Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022, How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working?

Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022 - YouTube picture-in-picture is a feature of YouTube Premium, a paid subscription is necessary. The issue of Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022 has recently been reported by users. If you are one of them, keep reading this article to find out how to fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022.  

by P Nandhini | Updated Oct 12, 2022

Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022, How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working?
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What Is Picture In Picture On YouTube?

You can use picture-in-picture on your mobile device to watch YouTube videos while using other apps. With picture-in-picture, the video is reduced to a tiny player that you may move around your home screen. It is always shown above other application windows. As a result, you can conduct other business while watching YouTube videos.

Simply hit the Android home button (the house icon) to begin picture-in-picture playback, and the movie will change to a PiP window. Double-tap the PiP window in the YouTube app to resume playback. Drag the PiP window to the bottom of the screen to completely dismiss it.

Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022

Particularly for entertainment and watching YouTube videos, smartphones are increasingly taking the role of desktop computers. With Android phones in split-screen mode and then with Picture-in-Picture, the battle for desktop computing began (PIP). YouTube also supports picture-in-picture mode. However, the PIP might not work for you. Some people have trouble using YouTube's picture-in-picture feature. To resolve the YouTube picture-in-picture problem, read this article.

How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working?

Method 1 - Restart Your Phone

The picture-in-picture problem might be caused by a momentary bug in your phone's communication or application modules. Your phone can be restarted to fix the issue.

  • Your phone's power button should be pressed until the power menu appears; from there, select Power off.

  • Wait until your phone is totally off, then switch it back on.

  • Check to see if the YouTube picture-in-picture is operational after restarting.

Method 2 - Enable Picture in Picture Feature in YouTube and Phone Settings

  • Open your phone's Settings and select Application Manager or Apps.

  • Next, open Configure Apps by tapping the More icon that is located towards the bottom or top of your screen.

  • Next, select Picture-in-Picture and then select Special Access.

  • After that, turn on the picture-in-picture for YouTube by flipping its switch.

  • Launch the YouTube app now, then tap the symbol for the user profile.

  • Then touch General under Settings.

  • Check to see if the picture-in-picture problem has been fixed after enabling picture-in-picture by switching its switch to the on position.

  • If not, start the video and tap the notification tray to reveal it. Next, tap Settings, and see if YouTube's picture-in-picture feature is working effectively.

Method 3 - Update YouTube App

The YouTube app is updated frequently to add new functionality and correct bugs. If you're using an older version of the YouTube app, this problem can arise. The picture-in-picture mode problem might be fixed in this scenario by updating the programme to the most recent build.

  • Open Google Play Store.

  • Enter "YouTube" into the search box.

  • Tap the Update button to see if there is an update available.

  • If there isn't an update available, use the next method.

Method 4 - Clear YouTube App Cache

To improve performance and user experience, the YouTube application uses a cache. This error could occur if the YouTube program's cache is corrupt. Clearing the cache on YouTube may also be able to aid when the app is experiencing technical issues. As you do the following:

  • Shut down the YouTube app.

  • Go to the settings on your phone.

  • Hit the Apps & Notifications button.

  • Click YouTube.

  • Select Force Stop by tapping it.

  • Click Storage.

  • Click the CLEAR CACHE button after that.

Method 5 - Play Video in Portrait Mode

It should be possible to use the photo in picture mode in landscape orientation. It might not work if you try to use it in portrait mode while it is in picture mode. In this case, switching to landscape mode might fix the YouTube picture-in-picture issue.

  • Launch the YouTube app, then begin a video.

  • To put the picture in the picture mode and maintain the video in portrait/vertical mode, press the Home button.

Method 6 - Use Chrome Browser

  • Start up the Chrome web browser.

  • Enter "YouTube" into the search box.

  • From the drop-down menu, select Desktop Site by tapping the hamburger icon.

  • Long-press the first YouTube result now, then select Open in the group's new tab.

  • Then select the tab that has YouTube open.

  • Play a video and select full-screen mode at this point.

  • To get the picture in picture mode, swipe down from the top of your screen and hit the Home button.

We hope that this information was helpful to you and that you were able to fix the YouTube picture-in-picture issue.

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Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working 2022, How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working - FAQs

1. What happened YouTube PiP?  

YouTube got rid of PiP on iOS, but there is a workaround. Apple introduced Picture in Picture mode back in 2020 with the release of iOS 14, which allows you to watch videos in a floating window anywhere on your phone or tablet.

2. How do I use PiP on YouTube without premium?  

YouTube's PiP mode is accessible on Android using the popular VLC Player app. Moreover, VLC Player now allows you to play videos from the internet. You will be able to stream videos from VLC Player by simply pasting the URL of the video.

3. Why does picture in picture only work sometimes on YouTube?  

The picture-in-picture issue could be a result of a temporary glitch of the YouTube account. The glitch can be overcomed by switching to another YouTube account. Launch the YouTube application and tap on the user profile icon. Now relaunch the YouTube application and check if it is working fine.

4. How do I enable mini player on YouTube?  

If you're using the YouTube app, the Miniplayer will automatically pop up at the bottom of the screen if you click the back button, or if you swipe down while watching a video. Note: If the content you're watching in the app is set as made for kids, the Miniplayer will be paused.

5. How do I make YouTube play in the background?  

Pull down the notification shade, and you will see the media controls of the video that you just played. Now simply tap play and your video will start playing in the background.

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