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Why Is Kpop So Popular in India? Learn The Reasons Behind Their Immense Popularity

Why is Kpop so popular, We all know that Kpop is a global phenomenon with millions of followers around the world. But very few of us know why. Read this article to learn why is Kpop so popular.

by Vishwesh Rajan P | Updated Jun 16, 2021 12:36 PM

Why Is Kpop So Popular in India? Learn The Reasons Behind Their Immense Popularity


Korean popular music (KPM) is a type of music that originated in South Korea and is a component of the country's culture. On top of its traditional Korean music roots, it is influenced by styles and genres worldwide, including pop, experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, electronic dance, folk, country and classical music. In 1992, one of the first K-pop groups, Seo Taiji and Boys, formed, ushering in a more modern incarnation of the genre. Their experimenting with various musical forms and genres and incorporating foreign musical influences contributed to the reshaping and modernisation of South Korea's contemporary music landscape. So what lead to its immense popularity? Scroll down to find out.

Here are some of the key contributing factors to Kpop’s popularity,

Visual Appeal

The innovative use of costumes and colour in music videos is one thing that K Pop excels at. When North America was only beginning to be industrialised hundreds of years ago, Asia already had a thriving art and graphics sector. As a result, it's no wonder that Asian pop culture, including music videos, is frequently highly sophisticated and well-considered. Special effects, makeup, clothing, and other elements are always in service to a more prominent theme and concept. Check out this video from TVXQ if you don't trust me.

Conceptual Videos

Another way that K Pop maintains its popularity is through the use of excellent storytelling in many of its songs and music videos. Unlike other music videos, usually very random and don’t have any direction, Kpop videos have a vision. They always convey something to the audience, which makes the song more appealing.


The distinct, lavish, and eye-popping personalities of K Pop are also well-known. K-pop singers, or "idols" as they are known in Asia, have a talent for sticking out from the crowd and pushing the boundaries of self-expression. They always come up with innovative ways to reach the audience and never fail to hit the mark.


 K pop artists give fashion a whole new meaning. Their real-life costumes and styles frequently outshine those of western celebrities in terms of passion and uniqueness. K-pop stars aren't afraid to make a splash, and they have a distinct way of interpreting current events. Consider G-Dragon, a well-known member of Big Bang’s boy band who is now a successful solo artist. G- Dragon is a regular trendsetter and overall fashion icon, not alone for his exceptional musical abilities.

Addictive Tunes

Without catchy melodies and sing-along lyrics, pop music would be nothing. K pop is no exception, with songs that become stuck in your mind almost immediately. Boy and girl groups alike have appealing songwriting down to a science, ensuring that their music appeals to fans in any language.

Amazing Choreography

Another area where K pop performers dominate is choreography. Not only do the groups sing and dance, but they also do routines that would generally necessitate the use of professional dancers. Not only does this need a tremendous amount of dedication, practise, and skill, but K pop stars are well-known for doing these routines live, demonstrating that they are genuinely talented.

Years of Training

Unlike young western pop singers who typically become renowned quickly, K pop musicians are frequently cultivated and tutored by managers or agents for years before recording their debut song. By the time they make their debut, these young artists have undergone intensive training that lasts at least a year. It's no surprise that even young children are subjected to such intense education.


Not only are K Pop musicians highly skilled, tremendously hard workers, and stars in flawless music videos, but they also frequently include elements of different cultures into their songs. Singers frequently include English sayings into their lyrics because most kids in many Asian countries are expected to acquire English from a young age. As a result, Kpop is now available to a global audience.

Diverse Artists

Furthermore, K pop artists almost always act in addition to singing. While some actors aren’t particularly good at acting, a true K pop idol is usually just as good at singing and dancing as they are at acting. These kids are far from the cheesy marketing ploys that many bands from North America and Europe use. Kpop artists are also hired for movies and drama shows.

India, like China, is a large country with many divisions. Kpop is most popular in the North Eastern States and a few major state capitals of Northern India like Mumbai. Only 33.4 per cent of Indians are aware of K-pop, according to a recent survey. The popularity of K-pop in India began in 2015 when several groups rose to prominence following their debut.BTS, a prominent Korean boy band, rose to prominence in India in 2015 because of their music videos for "I Need You" and "Dope." These two music videos propelled them to fame in Korea and other Asian cities. People all around the world began to recognise them as one of the most successful K-pop groups. Other K-pop groups, such as EXO and BLACKPINK, gained prominence and aided in the growth of Kpop in India.

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Why is Kpop So Popular - FAQs

1. What is Kpop?

Kpop refers to Korean Popular music.

2. What are the two most popular Kpop bands?

BTS and Blackpink are the two most popular bands.

3. How many members are there in BTS?

There are seven members in BTS.

4. How many members are there in Blackpink?

There are four members in Blackpink.

5. Who is the leader of BTS?

RM is the leader of BTS.

6. When did BTS make their debut?

BTS made their debut in 2013.

7. When did Blackpink make their debut?

Blackpink made its debut in 2016.