What Happened With Mizkif? Why Did Mizkif And Trainwreckstv Clash On Twitter? What Is Mizkif Statement?

What Happened With Mizkif - The drama between Twitch streamers continues to erupt. If you enjoy watching video game streams, you may have heard about the ongoing allegations against CrazySlick, who was accused of sexual assault in 2021. To Know What Happened With Mizkif and Why Did Mizkif And Trainwreckstv Clash On Twitter start reading, then.

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Sep 21, 2022

What Happened With Mizkif? Why Did Mizkif And Trainwreckstv Clash On Twitter? What Is Mizkif Statement?
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Who is Mizkif?

Rinaudo started streaming in 2016. He streamed to a small community until 2018 when he rose to prominence as a cameraman for fellow streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino.

Rinaudo and fellow streamer Esfand were banned from Twitch for seven days in May 2019 after making inappropriate comments toward a female streamer at PAX East.

Rinaudo gained attention in March 2020 after earning over $5,600 during a sleeping stream. In an interview with Wired, he stated, "Most streams can be very draining. This stream was the opposite. It was very easy. It was honestly a nice break from my normal routine of playing games all day." 

At present, there has been a clash between Mizkif and Trainwreck on Twitter. Check the article to know more.

What Happened With Mizkif?

What began as a debate among streamers about whether or not Twitch should ban gambling content (following ItsSliker's admission to borrowing thousands of dollars to feed his addiction) has since morphed into a slew of other allegations. These new allegations centre on claims that Twitch streamer CrazySlick assaulted another streamer, and Mizkif assisted in covering it up. In response to a tweet from streamer Asmongold asking why Sliker hadn't yet been banned from Twitch following his confession, Trainwreck launched his own accusations, claiming Mizkif had assisted in the concealment of sexual assault allegations. 

"Because your pals decided it was in their best interest to use and platform the very person that scammed everyone for his horse racing and tennis bets to somehow twist it and wager their war against me, and we both know deep down why the insecure little man is doing this," he wrote.

"Are you going to send Maya and Mitch to the railroad and blackmail me like you did those girls to cover up all those sexual assaults?" the thread continued, with a since-deleted tweet in the middle. "... You want to come at me and make s--t up, then you better be sure you don't live in a glass house, you insecure p---y."

Why Did Mizkif And Trainwreckstv Clash On Twitter?

To answer the question, Why Did Mizkif And Trainwreckstv Clash On Twitter? It is important to understand the entire history of the case. 

The alleged victim was only referred to as "A," streamer AdrianahLee later came forward admitting that "A" was her and shared her side of the story.

In a TwitLonger posted in 2021, she admitted that the events happened while she was "blacked out" at a party in early 2020. CrazySlick allegedly followed her and her friends around, "trying to kiss me, trying to kiss her, and at one point I was told that he and I ended up kissing."

"Apparently I was passed out in one of the rooms at the party and he came into the room while I was unconscious. He came into the room a couple of times after being asked to leave me alone each time, in two of those instances he touched my neck and chest saying he was: 'just making sure I was alive' after being assured by my friends that I was okay as they were watching over me," she continued. "Whether or not his intentions were out of genuine concern or not, I don't know. To be clear: He did not rape me or assault me, but his actions DID make me uncomfortable."

What Is Mizkif Statement?

Though CrazySlick is at the centre of these allegations, Mizkif and his ex-girlfriend, Maya, are accused of aiding in the cover-up.

"Let me be even more clear, Mizkif didn't assault the women, he orchestrated the cover-ups for his friends, exactly how my Tweet reads," Trainwreck followed up in another tweet.

Some Redditors have also shared videos of Mizkif allegedly discussing the incident and downplaying it during a live stream.

Mizkif has not responded to the allegations against him as of yet; he has only stated that CrazySlick is now "missing" and has asked that people keep an eye out for any news about him. 


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What Happened With Mizkif - FAQs

1. How is Mizkif rich?

Other notable moments of his streaming career include earning over $5,000 in donations during a stream of him simply sleeping, and achieving a world record for speedrunning Super Mario 64. The latter was a particularly big achievement for Mizkif, who is a massive fan of all things Nintendo.

2. Did Mizkif make jump king?

One Twitch streamer who has been showcasing Jump King since the release of Babe of Ascension is a content creator named Mizkif.

3. What did Mizkif go to college for?

After being hospitalized due to a life-threatening heart disease the day before he was meant to start college, he decided to put his business degree on hold while he took time to recosider his goals.

4. Who is the richest streamer?

Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja) – $40 million. Richard Tyler Blevins, popular as Ninja, is the richest Twitch streamer of 2022, with a net worth of $40 million. He is an American Twitch streamer, former Halo professional player, YouTuber, and professional gamer.

5. How long has Mizkif been streaming for?

Mizkif started streaming on Twitch in 2016. But Mizkif didn't grow popular until 2018 when he started filming for another streamer, Ice Poseiden. Mizkif has since grown his own popularity despite a few controversies experienced throughout his career.

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