Who Is Jazz Thornton Partner? How Old Is Jazz Thornton?

Who Is Jazz Thornton Partner - Jazz Thornton is a mental health activist, author, speaker, Tiktoker, and filmmaker. She is also the title winner of the 2022 season of the dancing show Dancing with the Stars. Read further to know more about who is Jazz Thornton partner, how old is Jazz Thornton, and more!

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Who Is Jazz Thornton Partner? How Old Is Jazz Thornton?
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Who Is Jazz Thornton Partner?

Brad Coleman is Jazz Thornton's Dancing With The Stars NZ partner. They don't appear to be in a relationship, though. Brad, the choreographer, might be madly in love with Cashmere McCullough as well. Coleman admitted that they were tied to at least one another after sharing happy photographs of them with his love. The vibrant couple appears to be content in one other's company.

Jazz Thornton has kept her life secret. There is no information online on whether the lady is single or married. Throughout the current season of the dance opponents, fans have admired and rewarded Thornton and Coleman for their on-screen chemistry and compatibility. Even though they don't appear to be a couple, they have a large fan base and a following who adores them as a couple and wishes they had dated.

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How Old Is Jazz Thornton?

Jazz was born on 29 March 1995 and is a 27-year-old actress. According to her Instagram bio, Brad and she are currently celebrating her twenty-seventh birthday together. Jazz has kept her family's identity a secret from most people. The young lady holds dual citizenship in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout her adolescent years, she attempted suicide fourteen times.

Due to her busy schedule, her father, mother, and family were almost certainly unable to provide her with enough time. In 2016, while still a film student, Thornton created the popular video Dear Suicidal Me, in which she included others who had attempted suicide and herself. The film has received over 80 million views since international media featured it.

Jazz Thornton Partner

According to his Instagram account, Brad Coleman was born in 1995 and is 26 years old. Every year on September 4th, the dancer celebrates his birthday, which falls under the Virgo zodiac sign. Brad has entered the dance competition three times, in 2018, 2019, and 2022, and this season he is paired with Jazz Thornton, a dissident, smash hitmaker, and grant-winning film producer.

Coleman has been matched with three intriguing people in the fierce competition: Marama Fox in the seventh season, Anna Willcox Silfverberg in the 8th season, and Alex Vaz in the 9th season. In the latest season of the competition, fans admire and compliment Thorton and Coleman for their on-screen connection and chemistry. They have a sizable fan base and social media following even though they are not in a relationship. They've been crowned the show's champion.

Jazz Thornton's Net Worth

According to sources, Jaz Thornton's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million. In addition, in collaboration with Thornton, the New Zealand government spent $30,000 on social media influencers to promote vocational education. Thornton planned to track out the stranger who had saved her from committing suicide during the year 2020. Queen Elizabeth II praised her and Genevieve Mora for their work on Voices of Hope. Prince William and Prince Harry have also invited her and Genevieve to debate their work at Buckingham Palace.

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Who Is Jazz Thornton Partner - FAQs

1. Who is Jazz Thornton Partner?

Brad Coleman is Jazz Thornton's Dancing With The Stars NZ partner.

2. How old is Jazz Thornton?

She is 27 years old as of 2022.

3. What is her nationality?

She is Australian.

4. What awards has jazz Thornton won?

Jazz received the Commonwealth Points of Light award from Queen Elizabeth II for her mental health advocacy work.

5. What is Jazz Thornton doing now?

Jazz Thornton has now dedicated her life to speaking hope and creating change in the area of mental health through her organization "Voices of Hope".

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