Who will win Bengal Election 2021? West Bengal Election Date 2021, Who Will Win Upcoming West Bengal Election 2021 Predictions

by Shalini K | Updated December 10, 2020

social social social social Who will win Bengal Election 2021? West Bengal Election Date 2021, Who Will Win Upcoming West Bengal Election 2021 Predictions

Who will win Bengal Election 2021? Find out Who will win Bengal Election 2021 Details, West Bengal Opinion Poll 2021 Predictions here and The West Bengal Election Date 2021 is not yet announced but we can see predictions on Who will win Bengal Election 2021. The 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election will decide which party will win and the West Bengal people should be ready to vote for the right party. Let's read on to know more about Who will win upcoming West Bengal polls. 

Who Will Win Bengal Election 2021?

The West Bengal election to take place in 2021 but the confirmed dates are not yet announced. The saffron party aims to breach the previously unchallenged supremacy of the Trinamool Congress in the eastern state of West Bengal after decisive victories in the recently concluded Bihar Assembly elections and 11 state by-polls in favour of the NDA (BJP+ allies).

West Bengal Election Opinion Poll 2021

One of the big success for the BJP will be the West Bengal Elections 2021. After independence, the BJP, which owes some of its origins to Bengal, has never been in force in Bengal. However, centrally, a powerful BJP brand, a rapidly rising worker base on the ground are all helping BJP to mount a huge challenge against Mamata Banerjee.

Bengal Election Opinion Poll 2021 

Mamata Banerjee ratings - 48% as of end of October according to the survey

Issues of voters in North-24 Parganas District 

Unemployment, Corruption, Development, and Governance

West Bengal Election Date 2021

The upcoming West Bengal Election 2021 is the most awaiting factor for the parties and for the people. The West Bengal Election 2021 is not yet announced officially but likely to held in April-May 20201.  

Who Will Win Upcoming West Bengal Polls?

The upcoming West Bengal Election which is likely to be held in 2021. Lets check out the statics of the upcoming Bengal Election 2021.

Federal Front - The decisive mandate was secured by the India Trinamool Congress (TMC), first in the 2011 Assembly polls and again in 2016. The former Minister of Railways (twice), Mamata Banerjee, who began her career in the 1970s as a member of the Congress Party, founded her TMC party in 1998. It was the Nandigram agitation that helped cement her reputation as the leader of the people.

Mahajot - The Indian National Congress struck an alliance with the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which once dominated the state, the Communist Party of India, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the All India Forward Bloc. In West Bengal, the Left Plus Congress tie-up tends to be the sticking together of low-prospect representatives.

Bharatiya Janata Party - For a while now, the BJP has been trying to clamp down on the West Bengal elections. Once considered the No. 2 TMC, more than two years ago, Mukul Roy was welcomed into the BJP. Last month, in September 2020, he was named national vice president of the BJP. In the reconstituted BJP Central Committee, another BJP leader who came from Trinamul - Anupam Hazra - was made the national secretary.

Who will win Bengal Election 2021? - FAQ

1. Who will win Bengal Election 2021?

We cannot assure the exact party, just wait till the election to know the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 Result.

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