What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died? Who Is Diamond Of Diamond And Silk?

What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died: Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, known as Diamond, is an American conservative political commentator and blogger. Many citizens want to know about What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died. Let's check out the article What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died. 

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What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died? Who Is Diamond Of Diamond And Silk?
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Who Is Diamond Of Diamond And Silk Dies?

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, known as Diamond Of Diamond And Silk is an American conservative political commentator and blogger. Her sister is Rochelle “Silk” Richardson. The two were prominently known for supporting Donald Trump and also served as contributors to the conservative news channel Newsmax. Even the duo received media attention during the 2016 presidential campaign of Trump and again in April 2018 when Facebook notified them they were the most unsafe to the community. Even the publicly complained that Facebook blocked and censored the Facebook page. On 26 April 2018, at Rep. Steve King's invitation, they testified in front of congress about their removal from the community. According to the deadline, American president Donald Trump took to social media to share that Diamond, whose real name is Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway from the Diamond and Silk duo has passed away. That is the really bad news for Republicans and, Frankly, ALL Americans. Even the most beautiful Diamond passed away at her home in the State where she loved so much. 

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What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died?

Lynette Hardaway, known as Diamond of conservative political commentary duo Diamond and Silk died at age 51. An official cause of death has not yet been announced.Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway was born in Fayetteville, North Carolin in 1971, and is the younger sister of Rochelle Richardson. Their parents were televangelist pastors who supplemented their income by selling herbal concoctions, pillows, blessed dolls, and anti-witchcraft wreaths. During the early 2010s, both started a Youtube channel that was supportive of Black Lives Matter and also this is against brutality by 5 July 2015, they had adopted right-wing views which are opposing undocumented immigration. She and her sister became overnight famous due to their Youtube videos.  According to tvline, she died at the age of 51. The main reason for her death is not revealed 

What Happened To Diamond?

The real reason for Lynette Hardaway's death is not revealed. She was hospitalized back in November 2022 due to covid 19. Her sister Rochelle Richardson who is silk took to Twitter to request prayers for her sister. Even she wrote that anyone who believes in the power of prayer please pray for Diamond. Even this was unclear when and if Diamond got out of the hospital. When Trump's report described who was close to the duo, they wrote that her death was unexpected hinting that she was out of the hospital and doing well. Even when Diamond was battling COVID, the duo was heavily trolled for taking the anti stance on the deadly disease. 

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Diamond Of Diamond And Silk Dies

Diamond of Diamond And Silk died on January 9, 2023. In April 2018, a Facebook post, Hardaway and Richardson reproduced a message from Facebook stating that the Diamond and Silk Facebook page's content and brand were deemed "unsafe to the community." Even the message sent from the Facebook policy team concluded with. This decision is final, and it is not appealable in any way. The pair stated that they believed they had been victims of censorship by Facebook after receiving a communication from the social media website's policy team. 

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What Happened To Diamond How Did She Died - FAQs

1.  Who Is Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway?    

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, known as Diamond, is a pair of American conservative political commentators and bloggers.

2. When she died?    

She died on January 9, 2023. 

3.  What is her occupation?    

Her occupation is Social media personalities. 

4.  What is her notable work?    

Her notable work is The Viewers View, Frankspeech, and Newsmax. 

5.  What is her political party?  

Her political party name is Republican in 2015. 

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