What Happened To Hyuna And Dawn? Why Did Dawn And Hyuna Break Up?

What Happened To Hyuna And Dawn? HyunA and DAWN began dating in 2016 and made their relationship public in 2018. On February 3, 2022, the K-pop stars announced their engagement. The two were considered a power couple. But, What Happened To Hyuna And Dawn? Details are in the article below. 

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Dec 01, 2022

What Happened To Hyuna And Dawn? Why Did Dawn And Hyuna Break Up?
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What Happened To HyunA And Dawn?

Dawn and HyunA have officially ended their relationship. After six years of dating, the popular K-pop power couple has called it quits. On November 30, HyunA announced the news on her Instagram account, posting a screenshot of a small note for fans to her main grid. "We split up. We decided to continue being good friends and colleagues. Thank you for always being there for us and keeping an eye on us "According to Soompi's translation, the simple letter reads. Dawn still needed to post something about the breakup on his own social media channels at the time of writing.

Why Did Dawn And HyunA Break Up?

HyunA and Dawn parted ways with their agency, P Nation, earlier this year. Before PSY's P Nation, the two were employed by Cube Entertainment, from which they were fired after they made their relationship public. Their contract with HyunA was terminated in October 2018, followed by Dawn in November 2018. However, nothing affected their personal lives, and they joined P Nation together. After Dawn proposed to HyunA, they shared cute posts on their social media. In interviews, when HyunA was asked about marriage, she said she wasn't sure of it yet, and when Dawn was asked the same question, he said it could even happen next week, and this could have been the reason behind their breakup since they were both not on the same page.

How Long Have HyunA And Dawn Been Dating?

HyunA and Dawn, previously label mates at Cube Entertainment, began dating in 2016 but did not make their relationship public until 2018. After making their relationship public, the two left their jobs to be together. They became a mainstay in tandem after joining "Gangnam Style" hitmaker PSY's record label, PNation, in 2019. Despite being signed as soloists, HyunA and Dawn have released projects and performed live as a duo. The couple made headlines in February 2022 after posting a picture of what appeared to be engagement rings on Instagram, though they never confirmed the news. The breakup was one of many significant changes in their lives recently. The duo also announced their departure from PNation in August.

Are HyunA And Dawn Still Dating?

HyunA and DAWN began dating in 2016 and made their relationship public in 2018. On February 3, 2022, the K-pop stars announced their engagement. They announced their engagement on Instagram with matching posts. DAWN posted a video with the words "Marry Me" and their matching couple rings. HyunA responded with the same video, writing, 'Of Course, it's a Yes.' It's difficult to believe that the most adorable K-Pop couple is no longer together. Today, as HyunA confirms their breakup, fans feel mixed. We wish HyunA and DAWN the best of luck in the future.

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What Happened To Hyuna And Dawn - FAQs

1. Why did HyunA leave Dawn?

On August 29, P Nation released a statement, per News1, sharing that the two idols would be leaving the agency as their contracts had recently expired.

2. How many years are HyunA and Dawn together?

According to reports, the two have been dating since 2016 and announced their romance in 2018. When they had a stage kiss during their Ping Pong concert at the Seoul Music Awards in 2022, it garnered media attention.

3. What happen to HyunA and Dawn?

After five years together, K-pop stars HyunA and Dawn are officially engaged.

4. Were HyunA and Dawn kicked out of cube?

The reason Cube took the drastic measure of sacking HyunA and the Pentagon band member is because they were dishonest.

5. Did e Dawn propose to HyunA?

After the talk about marriage life, HyunA shared, "Dawn proposed to me a few months back but I feel like I don't want to get married.

6. What is the age of HyunA and Dawn?

Hyuna, 29, and Dawn, 27, began dating around May 2016 after they became friends while working together. Dawn, whose real name is Kim Hyo-jong, was then with boy band Pentagon. He was also in the musical trio Triple H with Hyuna and Hui, another member of Pentagon.

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