Who are Josko Gvardiol Parents? Meet Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol

Who are Josko Gvardiol's Parents? Check this article to know who is Josko Gvardiol's Parents along with Josko Gvardiol's biography. Josko Gvardiol is a Croatian footballer.

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Updated Sep 09, 2023

Who are Josko Gvardiol Parents? Meet Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol

Who are Josko Gvardiol's Parents?

So who are Josko Gvardiol's Parents? According to our research, Josko Gvardiol's Parents are Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol. Josko Gvardiol is an Croatian footballer born on 23 January 2002.

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Real Name Josko Gvardiol
Date of birth 23 January 2002
Age 21 years old
Height 185 cm, 6 feet 1 inches
Weight 77 kg (169 lbs)
Birth Place Zagreb, Croatia
Gender Male
Profession Croatian footballer
Nationality Croatian

Tihomir Gvardiol

Sanja Gvardiol

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Who is Josko Gvardiol?

Josko Gvardiol is a name that has been steadily making waves in the world of football. Born on January 23, 2002, in the picturesque city of Zagreb, Croatia, Gvardiol has emerged as a promising young talent in the sport. His journey in football began at an early age, showcasing his skills at the renowned GNK Dinamo Zagreb youth academy, known for producing some of Croatia's brightest football prospects.

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Gvardiol's rise to prominence can be attributed to his exceptional defensive abilities and versatility on the field. Primarily a center-back, he possesses an impressive combination of speed, strength, and tactical intelligence. His ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions has earned him comparisons to some of the best defenders in the world.

In 2020, Josko Gvardiol made his senior debut for GNK Dinamo Zagreb and soon caught the attention of scouts from top European clubs. His move to Bundesliga giants RB Leipzig in the same year marked a significant step in his career, where he continued to develop his skills and adapt to a higher level of competition.


Josko Gvardiol Age

Josko Gvardiol is a promising 21-year-old football sensation. He was born on January 23, 2002, in the charming city of Zagreb, Croatia. With each passing year, he has been steadily carving a path towards football greatness. Gvardiol's youth and vigor have been assets to his career, allowing him to adapt and grow as a player. His birthplace, Zagreb, has been a cradle of talent, nurturing his football skills from an early age. As a young athlete, he has already achieved remarkable milestones and contributed significantly to his teams.

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Josko Gvardiol Height and Weight

Josko Gvardiol, the rising star in the world of football, possesses a remarkable physical presence. Standing at an imposing height of 185 cm, which is equivalent to 6 feet and 1 inch, he towers over many of his opponents on the football field. This significant stature gives him a distinct advantage, especially in aerial duels, allowing him to dominate the box during set-pieces and defensive maneuvers.

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In terms of weight, Gvardiol maintains a well-balanced physique at 77 kg (169 lbs). This weight is distributed strategically, combining muscle, strength, and agility. His athletic build not only enables him to outmuscle his adversaries but also ensures that he maintains the agility and speed required for modern-day football.

Physical Attributes



185 cm (6 Feet 1 Inches)


77 kg (169 lbs)

Josko Gvardiol Nationality

Josko Gvardiol's nationality is Croatian, and it holds a significant place in his identity and career. Born in the vibrant city of Zagreb, Croatia, on January 23, 2002, Gvardiol represents a nation deeply passionate about football. Croatia has a storied history in the sport, and its national team has achieved remarkable success on the global stage.

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Croatia's rich footballing tradition is rooted in the hearts of its people, and Gvardiol proudly carries this legacy forward. He has had the privilege of wearing the Croatian national team's jersey, and competing for his country in various youth and senior competitions, including the UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup.

Josko Gvardiol Career

  • 2020: Josko Gvardiol begins his journey with RB Leipzig.

    • Joins RB Leipzig.

    • Plays 87 matches over two seasons.

    • Celebrates victory with the team, winning two DFB-Pokals.

  • 2021: Gvardiol showcases his versatility for the Croatian national team.

    • Represents Croatia in 21 international matches.

    • Plays a pivotal role as a left-back for Croatia during the 2021 UEFA European Championship.

  • 2022: Gvardiol contributes to Croatia's success at the FIFA World Cup.

    • Plays for Croatia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar.

    • He helped Croatia secure a third-place finish in the tournament, showcasing his defensive prowess on the world stage.

  • 2023: Gvardiol makes a high-profile move to Manchester City.

    • Signs a five-year contract with Manchester City.

    • Transfers from RB Leipzig to Manchester City for a substantial fee of £77 million.

    • Embarks on a new chapter in his career with one of the top football clubs in the world, aiming to make an impact on the Premier League and continue representing Croatia at the highest level.

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/Csej0kkrxqc/?img_index=1

Josko Gvardiol Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Josko Gvardiol 's notable awards and achievements:

  • Trophy Footballer – Best Prva HNL U-21 Player (2021): In recognition of his exceptional skills and performance in the Prva HNL league, Gvardiol was honored as the Best U-21 player in 2021.

  • Trophy Footballer – Team of the Year (2021): Gvardiol's stellar performances earned him a place in the prestigious Team of the Year for 2021, a testament to his consistency and impact.

  • IFFHS Men's World Team (2022): Gvardiol's talents transcended borders as he secured a spot in the IFFHS Men's World Team in 2022, solidifying his status as a world-class defender.

  • IFFHS Men's World Youth (U20) Team (2022): Gvardiol's excellence also extended to the youth level, where he was named to the IFFHS Men's World Youth (U20) Team in 2022, showcasing his promise and potential.

  • Kopa Trophy Sixth Place (2022): His remarkable abilities were further recognized when he clinched sixth place in the Kopa Trophy rankings in 2022, a prestigious award for the best young talent in the world.

  • VDV Bundesliga Team of the Season (2022–23): Gvardiol continued to shine in the Bundesliga, earning a spot in the VDV Bundesliga Team of the Season for the 2022–23 campaign, highlighting his impact in Germany.

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Josko Gvardiol Parents - FAQ

1. Who are Josko Gvardiol's Parents?

According to Our Latest Research, Josko Gvardiol's Parents are Tihomir Gvardiol and Sanja Gvardiol.

2. Who is Josko Gvardiol?

Josko Gvardiol is a Croatian footballer.

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