.


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Who Are The 5 WWE Superstars That Vince Mcmahon Could Bring Back Following His Return - FAQs

1. Why is there no more blood in WWE?

From July 2008 onward, due to its TV-PG rating, WWE has not allowed wrestlers to blade themselves.’

2. What is the age limit in WWE?

WWE requires an audience who are 18 or older to do it.

3. Is it easy to join WWE?

No, Wrestlers who try out for WWE need at least 3-5 years of pro wrestling experience.

4. Are WWE wrestlers friendly?

Besides getting into relationships, wrestlers can also become lifelong friends.

5. Do WWE wrestlers get paid?

The WWE is generally known for paying big amounts to their top superstars, and their WWE salaries tend to come in as huge paychecks.

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