X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar, Why Did X Factor Judge Breaks Guitar?

X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar: There have been many shocking moments on The X Factor, but this one may have surpassed them all. Dmitry Shurov, a Ukrainian X-Factor judge, was chastised on social media in April 2021 after smashing a contestant’s guitar. Continue reading this article to know more about X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar. 

by Rajammal D | Updated Dec 07, 2021

X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar, Why Did X Factor Judge Breaks Guitar?
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X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar

Dmytro Shurov is an X-Factor judge in Ukraine during seasons 8 and 9, smashed a contestant's guitar on stage after declaring that he didn't like the performer's song and melodies. Dmytro's reaction astounded both the other X Factor judges and the audience. When the camera panned across the venue in the video, their expressions were visibly distressed. He was then applauded as he went back to his seat after he had pacified down. Juri Hancurkan, the victim of the event, burst into tears. The guitar, he later disclosed, was a gift from his late father. The TV series episode is believed to have been televised months ago, but it is only now gaining friction on social media. It's uncertain what action was carried against Shurov or whether he was fired from the show. Shurov has not issued a public statement in response to his actions. 

Why Did X Factor Judge Breaks Guitar?

He claimed that the poor performance of the participants was the sole reason I smashed his guitar. Each person on the show is taken aback when he reacts rudely. The performer was also reminded of being stunned, and he acted as if nothing was going on here. The audience were also taken aback by the judge's abrasiveness. Then he calms down, and when he returned to his seat, he received a standing ovation. According to reports, Dmytro Shurov did not enjoy the song performance by the specific contestant. He then proceeded to break and tear his guitar, and the judge has been the subject of much debate since the incident occurred. Netizens have been criticising the judge and his behaviour on the show. 

Judge Breaks Guitar During Audition

Dmitry Shurov, a Ukrainian X-Factor judge, was chastised on social media in April 2021 after smashing a contestant's guitar. The video clip, which has recently went viral on the internet, shows the judge getting up from his seat and walking up onto the stage while the contestant is singing. Then he snatches the guitar from his grasp and violently smashes it on the floor because he didn't like his audition. "Have you gotten it out of your system?" the other judges inquire, to which he responds, "yes, I'm beyond calm, I'm perfectly calm," before admitting that the day had been a huge letdown. According to social media users, the contestant's late father actually gave him the guitar, making his rash actions even more heartbreaking.

Who Is The Judge - Dmytro Shurov?

Dmytro Shurov is a judge on Ukrainian X-Factor, a singing reality show. He is a multi-instrumentalist and musician who can play the keyboard, piano, and guitar. As a session member, he joined his first band, Okean Elzy, in 2000. He then became one of the official members of the band in 2001 and quickly rose to prominence. He left Okean Elzy three years later to join Esthetic Education.

From 2006 to 2009, Dmytro was also a member of the band Zemfira. Later that year, he launched his own project, Pianoo. In 2013, he was named Best Singer at the Elle Style Awards Ukraine.

What Happened To The Judge Who Broke The Guitar

As of now, there has not been any action taken against the Ukrainian X-Factor judge. This guitar breaking incident took place early this year but the video clipping went viral after so many months and a hashtag has been trending ever since the video trending. There has not been any official statement regarding the issue from Dmytro’s side. But the contestant Juri was heartbroken because the guitar was his late father’s gift. 

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X Factor Judge Breaks Contestants Guitar - FAQs

1. How do judges help the contestants in the X Factor?    

Through the live shows, the judges act as mentors to their category, helping to decide song choices, styling, and staging, while judging contestants from other categories.

2. Who are the judges on X Factor Ukraine?    

X Factor is a Ukrainian television music competition to find new singing talent and part of a British franchise The X Factor. The eight series began on 2 September 2017 and will conclude on 30 December 2017. The judging panel consists of Oleg Vinnik, Nastya Kamenskykh, Dmitry Shurov and Andriy Danylko.

3. Who is the judge who broke the guitar?    

In April 2021, Ukrainian X-Factor judge Dmitry Shurov was slammed on social media after he smashed a contestant's guitar.

4. What happened Aida nikolaychuk?    

Nikolaychuk currently performs in concerts and appearances in Ukraine. On 4 September 2013, Nikolaychuk participated in the competition "Promotion", organized by the Russian television channel Music Box, presenting her debut video, and was selected as a winner.

5. Why did Dmytro shurov break guitar?    

Dmytro Shurov was an X-Factor judge in Ukraine from seasons 8 and 9 of the show, who grabbed a contestant's guitar and smashed it on stage after he declared that he did not like the performer's song and melodies. He later revealed that the guitar was a gift from his late father.

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