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  3. ZEE Telugu Serials: Watch Zee Telugu Channel Live Online, Check ZEE Telugu Serials List, Serials Timings, Serials Schedule Today India, and ZEE Telugu Live Here!

ZEE Telugu Serials: Watch Zee Telugu Channel Live Online, Check ZEE Telugu Serials List, Serials Timings, Serials Schedule Today India, and ZEE Telugu Live Here!

Zee Telugu Serials: Zee Telugu TV Serials Schedule and Show Timings here, Get ZEE Telugu, owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises of the ESSEL Group, is a cable television channel entertaining. Check Zee Telugu TV Schedule in the below article which gives information about what is ZEE Telugu Schedule today, ZEE show timings, ZEE Telugu serials lists, and other Telugu movie entertainment.  

by Niranjani Jesentha K | Updated Oct 16, 2021 05:46 AM

ZEE Telugu Serials: Watch Zee Telugu Channel Live Online, Check ZEE Telugu Serials List, Serials Timings, Serials Schedule Today India, and ZEE Telugu Live Here!

Zee Telugu TV Serials 2021

Zee Telugu is a General Entertainment Channel, offered by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Zee Network is a Telugu proposed channel that has the strongest presence with channels in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi in northern, eastern, and western India. It is marked as the first venture into the southern Indian entertainment market.  It was initially launched with the name, Alpha TV Telugu, but was renamed later as Zee Telugu. A large number of American films were dubbed into Telugu, and as an experiment, they dubbed the famous Bollywood film, Sholay. Later, various serials started getting telecast on this channel. Want to know what are the Tv shows broadcasted in Zee Telugu? Refer to the following section.

Zee Telugu Schedule Today (16/10/2021)

Zee Telugu Serials List Time
Rang De 12:00 AM
Geetha Govindam 02:00 AM
Patanjali Yoga 05:00 AM
Drama Juniors 06:00 AM
Bhakti Samacharam 07:00 AM
Srikaram Subhakaram 07:30 AM
Omkaram  08:00 AM
Aarogyame Mahayogam 08:30 AM
Saakshyam 09:00 AM
Hitler Gari Pellam 12:30 PM
Oohalu Gusagusalade 01:00 PM
Gundamma Katha 01:30 PM
Inti Guttu 02:00 PM
Mithai Kottu Chittemma 02:30 PM
Vaidehi Parinayam 03:00 PM
Muddha Mandaram 03:30 PM
Mutyala Muggu 04:00 PM
Tenali Rama Krishna 04:30 PM
Mana Ambedkar 05:30 PM
Swarna Palace 06:00 PM
Krishna Tulasi 06:30 PM
Radhamma Kuthuru 07:00 PM  
   Muthyamantha Muddu 07:30 PM
No.1 Kodalu 08:00 PM
Trinayani 08:30 PM
Prema Entha Madhuram 09:00 PM
Kalyana Vaibhogam 09:30 PM
Suryakantam 10:00 PM
Mithai Kottu Chittemma 10:30 PM
Big Celebrity Challenge 2020 11:00 PM

Zee Telugu Schedule Today

Zee Telugu is a channel that is generally subscribed to by the regional audience. We are all well aware of the fact that India is a country that is rich in its culture and is made up of a huge number of languages. Therefore it is only fair that media caters to this diverse population and presents a variety of Tv channels. Zee Telugu is a network that specializes in Telugu shows and movies targetting mainly the sect of the public who have knowledge of this language. Zee Telugu hosts a great number of shows and movies from all genres including fun, comedy, romance, action, horror, and many more. Though this language is not understood by many, Zee Telugu is a channel that is subscribed by even those who are now well versed in the language. Despite being a regional channel Zee Telugu has a global reach and has garnered even international fans and subscribers. This fandom is because of the quality of the shows hosted by the channel and the love for the language Telugu even by those who are not well versed in that language making them search for zee telugu Tv schedule particularly zee telugu schedule today

Zee Telugu Serials List 2021

Zee Telugu  specializes in showcasing shows and series that span across various genres: action, thriller, comedy, horror, and romance. This wide vareity makes people wonder about the zee telugu serials list to know what are the serials that offer this great vareity. Zee telugu schedule today is packed with a dose of entertainment and happiness and therefore to not miss out on zee telugu tv today schedule read the article above that has the list of zee telugu serials today that are telecasted today. Make sure you are connected to this webpage to get the updated zee telugu serials today everyday. 

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Zee Telugu Serials - FAQs

1. Who owns the Zee Telugu TV channel?

Zee enterprises of the Essel group own the channel.

2. How to download Zee Telugu tv on your smartphone?

Its available in Google Playstore. Download Hotstar, ZEE5, or Jio TV and register yourself and install the app.


3. Where to get daily updates related to Zee Telugu TV Schedule?

You can get Zee Telugu TV Schedule daily updates on latestnews.fresherslive.com

4. What are some of the channels that come under the Zee enterprises?
  • Zee Telugu
  • Zee Cinema
  • Zee Action
  • Zee Bollywood
5. What are some of the serials that are telecasted in Zee Telugu?
  • Kalyana Vaibhogam
  • Suryakantam
  • Rakta Sambandham
6. How many channels does Zee have?

Zee has approximately 20 channels

7. When was Zee Enterprises established?

Zee Enterprises was established in 1991