Whats A Miser Riddle: Brain Teaser | Check and Solve Whats A Miser Riddle Answer Here

Updated December 02, 2020

social social social social Whats A Miser Riddle: Brain Teaser | Check and Solve Whats A Miser Riddle Answer Here


Whats A Miser Riddle: Whats A Miser Riddle is currently trending on all social media to make the lives of the people busy and interesting amid the lockdown to curb the coronavirus spread. Check out the interesting Riddle, its answer & get the explanation for Whats A Miser Riddle in the article below. This riddle has been prepared to test your thinking and creative skills. Challenge your friends and loved ones with this interesting riddle and get funny replies. Get all the details about Whats A Miser Riddle in this riddle.

Solving Riddle is Fun!

Puzzles, riddles, and challenges have become viral in no time as people have been seeking different and fun ways to connect during the lockdown. Such mind-challenging riddles are making rounds on WhatsApp groups and on Social Media. During lockdown and self-quarantine, people are finding ways to pass their time. A lot of people are spending time on their hobbies like reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc. 

Solving riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers online are one of the many things that people have identified to spend their time with some productivity. These riddles help one develop critical and analytical skills, and sometimes they are also fun to solve. Amidst the lockdown, more and more puzzles are being shared and one of them is 3 Days In A Row Riddle that has been doing the rounds on social media.

Check out 3 Days In A Row Riddle

Take a look at the Riddle. The riddle goes as follows:

"What does man love more than life, fear more than death or mortal strife.

What the poor have, the rich require, and what contented men desire.

What the miser spends, and the spendthrift saves.

And all men carry to their graves.”

Check the answer to the Riddle!

The correct answer to the riddle is “Nothing”.


The right answer to the riddle is because the salad is Nothing. A man loves NOTHING more than life, fear more than death or mortal strife. Poor have NOTHING, the rich require NOTHING, and NOTHING contented men desire. The miser spends NOTHING, and the spendthrift saves NOTHING.

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Whats A Miser Riddle - FAQs

1. When Grant was 8, his brother was half his age. Now, Grant is 14. How old is his brother?

His brother is 10. Half of 8 is 4, so Grant’s brother is 4 years younger. This means when Grant is 14, his brother is still 4 years younger, so he’s 10.

2. What has to be broken before you can use it?

The right answer for the "An egg". If you are trying to solve it with a pen and paper, it won't help you. The riddle can be solved by logical thinking. The egg should be broken before it can be used.

3. What is the meaning of the 'tricky' puzzle?

A tricky question is simply one. But it is difficult and tricky to answer. A tricky question is one that is intended to catch out or trick the respondent.

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