World Blood Donor Day 2022, When Is World Blood Donor Day? Check Date, History, Theme, Logo, Quotes, And Images

World Blood Donor Day 2022: Donating blood twice a year can save a million people who are in a need of blood and there is a day celebrated for donating blood to create awareness among the public. Many are eager to know more about World Blood Donor Day 2022. So in this article, we’ll see about World Blood Donor Day 2022 History, importance, theme, logo, quotes, and images.   

by Sobhika I H | Updated Jun 14, 2022

World Blood Donor Day 2022, When Is World Blood Donor Day? Check Date, History, Theme, Logo, Quotes, And Images
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World Blood Donor Day 2022

Every year on June 14, organizations all over the world commemorate World Blood Donor Day. An event that raises awareness of the importance of donating blood to the health industry, as the range of applications is far more diverse than most people realize. Donating blood has been an important cornerstone that has aided the world on numerous occasions, from plasma treatments to research and emergency uses.

History Of World Blood Donor Day

Blood donation has a long history, with the first transfusions performed using poorly understood science and very early research. However, it wasn't until Richard Lower was the first to investigate the science of blood donation in animals. He was able to successfully transfuse blood between two dogs with no discernible adverse effects.

And the science surrounding the topic of blood gradually evolved from that point forward, breaking taboos and moving away from animal experimentation. Blood transfusions quickly became a staple in health topics and the medical field, thanks to advancements in transfusion technology and Karl Landsteiner's discovery of the ABO human blood type system to best determine donors.

Following the success of World Health Day in 2000, which focused on blood donation and transfusion safety, health ministers from all over the world unanimously declared in May 2005, during the 58th World Health Assembly, to designate World Blood Donor Day as an annual event held on June 14, choosing Landsteiner's birthday to commemorate it.

World Blood Donor Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular blood donations, the importance of maintaining a stable supply in the health industry, and to recognize the hard work of medical professionals who work in research and development for new technology and uses for donated blood, as well as medical teams who use blood on a regular basis. This day is also used to thank donors for their commitment to saving lives and making the world a better place.

Importance Of World Blood Donor Day 

World Blood Donor Day is a critical awareness day. Countries from all over the world participate in this campaign to emphasize the importance of safe blood donation and why healthy people should donate blood.

Blood drives are organized in schools, colleges, and workplaces. People are informed and assured that blood donation is safe and can help save someone's life or contribute to research. Non-profit organizations and related services produce materials such as posters, banners, and flyers for distribution and education about blood donation. The day also serves as a thank you to everyone who regularly donates their life-saving blood.

World Blood Donor Day 2022 Theme 

Blood Donor Day 2022's theme is "Blood donation is an act of solidarity." Join the effort and save lives'. Mexico will host the global blood donor day event this year on June 14, 2022.

Year  Theme 
2022 Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives
2021 Give blood and keep the world-beating
2020 Safe Blood Saves Lives
2019 Safe Blood for All
2018 Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life
2017 Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often
2016 Blood connects us all
2015 Thank you for saving my life
2014 Safe blood for saving mothers
2013 Give the gift of life: donate blood
2012 Every blood donor is a hero

World Blood Donor Day 2022 Quotes

  • “Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.” – Ibrahim Hooper

  • “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

  • “You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.” – Myles Munroe

  • “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

  • “The best blood will at some time get into a fool or a mosquito.” – Austin O’Malley

  • “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

  • “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” – Winston Churchill

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World Blood Donor Day 2022 - FAQs

1. What is the theme of World Blood Donor Day 2022?  

The slogan and theme for the 2022 World Blood Donor Day theme are 'Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives'. The day is focused on drawing attention to the roles that voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and enhancing solidarity within communities.

2. When was blood donor Day started?  

In 2004 World Blood Donor Day was first distinguished by the WHO. The 58th World Health Assembly, 2005 was declared an annual global event to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.

3. Why is World Donor Day celebrated on 14th June?  

The day marks the birth anniversary of Nobel Prize awardee Karl Landsteiner. Born on 14 June 1868, Karl received the award for his contribution to health science by discovering the ABO blood group system.

4. WHO was the first blood donor in the world?  

Richard Lower saved a dog's life by transfusing another “dog's” blood into it. The first recorded blood transfusion into a vein or artery took place in France in 1667 and was unsuccessful. A cupful of lamb's blood was transfused into a man via a silver tube. The man survived two transfusions and then died

5. What blood type is golden blood?  

One of the world's rarest blood types is one named Rh-null. This blood type is distinct from Rh-negative since it has none of the Rh antigens at all. There are less than 50 people who have this blood type. It is sometimes called “golden blood.”