WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned: Get Complete Guide About How to Unban WhatsApp Number?

Updated: Oct 16,2020 05:01 GMT

social social social social WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned: Get Complete Guide About How to Unban WhatsApp Number?


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WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned? WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps across the globe used for messaging and photo sharing by billions of users. Like every other app in the market, WhatsApp has its own Terms & Conditions and that is needed to follow anyhow. Violations of any of the Terms & Conditions of the WhatsApp can get you a permanent or temporary ban depending upon how big or small your violation is. If your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp, then the article is for you. In this article, you will know everything about WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned? My Whatsapp Number is banned How to Unbanned? WhatsApp Banned my Number, How can I continue using my Banned Number on Whatsapp, How to Reactivate Banned WhatsApp, and much more.

Why WhatsApp Banned My Number?

There can be several possible reasons why your number is banned from using WhatsApp. Following are the reasons your Phone Number is banned from Using WhatsApp:

●      Bulk Messages: Sending Bulk Messages is against the terms & conditions of the WhatsApp Community. Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp is considered as spam.

●      Use of MOD Version of WhatsApp: Use of MOD Version of WhatsApp such as Whatsapp GB, WhatsApp Plus, etc. can result in a temporary or permanent ban.

●      Inappropriate Contents: Sending Inappropriate Contents in somebody's personal chat or a group can result in a ban without a warning.

WhatsApp Banned My Number - How to Know?

All the users that get banned from using WhatsApp receive a message 'Your Phone Number is Banned From Using WhatsApp. Contact WhatsApp Support for Help'. The WhatsApp does not give any warning prior to the ban. The Temporary ban is usually indicated with the help of a timer and Permanent Ban is usually indicated with the Contact Support for Help.

My WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned?

There are two types of WhatsApp ban on your mobile phone number. These are:

●      Permanent Ban: How can I remove banned WhatsApp for a Permanent ban? The answer to this question is that you cannot reverse WhatsApp Permanent ban at any cost.

●      Temporary Ban: Temporary Ban can be removed using some tips and tricks and this ban is usually for a limited period of time. Your answer to the question How Can I continue using My banned Number on WhatsApp will be given in the next paragraph.

How can I Activate my Banned WhatsApp Number?

To know How to Reactivate Banned WhatsApp Follow these steps:

●      Firstly, you have to uninstall your WhatsApp app from your respective phone.

●      Go to the Play Store of your respective device and install the latest available version of the WhatsApp.

●      Enter the mobile phone number you want to activate.

●      On your screen you will see a pop message 'Your Number is Banned from Using WhatsApp'.

●      Click on the Tap option on the screen to reactivate and unbanned your WhatsApp mobile number.

●      Mention the genuine and true reason and accept your mistake and apologize for it.

●      Then, click on the next option.

●      Then, you have to choose the option "This does not answer my problem".

●      You will be directly sent to the mail app and fill your every detail and click on the send button.

●      Within 48hours of your request and if the support team will find your reason genuine then your number will be reactivated very soon.

WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned? - FAQ

1. What are the possible reasons your WhatsApp number is banned?

●      Sending Spam Messages

●      Sending Inappropriate Items

●      Use of Illegal WhatsApp mod Version.

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