Signal App Owner: Is Signal Safer Than WhatsApp? Everything You Need to Know About Signal App Here

Signal App Owner, Who Is Signal App Owner? Signal App Belongs To Which Country? Is Signal Safer Than WhatsApp? is the main queries of today. Well, Signal is a brand new messaging service app that has currently been vividly viral on the internet. You may have many questions about the Signal app, like Who Is Signal App Owner? Signal App Belongs To Which Country? Is Signal Safer Than WhatsApp? And, we have all the answer to your Signal app question. Read here below to know more about Who Is Signal app owner, is Signal safer than WhatsApp and more about the Signal app. 

by Shirin Farhana | Updated Feb 26, 2021 12:09 PM

Signal App Owner: Is Signal Safer Than WhatsApp? Everything You Need to Know About Signal App Here

Who Is Signal App Owner?

According to Signal's official website, the Signal app was launched back in February 2018 by Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer and currently the CEO of the Signal Messenger app platform. With preliminary funding of $50 million from Brian Acton, Signal was then launched. Brian Acton is an American Internet entrepreneur, who co-founded WhatsApp. After being formerly employed at Yahoo, Acton co-created WhatsApp with Jan Koum. According to Forbes (2020), Acton is the 836th-richest person globally, holding a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Following the changes in Whatsapp's Privacy Policy, Signal has witnessed a nearly 4,200% increase in user downloads. Many influential and famous personalities have openly endorsed Signal. Some of them is the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Oscar Winner Laura Poitras.

Signal App Belongs To Which Country?

Signal Messenger LLP app was created and founded by Moxie Marlinespike alongside Brian Acton in 2018. If you ask Signal app belong to which country of origin, well, the app is from California, USA.

Both Signal, as well as WhatsApp, share a parallel history. Brian Acton, was the co-founder of WhatsApp who had bid adieu to WhatsApp as soon as Facebook stepped into the game. Subsequently, later, he then got on board with Moxie Marlinspike to create the Signal Foundation. The high risk of end-user privacy was one of Acton's dominant concerns and the sole reason for quitting WhatsApp.

Is Signal Safer Than WhatsApp?

In short, yes. Much better. The apprehensions of many WhatsApp users were first upstretched when Facebook picked up the messaging platform, for tons of money. Many people speculated why a corporation such as Facebook would pay so much money to acquire a WhatsApp company. Many dreaded that WhatsApp had poised a lot of user data, which it considers incredibly precious.

Both Whatsapp and Signal have end-to-end encryption. So Facebook can't access user chats. But the firm can, however, can access users' data. This includes contacts, IP addresses, the mobile network being used, payment data, location, cookies and time spent on the app, etc. This does not happen in Signal. The app only keeps track of the install date. Signal also has a 'Sealed Sender' feature, which supports third party and other potentially malicious elements away. So it is quite hard to find out who is sending or receiving messages.

Even a report in Forbes publicized that Signal appears to be much safer and reliable than WhatsApp, for a considerable number of reasons, one of them being that it has Screen Security. Employers can go to confidentiality settings and enable Screen Security, which will essentially block other apps on your phone, or yourself, from taking screenshots of your chats on Signal. WhatsApp had similar promises in the establishment, but that transformed totally after Facebook picked it up.

Signal vs WhatsApp

Here’s a brief comparison of the features of the Signal vs WhatsApp app platform:

Key Distinctions Advantage
Up-to-date security features Signal has the advantage over WhatsApp due to its encrypted source.
Source Signal has the advantage of having its own source code.
Hidden Vulnerability discovery Despite the size, WhatsApp has more vulnerability factor. So, Signal has the upper hand.


Running its own Server. Via Signal, you can run your own server, but you probably should not do this.
Verdict Signal has way more advantage

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Signal App Owner - FAQs

1. Is signal better than WhatsApp?

Signal is ranked 2nd while WhatsApp is ranked 57th.

2. Why is signal more secure than WhatsApp?

Signal offers to encrypt the past communication at app level, which WhatsApp lacks completely. 

3. Is Signal app really safe?

iMessage have similar end-to-end encryption—experts say Signal is the most secure.

4. Can Signal be hacked?

The decryption ability can only be used with physical access to a target device, and doesn't allow messages to be intercepted.

5. Does Signal keep messages?

Signal doesn't store a copy of your messages on internet servers.