Winx Club Characters: Check Winx Club Character Name, Age, And Costumes

Winx Club Characters: Winx Club is an animated series coproduced by Rainbow Spa and Nickelodeon and it was created by an Italian animator Iginio Straffi. This show is a magical universe inhabited by fairies, witches, and many other creatures. However, fans are more interested to know Winx Club Characters. In this article, we learn about Winx Club Characters.

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Winx Club Characters: Check Winx Club Character Name, Age, And Costumes
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Winx Club Characters

Winx club is a creative series, the imagined one. The main character of the Winx club is a fairy warrior named Bloom. The series uses the serial format that has an ongoing storyline. It could be premiered on 28 January 2004, and itb became a rating success in Italy and on Nickelodeon networks. Bloom is a student from the earth; she thought she was average until she discovered her flame-based powers. The Winx fairies train to protect the magic Dimension from villains and fight alongside their male partners.

Winx Club Characters Name

There are female and male characters in the Winx club series. Here are the names and their power are given below. 

Female Characters

  1. Bloom-Bloom is the Fairy of the Fairy Dragon and the leader of the Winx club. Bloom uses fire-based attacks. She is the most potent Fairy on the team. Bloom is the Sky'sfiance, and she also has a pet rabbit, and it is named the Kiko.

  2. Stella- Stella is artistic and the most creative Fairy in the shining sun. Stella uses the light-based attacks it is designed by the comic team. Stella is Brandon's fiancee.

  3. Flora- Flora is the sensitive Fairy created by the team. She cares about the plants and gets the powers from the plants. She is Helia's girlfriend.

  4. Musca- Musca is created as the Fairy of music and is Riven's girlfriend. She manipulates the sound waves from her attacks and has a talent for writing and performing music.

  5. Tecna-Tecna is the Fairy of technology. She is created by a team of rational thinkers and science experts. Tecna is Timmy's girlfriend.

  6. Aisha-Aisha is the Fairy of the waves. She is a take-charge athlete. She joined the team final and made it so special.

  7. Roxy-Roxy is the tomboyish and shy Fairy of animals. She is addicted to the animal lover and is introduced in season 4. Her role was reduced after the debut season. Roxy confirmed she is a member of the clubs.

Male Characters

  1. Sky- the sky is the leader of the specialists, a team of fighters from the Red Fountain college. He is a bloom fiance.

  2. Bradon: Bradon is Stellas' smooth-talking finance. He is the most potent power among the specialists.

  3. Riven: Riven is Musca's boyfriend. He is temperamental, and he is more unpredicted.

  4. Timmy - Timmy is Tecnas's book-smart boyfriend. He is the specialist of the voice of reason.

Bloom Molly Quinn
Stella Amy Gross
Flora Alejandra Reynoso
Musca Romi Dames
Tecna Morgan Decker
Aisha Keke Palmer
Roxy Liliana Mumy
Sky Matt Shively
Bradon Adam Gregory
Timmy  Charlie Schlatter
Helia David Faustino
Nabu Will Blagrove
Roy Bryton James
Nex Adam Gregory
Riven Sam Riegel

Winx Club Characters Age

Fun adventures and fantastic new friends are the only part of the Fairy. The universe is so magical.

  • Bloom-16 years old 

  • Stella-17 years old

  • Flora-16 years old

  • Musca-16 years old

  • Aisha-17 years old

  • Tecna-16 years old

  • Roxy-15 years old

  • Nabu-19 years old

  • Brandon-17 years old

  • Riven-17 years old

  • Helia-17 years old

  • Timmy-17 years old

  • Sky-16 years old

 Winx Club Characters Costumes

Winx club costumes are unique, and the created outfit was created by the team making the magical universe.  Here are some examples of Winx club characters' costumes.

1) Flora


Image source-Pinterest

2) Stella


Image source-Pinterest

3) Bloom


Image source-Pinterest

4) Aisha


Image source- Pinterest

5) Techna


Image source - Pinterest

Wins Club Fate Characters

The Winx Saga is a teen drama television series based on the Nickelodeon animated series. It is the reflection of the Winx club. Most people liked this Saga series aslo.Abigail Cowen as Bloom, Hannah van der Westhuizen as Princess Stella, Precious Mustapha as Aisha, Eliot Salt as Terra Harvey, Elisha Applebaum as Musa, Danny Griffin as Sky Silva, Sadie Coverall as Beatrix, Freddie Thorp as Riven, Eva Birthistle as Vanessa Peters, Robert James-Collier as Saul Silva, Eve Best as Farah Dowling. Fans are more interested in watching this drama in real humans.

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Winx Club Characters - FAQs

1. What is Winx club?

Winx club is the magical imagination series

2. Who created the Winx club?

Winx club is created by the Igino straffi.

3. Who directed Winx Club?

Iginio straffi directed the Winx club animation series

4. Where is Winx club originated?

Winx club originated from the United States.

5. In which language is Winx Club located?

Winx club is located in the English language.

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