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Woah Lyrics - Find the amazing Lyrics of “Woah, lookin' at my drip, lookin' at yo drip (Woah)” Song along with the key information about the song by Krypto9095. Woah is a Genre song and Woah Lyrics written by Lyricists. If you are a fan of Krypto9095 Woah song then check Latest Woah Lyrics from this article. Woah Lyrics might make you enthusiastic. So start sharing the Woah Lyrics with your friends, loved ones and enjoy the song.

Woah Lyrics

Woah, lookin' at my drip, lookin' at yo drip (Woah)
Mommy look at me, ooh, I'm killin' it (Woah)
Swinging side to side and I'm killin' that (Woah)
Damn yo' girl so fine, but her breath is like (Woah)
She said she wanna dance but she don't know how to (Woah)
I'm iced out, ooh, lookin' like a star (Woah)
Her name is Jenny, ooh, bitch don't have no panties (Woah)
I'm Steph Curry, when I hit the three, I hit the (Woah)
Pause, lean, hit you with the (Woah)
I'm saucy, ooh, she don't like me (Woah)
She flexin' on the 'Gram, but her booty flat (Woah)
Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha! (Woah)

Tryna save my money but I need me some more Louis V (Woah)
She said, "Take her skating" so I bought me some more jewelry (Woah)
I like wearing Off-White but I'm black, it's cool with me (Woah)
Don't say that she a thot (How you know?)
She went to school with me (Yeah; woah)

Heard you're playing for keeps, uh, I bought her a Patek Philippe (Woah)
Heard you're paying for cheap, uh, I spent like thirty K each (Woah)
Diamonds all white, yeah, look like I dipped 'em in bleach (Woah)
Hit on my ward and I flee, ice on my neck is like negative three (Woah)
Up ten times, I done turn up and I hit yo' ho (Woah)
Ain't no Average Joe, ooh, born in '94 (Woah)
She wanna go on a date, uh, I gave her chicken to go (Woah)
Fur chinchill' on my coat, uh, she wanna ball it, oh (Yeah, yeah; woah)

Uh, got that drip, boy, I'm dripped in Louis (Woah; yeah)
Uh, this is D3, you only see in 2D (Woah; yeah)
Uh, do not sleep on me, better get a Snookie (Woah; yeah, yeah)
Uh, my ice is TLC, man that bitch was chilly (Woah; yeah)
Uh, "bang bang bang" like the clip do (Woah)
I been sinnin' with the jits too
I make that shot like jinsu (Woah)
She wan' play with karma when it come back to you
Then flip a bean like sasoon (Woah; yeah)
Aye, hit that woah like my wrist do (Yeah, yeah)

Woah Lyrics - Overview

Woah Lyrics


Produced by

RikkBeats & 21 Rick





Release Date

November 3, 2018

Woah Song Release Date

The most awaited Woah song was released on November 3, 2018. Such awesome lyrics that make us feel brighter and crazy. If you want to memorize the Woah lyrics then you are in the right place. Here you can check the full Woah lyrics, Woah cast, crew and more

Key factors about Woah Song and Lyrics

  • The Woah Song will be your favourite track once you note the  inner meaning of the lyrics. Woah lyrics was written by Krypto9095 and the song had its official release on November 3, 2018
  • Woah Song is an Genre song sang by Krypto9095 
The Woah Song starts with “”. Thanks to the lyricists who made the Woah Song to reach great heights.

Woah Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did Woah Song Released?

The Woah Song was released on November 3, 2018.

2. Who is the Singer of Woah Song?

The singer of Woah Song is Krypto9095 

3. Who are the Lyricists for Woah Song?

The Lyricists for  Woah Song is Krypto9095. 

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