What Is A Jugging Crime? Why Is It Called Jugging? What Are Jugging Robberies?

What Is A Jugging Crime - Initially, a question was circulating over the internet, what is a Jugging Crime? People who are not aware of the Jugging crime that is taking place in recent days, want to know what is a Jugging Crime. So check the article and learn everything on what is a Jugging Crime and be precautionary and don't get involved in such activities.

by Ayisha Nazreen S | Updated Nov 25, 2022

What Is A Jugging Crime? Why Is It Called Jugging? What Are Jugging Robberies?
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What Is A Jugging Crime?

To know about the Jugging Crime, you will first need to understand the word Jugging in detail. So if you go and search for the word 'Jugging,' there are not many meanings available in general, but if you check from the Criminology point of view, you will come to know the very being behind the word 'Jugging.' According to the Wiktionary source, Jugging is generally about someone who checks on you when you visit any financial center, follows behind you and tries to steal money from you. So this is what Jugging is. So here is a short explanation from the Statesman web source, Authorities are warning that robberies targeting people visiting financial institutions are on the rise, so you might want to exercise additional caution if you have any immediate plans to withdraw money from a bank. Authorities in Austin said that as of July 26, fifty-dozen persons had been robbed in Austin this year after exiting banks with cash. Cash was stolen in multiples totaling more than $500,000.

Why Is It Called Jugging?

This crime got its name as Jugging because of the following scenario that is being explained again from the Statesman website. When a strange person waits at a bank, check-cashing business, or ATM for someone to withdraw cash, the crime is known to police as "jugging." After the robber follows the victim outside the business, usually at a different location but occasionally outside the bank, they steal the victim's money or break into the person's car. According to a statement from the Austin Police Department, the suspect "there" approaches them, makes violent threats against them, or physically assaults them. At the same time, they try to resist his demands for payment.

What Are Jugging Robberies?

So if you have understood the word jugging but still thinking about whether this kind of incident has taken place in any part of the world, then read this section to learn some of the shocking jugging robberies that have happened around the world and how they get resolved and everything, according to the data gathered from the Abc10 and Espnswfl websites, The most recent surge in crime. However, given how quickly trends spread online, "jugging" has extended to Alabama and Northwest Florida. It first became an issue in Austin, Texas. It's wise to exercise caution even if I haven't heard of this happening in SW Florida yet. $590,000 or more has been stolen, according to reports. Another incidence involves a woman from Stockton who was the most recent victim of jugging crime. Around 12:30 p.m. on September 13, the victim traveled to the Wells Fargo Bank location in North Stockton near Hammer Lane, intending to keep her identity a secret. The offender stole the victim's cash, credit cards, ATM card, and cellphone. Over $4,000 in charges were made in less than an hour.

How Can You Avoid Being A Victim in the Jugging Crime?

Here are steps that can prevent you from becoming a victim of Jugging crime in the future. So kindly take a look to be more precautionary.

  • When you're in a bank lobby or using an ATM, keep an eye out for somebody loitering around without doing any business.

  • While conducting business, pay attention to your surroundings. Avoid using your phone or using earbuds, or headphones.

  • As soon as you get in your car, lock the doors and make sure the windows are down.

  • It may seem basic, but you should always keep cash in your car.

  • Keep an eye out for anyone following you as you leave the parking lot of your financial institution.

  • Call 911 or head to the closest police or fire station if you detect someone following you for an extended period.

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What Is A Jugging Crime - FAQs

1. What is Jugging crime?

A crime occurs when a suspect observes a customer at a bank or high-end store and then follows the customer after they leave the establishment to steal their money or valuables.

2. Where did the word Jugging come from?

The origin of the word isn't entirely clear. Some reports that the name comes from the nickname of a bank bag. Urban Dictionary defines jugging as “making money” or “stealing.”

3. What does Jugging mean in the UK?

A slang word for jail.

4. What is juggling in crime?

Over the past several years, a crime trend called “bank jugging” or “jugging” has grown in popularity in Texas. Jugging occurs when a suspect watches a bank or high-end store and then follows a customer after they leave to steal their money or valuables.

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