Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021: Get New Top Up Event April 2021 in Free Fire, Next Top-Up Event 2021 in Free Fire Updates Here

Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021 has become imminent and fans are taken interest in the event and a lot of Free fire Top Up event players want an answer to the question "what is the next Top-Up event in Free Fire". Players can check and find the answer to the New Top Up event 2021 in Free Fire from the article given below. Let's check out what are the latest diamond top-up events in the Free Fire Event in April  2021. Players can keep updating themselves with the Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021, the latest Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021 news, and Free fire 2021 events to not miss attractive rewards.

by Mohammed Sharafath S | Updated Apr 16, 2021 05:53 AM

Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021: Get New Top Up Event April 2021 in Free Fire, Next Top-Up Event 2021 in Free Fire Updates Here

What is a Free Fire Event 2021?

Free Fire is a well-renowned battle royale game. Free Fire is close to celebrating its third anniversary. During this special occasion, Garena has a ton of surprises for its fans by introducing the New Top Up event in Free Fire. In 2019, when Free Fire celebrated two years of release, the developers distributed free elite passes to all the players. Similarly, this year also the developers are expected to give away free Elite Passes to users on the 3rd anniversary. Check out the Free Fire next top-up event 2021 news here.

New Top Up Event in Free Fire 2021

Free Fire's collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo has led to the development of a number of modes and events to the game. The new Top Up event in Free Fire is the Chrono Top Up event. This event is entirely based on the Chrono theme of Christiano Ronaldo and offers four unique skins. The four collective radiant skins in this event are Time Blender (Backpack) top-up 100 Diamonds, Portal Reactor Loot Box top up 300 Diamonds, Gloo-Wall Chrono top up 500 Diamonds, Monster truck Cyber Bounty Hunter top up 1000 Diamonds. 

What's the New Top Up event in Free Fire 2021?

As per some leaks that surfaced online, the players will get a New Top Up event in Free Fire in the celebration and they need to go shopping for Diamond as it is one of the major currencies in Free Fire. Candidate can use diamonds to buy bundles, skins, pets, unlock characters, and join lucky spins. Also, the Garena Free Fire event introduced many pay-to-play mini-games to let the invest and get exclusive rewards. It should be noted that the diamond top-up is every important in this game. The Free Fire game publishers introduce many attractive diamond top-up events. During such occasions, the Free Fire players can get a diamond top-up and get extra rewards. 

What are the Main Types of New Top Up Event in Free Fire 2021?

The players must know that there are many main new types of diamond top-up events in Free Fire. The special main events will give you a different prize pool. The players can get bonus diamonds, themed skins, exclusive skins, favourite characters, or legendary bundles, for free. 

1) Bonus Diamond Top Up

As per the leaks, in the next top-up event in Free Fire 2021 can be of diamond top-up event. This type of bonus diamond top-up event often gives you 50%-100% extra diamonds. With this diamond, you can get double the diamond that you buy during the event. 
Let's say, the latest 100% Bonus Diamond Top-Up event gave you up to 1000 diamonds when you bought 1000 diamonds during this event.
Earlier, Garena Free Fire gave players several chances to get 100% extra diamonds in those events.

Here are the prices of the in-game top-ups:

  • INR 80 - 100 diamonds

  • INR 250 - 310 diamonds

  • INR 400 - 520 diamonds

  • INR 800 - 1060 diamonds

  • INR 1600 - 2180 diamonds

  • INR 4000 - 5600 diamonds

2) New Pet Top-Up Event

The AloGarena Free Fire has introduced a few other top-up events while launching a new pet. In this type of top-up event, Free Fire is giving away Mr Waggor.  During the third Anniversary Top-Up Event, they have introduced a new penguin pet in this game.  Players can get Mr Waggor for free while recharging 200 diamonds.
Also, when you top up 1000 diamonds, you can get all three grand rewards namely Maniacal Chainsaw Surfboard skin with 500 diamonds top-up and Rapper Throttle Motor Bike skin with 1000 diamonds top-up.

3) New Character Top-Up Event

Garena Free Fire has introduced new characters as the New Top Up event in Free Fire. It will give more choices and experiences to the players. The game publishers have brought many character top-up events to encourage them to buy diamonds. It can be expected that the next top-up event in Free Fire 2021 can be a Character top-up event. It is because Free Fire is to launch many new characters in the upcoming time. 

For instance, the developers have launched the Luqueta Top Up event last month in the debut of this new character Luqueta to Free Fire. Players can buy 500 diamonds to get this new character and an exclusive Soccer Star Bundle for Luqueta for free.

4) Themed Skins Diamond Top Up

The Garena Free Fire also gives away exclusive skins for surfboards, weapons, pan, Gloo wall, backpack, etc as the New Top Up event in Free Fire. The rewards come when a new season arrives in the Free Fire game. With this, the Players can do diamond top-up, get rewards, and buy Elite Pass. After buying the and join many mini-games or events.

Players can get many attractive rewards from some recent top-up events, such as Rampage, Vengeance, Beach Party events, etc. Moreover, there are many time-limited top-up events with mind-blowing rewards in some special celebrations. For example, Garena introduced a Mother's Day Top-Up even this May in Free Fire to honor all mothers in the world.

How to Join New Top Up Event in Free Fire?

Now that you are aware of getting attractive rewards in the New Top Up event in Free Fire, you can recharge the required number of diamonds. It is also easy to get rewards in the Free fire event. The Player can visit the event centre and claim the rewards for free. Players must keep in mind that all the Diamond top-up event in Free Fire are time-limited events. You must make sure to check out the Event centre in the Free Fire game frequently. Players are directed to follow our page as we update the latest update instantly so that they don't miss these great chances to get extra gifts.

Step 1: Launch the Garena Free Fire app and tap right on the "Diamond" icon positioned on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Various diamond top-ups list would arrive on the screen.

Step 3: Pick the desired number of diamonds to obtain and make a successful payment to acquire the diamonds.

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Garena Free Fire Top Up April 2021 - FAQs

1. What are the types of New Top Up event in Free Fire available?

The many types of New Top Up event in Free Fire that are available are:

  • Bonus Diamond Top Up
  • New Pet Top-Up Event
  • New Character Top-Up Event
  • Themed Skins Diamond Top Up
2. Which app is best for top up in Free Fire?

Games Kharido is said to be one of the best apps for top up in Free Fire as it allows you to purchase a lot of diamonds in the game. 

3. Who is one of the best Free Fire players?

TSG Jash is one of the best Free Fire players. 

4. Who is the richest noob in Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer is India's richest noob in Free Fire.