Try to Solve Tricky What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle: Check and Solve Tricky What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle Answer Available Here

What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle: What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle is the latest buzz online that is keeping people on their toes and go restless until solving it, during the coronavirus lockdown which was imposed to curb the COVID-19 spread. This riddle has been designed to test your creative skills. Try out this simple and interesting brainteaser, which is a good exercise for your brain. Take a look at What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle and the explanation for the same. Challenge your friends and loved ones with What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle and get funny replies. Verify your answer to What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle from this article.

by J Divya | Updated Nov 25, 2022

Try to Solve Tricky What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle: Check and Solve Tricky What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle Answer Available Here

Try Riddles To Enhance your Skills

Riddles are designed to test your skills and provide exercise to your brain. You can challenge your brain to some of the hardest riddles/puzzles and work it out. The harder the riddles are the more you can brag you solved them. Riddles can be solved by smart kids and people of all ages. Riddles are judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. You can find safely motivated riddles that will encourage your problem-solving skills in FresherLive Website. You can also test your ingenuity and knowledge with the fascinating riddles that are a fun type of brain teaser that exists as a statement or question to be solved.

There are many Riddles on the internet, one among them is this riddle. Here you can check the answer along with the explanation and lot more information.

Riddles, puzzles, quizzes & brain teasers are simple and interesting exercises to your brain. Recently, the puzzles and riddles have become a trend on social media amid the pandemic. When it comes to kids, they play riddles with their sense of imagination and think critically. When it comes to riddles one is asked to find the secret of the hidden meaning of the riddle. Not only kids but adults are also interested in solving problems irrespective of age. 

Riddles for Kids

Children need to be fostered with something, like riddles/puzzles, Quizzes, that gives them an opportunity to think over. Experts recommend riddles for kids as it will make them think & laugh, interpreting comprehension, and vocabulary. When you share and solve riddles with children, it will give them an opportunity to bond with you. These riddles will help them to break out of their zone and mingle with others. These riddles will develop creative skills and thinking ability in their young minds. These Funny Riddles for Kids will give them a chance to laugh at the humour contained in the riddles.

Riddles for Adults

If you are looking for Funny tricky Riddles With answers to refresh end exercise your brain, you have landed at the right place. Check out the funny riddles and answers. The Funny tricky Riddles with answers will train our brains to work more smoothly. Funny Riddles for Adults will increase one's thinking and creative skills. It will help to reduce the stress level and provide a positive atmosphere. These challenges and riddles have become a trend on social media platforms. 

Benefits of Solving Riddles

Some of the benefits of solving riddles are:

  • Riddles Boost memory and processing speed

  • It improves brain activity and concentration

  • Hard Riddles/quizzes drastically slow the effects and reduce the risk of dementia

  • Riddles provide a source of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment

How To Solve a Riddle?

Riddles are a centuries-old challenge. Riddles have passed the test of time and has evolved over the years. The current riddles rely upon double-meaning and word-play. If the riddle lacks a bit of skill and luck, it can be frustrating. Here are some useful hints and a few samples that will help you unlock your ideas. The most important thing to remember is attempting to solve hard riddles that are meant to trick you. You need to keep this in your mind while solving riddles and then look for any language that could have multiple meanings and guard against your own assumptions. Generally, riddles are comprised of a few different lines. First, you need to break the riddles into manageable chunks and then start solving the riddles.

After dividing the riddles into many parts, you must look at them individually to come up with any possible answers. You should know that the clue is usually meant to mislead you. Consider the first line of a riddle. Riddles like Letter riddles are basically questions that poke fun at the alphabet. You need to read the questions double times before you run to a conclusion. Similar to a play on words, they play directly on the alphabet. 

If you take Word riddles, they are designed to be challenging and the math riddles are even tougher. If you take math-intensive riddles aren't that math-intensive at all. But the use numbers will mislead you. In such cases, you have to read between the lines to make sense of what it is asking. To solve math riddles, you must break it down into small chunks. By doing so, you can tackle one part at a time and avoid completely overwhelming yourself. You have to look carefully for the tricky subject matter.

Finally, the important tip is to think outside the box. Riddles work all the time because people immediately draw a hasty conclusion. English uses some words to have many different meanings. If you don't think carefully, and look outside the box, you will never be able to properly crack riddles.

Why should you solve What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle?

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, people are staying indoors and practicing social distancing to combat the spread of the coronavirus. They are finding new ways to utilize their time and sharpen their skills. All Kinds of mind-challenging riddles, Online Puzzles, GK questions, and puzzles are trending on social media. From Bollywood movie riddles, General Knowledge questions to fun challenges, everything has been trending on social media. Also, people are sharing different fun activities like interesting dare games, unique challenges, puzzles, and riddles on Social media like Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp. 

Riddles are good for Kids and they are recommended for kids as something that helps to improve their thinking ability and creativity. Recently people have been sharing What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle with their dear and loved ones. This particular riddle has garnered many responses and different answers. What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle does not require any specific skills for participants to solve it. Anyone can solve What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle. Take a look at the tricky riddle!

Check Out What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle Here

This is a fun, yet quirky puzzle that people have been forwarding on different social media platforms. What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle reads as follows:

"What has 2 banks but no money?”

What is the answer to What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle?

The correct answer to What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle is "River."


Are you wondering how is the answer river? Here is the explanation.

Now, let's take a look at the explanation of the riddle.  A river has 2 banks but no money. The wordplay used in the riddle is only to confuse the person solving it. Bank does not only mean the financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans but also the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake. The bank mentioned in this riddle is the later one. Therefore, the answer to the riddle is River.

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What has 2 banks but no money? Riddle - FAQs

1. Place three matches on a table. Tell a friend to add two more matches to make eight.

In this riddle, one should add two matches to make a roman numeral eight.

2. What are the benefits of solving puzzles?

Some benefits of puzzling are puzzle exercise the left and right sides of your brain at once and improve your short-term memory. It will also improve your visual-spatial reasoning and a great meditation tool and stress reliever.

3. What can you keep after giving to someone?

The right answer to the riddle is "Your word." You should keep your word after giving to someone.

4. What are visual word puzzles called?

The Visual word puzzles are called Rebus or Image puzzles. A Rebus is a picture representation of a name, word, or phrase. Each "rebus" puzzle box below portrays a common word or phrase.

5. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?

Answer to the riddle is A chalkboard. It is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty.

6. A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, what am I?

The right answer to the riddle is Rain. Now, if you take a look at the riddle, a cloud was its mother, the wind is rain's father, from rain cool streams, are formed, and because if rain the land bears fruit. A rainbow is the rain's bed, the earth is the rain's final resting place.

7. What has words, but never speaks?

The right answer is "A book."As per the riddle, a book has words but it never speaks.

8. You can drop me from the tallest building and I'll be fine, but if you drop me in the water I die. What am I?

The right answer is "Paper". If you drop a paper from the tallest building and paper will be fine, but if you drop a paper in water, it'll sink (die).

9. What do you call candy that was stolen?

The correct answer to Candy That was Stolen Riddle is "Hot Chocolate". The answer to this riddle is Hot Chocolate. In American slang, the word hot also means 'stolen', that is, any stolen item that is easily identifiable.

10. What kind of band never plays music?

The answer to the riddle is "A rubber band." A rubber band can never play music.

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