Who Is Carter Jamison? Carter Jamison Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, And More

Who Is Carter Jamison - Carter Jamison is just 19 years old and succeeded in the digital world, if you are eager to know Who Is Carter Jamison, check here. Carter owned 3 businesses and has many followers on Instagram. Know here Who Is Carter Jamison, Carter Jamison Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, and More

by V Gomala Devi | Updated Nov 24, 2022

Who Is Carter Jamison? Carter Jamison Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, And More
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Who Is Carter Jamison?

Carter Jamison is the CEO of a social media company. He also talked about his next assignment, which would pay him $1 million, on social media.

Carter Jamison succeeded in the digital world at a young age by beginning companies. He is just 19 years old. Know here Carter Jamison's wiki, age, height, girlfriend, net worth, and more.

Carter Jamison Wiki

According to his LinkedIn profile, Carter Jamison is the CEO of Quickads.co and a digital advertising expert at Carter Jamison LLC. Here is Carter Jamison's biography.


Specifications Details
Name Carter Jamison
Profession Entrepreneur
Age 19
Date of Birth Unknown
Birthplace Oklahoma
Nationality American
Gender Male
Net Worth/ Salary $80,000

Carter Jamison Birthday And Age

Carter Jamison age is 19, as per NEXTAU. His date of birth is unknown. When Carter was 18, he began 3 tech companies that focused on digital marketing and provided jobs to fifty-six people from his high school.

Carter owned 3 businesses when he was 19 years old. He built a network of Instagram pages with many fans in different places that can be used to make money. This provides content creators and brands with a new way to advertise online.

How Old Is Carter Jamison?

Carter Jamison is 19 years old, says NEXTAU. He is the CEO of a social media company. Carter Jamison has 1 million followers on Instagram. He mostly posts his pictures on the platform. Not much information about Carter is available.

Carter Jamison Girlfriend

Ally Lotti was the girlfriend of rapper Juice Wrld who died in 2019. Recently, Carter posted an Instagram story with Ally, an entrepreneur and Instagram influencer. Nayag Tricks says Ally is now dating Jamison Carter and they also share Instagram story together.


Image Source: Instagram

Carter Jamison Net Worth

Carter Jamison's net worth is $80,000, says NEXTAU. He talked about the next assignment that would pay him $1 million on social media.

Carter said on his website that he made nearly $80,000 a year when he was just 15 years old. He began Gateway, a marketing company that claims to make things go viral and is also its CEO.

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Who Is Carter Jamison - FAQ

1. Who Is Carter Jamison?

Carter Jamison is the CEO of a social media company

2. Who is Carter Jamison's girlfriend?

It is said that Ally is now dating Jamison Carter

3. What is Carter Jamison's age?

Carter Jamison is 19 years old

4. What is Carter Jamison's net worth?

Carter's net worth is not known

5. When was Carter Jamison born?

Carter's birthday is not known

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