Who Is Johnny Depp Dating? Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer? Johnny Depp Dating History

Who Is Johnny Depp Dating? John Christopher Depp II is a musician and actor from the United States. He has received numerous honours, including a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, as well as nominations for three Academy Awards and two BAFTA Awards. Check here Who Is Johnny Depp Dating and get all the info!

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Who Is Johnny Depp Dating? Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer? Johnny Depp Dating History
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Who Is Johnny Depp?

Depp's family frequently moved during his childhood, eventually settling in Miramar, Florida, in 1970. His parents divorced after he turned 15 years old, and his mother later married Robert Palmer, whom Depp has described as "an inspiration." Depp started playing in a band called The Kids in 1980. Following modest local success in Florida, the band relocated to Los Angeles in search of a record deal, renaming itself Six Gun Method. Depp worked various odd jobs outside of the band, including telemarketing. Depp is primarily of English ancestry, with French, German, and Irish ancestors.

Who Is Johnny Depp Dating?

Three months after the verdict was announced in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is "in a much better place lately." According to a source close to Edward Scissorhands actor, "He has recently been in a much better mood. He looks after himself better." "He is dating and genuinely appears happy," the insider adds of Depp, who PEOPLE recently confirmed is dating Joelle Rich, one of the attorneys from his libel case in the United Kingdom. According to the source, "Johnny's ugly sides were exposed" during his six-week trial against Heard, 36. "He has never claimed to be perfect, but changing is difficult. He has worked on issues and accepted assistance, "the insider continues. 

Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer?

A source confirmed Depp's relationship with Joelle Rich, telling PEOPLE, "They are dating, but it's not serious." Joelle Rich is a London lawyer who represented the actor in his libel case against The Sun, which he lost in November 2020. He sued the newspaper for referring to him as a "wife-beater," but the court upheld the newspaper's claims as "substantially true," and his ex-wife Heard testified to back up the claims. His attempt to overturn the decision was rejected in March 2021. Depp's new love interest was not represented by one of his lawyers in this year's defamation case against the Aquaman actress in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Johnny Depp Dating History

Johnny Depp's marriage to Amber Heard resulted in a nasty legal battle and a $50 million defamation trial in May 2022. However, the "Aquaman" actress is far from Depp's first Hollywood romance, as he has dated some of the industry's biggest names from the 1980s to the present.

Lori Anne Allison

Depp married his first wife, makeup artist Lori Anne Allison when he was only 20 years old in 1983. Many credit Allison with launching Depp's career by introducing him to Nicolas Cage, who introduced him to his agent, who took Depp on and secured him an audition for "A Nightmare on Elm Street," his first on-screen role in 1984. Despite accusations from Heard, the pair split in 1985 and remain on good terms, with Allison telling TMZ in 2016 that Depp is a "soft person" who never hit or yelled at her.


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Sherilyn Fenn

Depp met his next girlfriend, actress Sherilyn Fenn while working on a film called "Dummies" in 1985. The couple dated for three years before working together again in 1987 on an episode of "21 Jump Street." They were even engaged, according to Brides.com. While the couple split the following year, Fenn has had nothing but positive things to say about her ex in the years since.


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Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey, the actress from "Dirty Dancing," began dating the star in 1989, and Grey claimed in her 2022 memoir, "Out of the Corner," that he proposed to her within two weeks of meeting through her agent at the time. Grey revealed that she was engaged to the actor and Matthew Broderick in May 2022 during a visit to "The Drew Barrymore Show." On their first date, she described Depp as "ridiculously beautiful" and "surprisingly open, funny, quirky, and sweet." Still, he developed anger and jealousy issues, prompting her to call off their engagement after only nine months.


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Winona Ryder

Depp met his next love, Winona Ryder, at the premiere of Ryder's 1989 film "Great Balls of Fire." "It was a classic glance, like the zoom lenses in 'West Side Story,' and everything else gets foggy. I knew then," Depp told Rolling Stone in 1991. They would eventually meet through a mutual friend months later and go on to co-star in the 1990 film "Edward Scissorhands." During their high-profile courtship, Depp got his now-famous "Winona Forever" tattoo on his bicep. While the couple split in 1993, prompting Depp to change his tattoo to "Wino Forever," Ryder still speaks fondly of his time with Depp and even testified on his behalf during his UK libel trial against The Sun, which he ultimately lost.


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Ellen Barkin

Depp's relationship with actress Ellen Barkin began in 1994 when she divorced her then-husband, Irish actor Gabriel Byrne. They dated briefly in public before things fizzled, only to rekindle their romance in 1998 while filming "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" together.


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Kate Moss

After meeting through Vanity Fair celebrity writer George Wayne, Depp and model Kate Moss began dating in late 1994. The pairing would prove turbulent, as Depp was arrested that year for causing nearly $10,000 in damage to a hotel room, with Moss discovered sitting among the wreckage by police. Despite the intense evening, the couple remained together until 1998. Moss has since revealed how difficult the breakup was for her, claiming it resulted in "years of crying" over the "City of Lies" actor.


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Vanessa Paradis

Depp met French singer Paradis in Paris while shooting Roman Polanski's film "The Ninth Gate," The two dated for 14 years. In 1999, the couple welcomed daughter Lily-Rose, and in 2002, son Jack.

The couple split up in 2012, with Depp telling Rolling Stone that "it wasn't easy on [Paradis]." It was difficult for me. It wasn't easy for the children. But, it doesn't change the fact that you care about that person, and they're the mother of your children, and you'll always know each other and be in each other's lives because of those children."


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Amber Heard

After meeting on the set of the 2009 film "Rum Diaries," Depp sparked dating rumours with Amber Heard in 2011. The couple married in 2015 on the private Caribbean island of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star. Their marriage appeared doomed from the start, with Depp telling his best man on his wedding day, "now I can punch her," as they walked from the ceremony to the reception. Depp has denied ever physically assaulting Heard and repeatedly accused her of being violent. Heard eventually filed for divorce, which she received in 2016. In May 2022, the couple was embroiled in a $50 million defamation lawsuit filed by Depp against Heard.


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Joelle Rich

In September 2022, Page Six confirmed Johnny Depp's relationship with London-based attorney Joelle Rich. Rich represented Depp in his 2020 UK libel lawsuit against The Sun but was not involved in the Amber Heard defamation case. Rich, on the other hand, was said to be present in the Virginia courtroom throughout the 2022 trial to show the actor "support."


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Who Is Johnny Depp Dating? - FAQs

1. What is Johnny Depp's race?

Depp is of primarily English descent, with some French, German, and Irish ancestry. His surname comes from a French Huguenot immigrant, Pierre Dieppe, who settled in Virginia around 1700.

2. What is Johnny Depp's last movie?

Minimata, in which Johnny Depp starred as an American photographer documenting the effects of mercury poisoning on the citizens of the Japanese city, was Depp's last movie role, and really his last big project, outside of some voice work he did for the animated series Puffins.

3. How did Johnny Depp get famous?

In the 2000s, he played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Walt Disney's film series Pirates of the Caribbean (20032017). It was a big hit that made him famous worldwide.

4. Is Johnny Depp left handed?

Johnny is a right-handed man.

5. Will Johnny Depp return to Disney?

Disney has now confirmed that the next installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is underway with a familiar face returning. There have been numerous calls from thousands of Disney fans hoping to see Johnny Depp return to the beloved franchise in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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