World Television Day - When is the world television day? Television Day 2020, Quotes, and Theme

Updated: Nov 21,2020 11:13 GMT

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World Television Day - Check When is the world television day? Why is world television day celebrated? The world television day is a day to renew governments, organizations, and individual commitments, in order to support the development of television media in providing unbiased information about important issues and events that affect society. To know more about world television day, scroll down.

Happy World Television Day 2020

The world television day is observed each year on 21 November 2020. This day stands as a reminder of the power of visual media and how it helps in shaping public opinion and influencing world politics. How to celebrate world television day? Generally, The world television day activities are done by the educational institutes and educators are, inviting guest speakers, and discussing media and communication issues, promoting cultural diversity, links between democracy and television, political and economic developments, and much more. 

World Television Day Quotes 2020 Theme

The World Television Day theme of the 2020 edition is TV makes a difference. The world television day quotes are listed below.

  • Television is a medium of broadcasting political affairs, national affairs, and international affairs.
  • There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon with all the family members watching a movie on the television together.
  • The television definitely deserves appreciation for bringing relatives in a boring family function closer.
  • Back in the nineties, the children used to be attracted to the television like the children of today are attracted to smartphones.
  • Television brought the world a lot closer than the radio was able to because of the additional visual feature.
  • There was a time when parents ranted about their children sitting in front of the television all day, and now they rant about their children sitting with smartphones all day.

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World Television Day - FAQ

1. When is World Television Day?

World Television Day is on 21 November, 2020

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