What Happened To Clara Oswald? Did Clara Oswald Die Multiple Times?

What Happened To Clara Oswald - Clara Oswin Oswald, also known as the Impossible Girl in Doctor Who, was a companion who appeared throughout The Doctor's timeline. She met all of the Doctors and helped them all. But it was The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors with whom she was incredibly close and spent the most time. So what Happened To Clara Oswald? Let’s find out in the article below. 

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Nov 26, 2022

What Happened To Clara Oswald? Did Clara Oswald Die Multiple Times?
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What Happened To Clara Oswald?

This attitude would lead to a tragic end on Trap Street, a hidden alien street in the heart of London when Clara bet her life and lost. Clara was forced to confront the Raven, killed by a Quantum Shade's touch. However, death would not be the end of the impossible girl, and the Doctor could extract Clara a second before her death, between one heartbeat and the next, using Time Lord technology. To save Clara, the Doctor threatened to fracture time and space itself, even though her end on Trap Street was a fixed point.

Finally, the Doctor's memory of Clara had to be erased for her to return to Trap Street and restore the timeline. But not before Clara took off in a stolen Gallifrey TARDIS with her immortal companion Ashildr for her adventures in time and space!

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The Doctor Forgot Clara Oswald?

The Doctor and Clara would go to great lengths for each other. Theirs was a dangerous love and loyalty relationship. One that couldn't go on for the sake of both of them. When it came time to say goodbye, neither of them wanted to leave the other, so they agreed that one would have to forget the other. They pressed the button that would erase one of their memories together. The Doctor forgot Clara, meaning he would ignore their beautiful times together.

Did Clara Oswald Die Multiple Times?

Clara entered The Doctor's timestream, becoming a part of his life and every incarnation. She was dispersed across time and space as she ran to save The Doctor. In every version of Clara, The Doctor met and died. Oswin Oswald, a brilliant scientist who crashed on the Dalek's Asylum planet, became a Dalek but retained human consciousness. She maneuvered The Doctor, Amy, and Rory, saving them all while dying as a prisoner. Clara, a Victorian governess, died fighting the Great Intelligence, and the original Clara, who died when she faced the Raven, was eventually saved but trapped between heartbeats forever.

She Lost Two Regenerations Of The Doctor

Clara accompanied The Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors on their journey. She watched The Eleventh Doctor regenerate into The Twelfth Doctor, convinced she'd lost a friend she'd grown to know and love. Knowing two versions of The Doctor means going through twice the agony. Clara and The Twelfth grew highly close, only to be forced apart by a sacrificial separation on both of their parts. Clara spoke with him, knowing he only saw her as a stranger. 

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What Happened To Clara Oswald - FAQs

1. Does Clara Oswald come back?

Lost in the Doctor's timestream, she is eventually rescued and brought back into existence by the Eleventh Doctor. In "The Day of the Doctor", the show's 50th anniversary special, Clara is shown to have become a teacher at Coal Hill School.

2. What happened to Clara Oswald and Ashildr?

All of the Doctor's memories of Clara were eventually erased and Clara and Ashildr set off to Gallifrey, using another TARDIS, to accept her fate.

3. Is Clara Oswald dead?

In Clara Oswald's final season as companion in Doctor Who, the character died, yet somehow still became immortal.

4. Does the Doctor forget Clara forever?

It was the Doctor's memory that got erased, in case that hasn't been clear enough. So, Clara still has her memories and is flitting about in the universe in a stolen TARDIS with Maisie Williams's Lady Me (another part of the story that's not worth getting into), and the Doctor has no memory of the Impossible Girl.

5. Does the Doctor ever meet Clara again?

Some time afterwards, Clara met the Eleventh Doctor again, when an earlier version of him was sad about not being able to locate Clara.

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