Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow? Why Was Isabel Killed In Black Snow?

Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow: Black Snow is a 2023 Series on Stan Originals and one of the characters called, Izzy has been killed in the show and now fans want to know Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow? This article will tell us everything about Black Snow, Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow, and its cast.  

by Aishwarya R R | Updated Jan 09, 2023

Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow? Why Was Isabel Killed In Black Snow?
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Black Snow

Black Snow is the Australian Series streaming on Stan Originals. Black Snow has six episodes and started streaming on 1 January 2023. This series' genre is a crime and concentrates on different genres like racism, exploitation, abuse, faith, and family violence. This series follows James Cormack, a detective involved in solving the murder mystery of 17-year-old Isabel. She died in 1995, and her death shocked the entire town of Asgard. The case had not been solved for many years Then, James Cormack reopened the investigation. Travis Femmel starred as James Cormack in the lead role. Kestie Morassi and Lucy Bell also starred in the lead roles in Black Snow. 

Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow?

James Cormack found that the police has not solved the murder mystery of 17-year-old Isabel. He searches for many clues and works hard to find the killer of Isabel, but it is hard for him to find the truth and every time he goes clueless.

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Isabel’s family was not ready to tell truth. There was a conspiracy that Isabel and Ezekiel were dating, but Ezekiel was also dead. The truth is Ezekiel was searching for two missing boys, and Isabel tried to help Ezekiel in search of two boys who were not dating.

Isabel had a high school boyfriend named Anton. Anton and Isabel broke up on the party night. Isabel died after they two broke up.

At last, James Cormack found and arrested Anton’s father who killed Isabel.

Why was Isabel Killed?

James Cormack found that Anton knew the murderer who killed Isabel. But Anton was not ready to witness the killer.

It was revealed that Isabel was in the investigation of the islander boys who went missing. Isabel discovered that rich people in the town were exploiting the workers.

Isabel found that Anton’s father was the racist who killed those two islander boys. 

Anton’s father killed Isabel for his safety and Anton maintained the secret that his father was a killer until he was arrested.

James Cormack arrested Anton’s father, and he solved the murder mystery of Isabel.

Black Snow Cast And Character

The below tabular column will show the cast and character of Black Snow:-

Cast Character
Travis Fimmel James Cormack
Kestie Morassi Tasha Hopkins
Lucy Bell Lynn Rankin
Erik Thomson Lynn Rankin
Lee Jones Hector Ford
Talijah Blackman-Corowa Isabel Baker
Brooke Satchwell Chloe Walcott
Rob Carlton Victor Bianchi

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Who Killed Izzy In Black Snow - FAQs

1. Where can I see Black Snow?  

Black Snow is streaming on Stan Originals.

2. Who played the lead role in Black Snow?  

Travis Femmel played the lead role in Black Snow.


3. What is the name of the Detective in Black Snow?

James Cormack is the name of the Detective in Black Snow.


4. What is the age of Isabel in Black Snow?  

 Isabel is 17 years old. 


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