Who Is Joelle Rich? Know Joelle Rich Bio, Net Worth, Nationality, Marriage, Husband

Who Is Joelle Rich: Fans are curious to know about Who Is Joelle Rich and is she dating Johnny Deep after his court trials according to rumors, the director at Bluebox Jonathan, the ex-husband of Johnny Depp's lawyer Joelle Rich, is still seeing her. She had previously been captured in photographs while appearing in the Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation lawsuit. Read the article below to know more about Who Is Joelle Rich. 

by A Maria Minolini | Updated Sep 23, 2022

Who Is Joelle Rich? Know Joelle Rich Bio, Net Worth, Nationality, Marriage, Husband
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Who Is Joelle Rich?

Rich and Depp have been dating for some time. In May this year, she was seen hugging Camille Vasquez in front of the Virginia courtroom. She had shown up inside the courtroom days later. Although she is married to Jonathan Rich, Rich is now divorcing her estranged spouse, with whom she has two children. According to the lawyer's bio, she "works to protect [clients'] reputations against false and defamatory charges in print, online, and on different social media," she is 37 and based in London. 


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Is Joelle Rich Married?

Joelle Rich is married to Jonathan Rich. When she and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star first met, she was married, however, she is currently going through a divorce. She and her estranged husband supposedly share two children. The London-based lawyer works to defend the reputation of her clients.

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Joelle Rich Net Worth

Rich is rumored to make £250,000 annually, a considerable wage in Britain. She shared a £1.7 million villa with her estranged husband. Rich allegedly attended Birmingham University to pursue her legal education. She met the man she loved and who would become her husband. Later, Rich was elevated to a partner position at the legal company representing celebrities, including Emma Watson and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Joelle Rich Nationality

Rich was a child in London. Rich attended the prestigious and illustrious North London Collegiate School for his secondary education. Rich finished her higher education there as well. From 2003 to 2006, she pursued a legal education at the University of Birmingham. According to her LinkedIn, she continued her education after graduating from university at BPP Law School, where she focused on Media and Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Commercial and Private Acquisitions.

Is Johnny Depp And Joelle Rich Dating?

The lawyer, who is married but split from her spouse, previously defended Depp in his libel case in the United Kingdom. There is a new woman in Johnny Depp's life. The lawyer Joelle Rich, who previously defended the actor in his U.K. libel lawsuit, is now dating the actor. The insider claims that although they are dating, it is not severe. The two first collaborated during the actor's 2020 U.K. libel trial when he sued for the issue for referring to him as a "wife-beater." The court upheld the assertions made by the outlet as "basically true" (and his ex-wife Amber Heard testified to back up the claims). His effort to overturn the judgment was rejected in March 2021. From her legal training to how she has backed Depp since his 2020 trial. There are rumours that Johnny Depp And Joelle Rich are dating but we are not sure how much is it true. 


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Joelle Rich Biography

Name  Joelle Rich 
Age  37
Place of birth  United Kingdom 
Profession  Lawyer 
Nationality  British 
Marital Status   Divorced 
Spouse Name  Jonathan 

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Who Is Joelle Rich - FAQs

1. Who is Joelle Rich? 

Joelle is a lawyer who has been part of the Schillings Partners for a long time.

2. Is Joelle Rich married? 

She is married to her ex- husband Jonathan. 

3. How much kids does Joelle Rich have? 

Two children are supposedly shared by her and her estranged husband.


4. Is Johnny Deep and Joelle Rich dating? 

"They are dating but it's not serious," the source says.

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