What Happened To Dahmers Grandma? Where is Jeffrey Dahmers Grandmother?

What happened to Dahmer’s Grandma: Catherine Dahmer, grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer died a natural death at the age of 88 and Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to his Grandmother’s house which is in Wisconsin by his parents after getting arrested over alcohol abuse. It is said that Dahmer had been close only to his grandmother in his family. Let's read the article to know What happened to Dahmer’s Grandma in Detail.  

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What Happened To Dahmers Grandma? Where is Jeffrey Dahmers Grandmother?
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Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer is an American Serial Killer and Sex Offender who committed the murder and dismemberment of seventeen boys and men. It is said that Jeffrey Dahmer had serious effects of necrophilia and cannibalism.  He was first arrested for alcoholic abuse back at his parents’ place. Later Dahmer was sent to his Grandmother’s place for a change but he wasn't well behaved at her place either and was eventually thrown out of the house by his Grandmother, Catherine Dahmer. Let's take a deep look at Jeffrey’s life and the list of crimes he did.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s First Murder- Steve Hicks:

Dahmer committed his first murder in 1978, three weeks after his first graduation. He picked up a hitchhiker named Steve Hicks. Dahmer saw Hicks’ bare chest and promised to give him a ride if he accompanies him back to his place for a few drinks. Dahmer and Hicks go back to Dahmer’s place. After an hour of drinks music and dance, Hicks wanted to leave as he had enough drinks. Dahmer refuses him to leave and that's when the fight actually starts. Dahmer hits Hicks’ head hard with a dumbbell. Hicks falls to the floor unconscious. Dahmer then remembers the bare-chested Hicks who stood on the road and starts masturbating above his corpse. He then buried the corpse in his backyard. A week later he pared the flesh from the bones and dissolved the flesh in the acid only to flush them in the toilet. Later he crushed the bones with a sledgehammer and threw the remains into the woodland. This is the first murder committed by Jeffrey Dahmer.

Why was Jeffrey Dahmer sent to his Grandmother’s House?

According to a few sources, it is said that Jeffrey Dahmer had quite a rough childhood. He had been longing for some attention which both his parents failed to give him. As Dahmer grew up, he was addicted to alcohol. He was once arrested by the cops for alcoholic abuse. Later Dahmer's dad sends him to his Grandmother Catherine's house for a change which is in Wisconsin. Dahmer remained a good boy at his grandmother's house. He helped her with the chores, cleaned the house, and sometimes even went to Church with her. Within a year, Dahmer started drinking again, where he brought young men into his grandmother's house for a few drinks. He was again arrested for over usage of alcohol. Again Dahmer joined hands with his Catherine and remained a good boy for a few years. He started drinking again and brought young men into the house, which his grandmother didn't like. Little did his Grandma know that he had been killing and dismembering their bodies in the basement. 

What Happened To Dahmers Grandma?

When the police found out about the crimes done by Jeffrey Dahmer, he was arrested. Jeffrey was also asked to take a test and was proved that he was sane. He had committed the crimes out of excitement and was given a life of prison sentence. Several months after when Jeffrey Dahmer got arrested, his grandmother Catherine Dahmer died of a natural death. Some people say that Dahmer must have killed Catherine after she knew about his crimes. Some say Dahmer was close only to Catherine and that he would never do that to her.

Did Catherine Knew About Dahmer’s Crimes?

 Catherine knew nothing about Dahmer’s crime though it all took place under the basement of her house. One time when Catherine questioned them about the foul smell coming from the basement, he said that it was the smell of a dead racoon in the backyard. Poor Catherine didnt know about anything happening under the basement of her house. She had him kicked out of the house 0nce she knew he started drinking and brought young men into the house. Shortly after Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested for his crimes, Catherine passed away. 

Imprisonement Of Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was given a life sentence in Jail for the murders he had committed. He was kept in a special place to ensure his safety around others. After a year, he was transferred to a less secure place where he urged his father to bring him a copy of the bible. Dahmer read the bible for weeks and days and was born a new Christian, and was also baptised by a priest. Once, he was attacked by a fellow prisoner with a razor; luckily, he suffered only minor injuries. Dahmer’s father, stepmother and his real mother are still in touch with him and go to the prison often to visit him.

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What Happened To Dahmers Grandma - FAQs

1. .  Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill his Grandmother?      

No. Jeffrey Dahmer did not kill his Grandmother  Catherine. She died a natural death in her late 80s. Jeffrey would never kill his Catherine as she was the only one he was close to in his family.

2. . How many murders did Jeffrey Dahmer commit?      

Jeffrey Dahmer had committed 17 murders of young boys and men. His first murder occurred three weeks after his graduation, where he picked up a hitchhiker named Steve Hicks.

3.   What did Jeffrey Dahmer do once he murdered them?          

Dahmer would bury the victims bodies in his backyard, dismember them, and dissolve their flesh in acid so he could easily flush them down the toilet.

4. How long did Dahmer spend his days in Jail?    

Dahmer was given a lifetime sentence in prison. He was kept in a secure place to ensure the safety of others around him.

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