What Happened To Officer Balcerzak? What Happened To The Cops That Let Dahmer Go?

What Happened To Officer Balcerzak: You might have happened to know the cruel tragedy which occurred to Dhamer. So in this article, we have added all the insights supporting What Happened To Officer Balcerzak. With that being said, let's begin with the article "What Happened To Officer Balcerzak." Have a good read.

by Fredrick | Updated Sep 22, 2022

What Happened To Officer Balcerzak? What Happened To The Cops That Let Dahmer Go?

What Happened To Officer Balcerzak?

John Balcerzak was a former police officer based in Milwaukee. Chief Philip Arreola terminated officers Balcerzak and Gabrish in September 1991 due to gross negligence. But we learned that the officers appealed their termination and were subsequently reinstated with a pay of $55,000 with the consent of Judge Robert J. Parins. Also, Balcerzak retired from Milwaukee Police Department in 2017. 


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What Happened To The Cops That Let Dahmer Go?

After the killing spree for a span exceeding 10 years, Dahmer was finally arrested in July 1991. As time progressed to 1994, Dahmer was murdered inside the prison by his fellow prision inmate Christopher Scarver. Meanwhile, the officers Gabrish and Balcerzak were fired from the police department by Police Chief Philip Arreola in September 1991 due to gross negligence.

Officer John Balcerzak

Identity Details
Name John A. Balcerzak
Born April 15, 1957
Age 65
Nationality American
Occupation Police officer (1980–1991, 1994–2017), president of Milwaukee Police Association
Known for Konerak Sinthasomphone incident

John Balcerzak And Joseph Gabrish

A few trustable sources based in 2016 say that Milwaukee; “He has since been promoted to the rank of Captain and is second in command of the department,” says an Outlet. Another article said, “He was elected as president of the Milwaukee Police Association, the police union, from 2005-2009,” and noted that he retired don 2017. Sadly Konerak Sinthasomphone was murdered. He died at the age of 14.

Officer Balcerzak Jeffrey Dahmer

Sandra Smith, Nicole Childres, and Tina Spivey found the victim of a 14-year-old teenager Konerak Sinthasomphone. He was a teen who managed to escape the murdered Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment without any clothes on and with a bruised body with bleeding buttocks. The bruise was under the influence of drugs. Dhamer was later convinced by the police informing that the boy was 19-yea-old and protested the three women.

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What Happened To Officer Balcerzak - FAQs

1. What is John A. Balcerzak known for?

He is known for the Konerak Sinthasomphone incident

2. What is John A. Balcerza's Nationality?

John A. Balcerzak was an American Resident.

3. What is John A. Balcerza's age?

He is 66 years old.

4. When was Officer Balcerzak born?

He was born on April 15, 1957.

5. Was Officer Balcerzak fired?

Yes, Officer Balcerzak was fired.

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