What Happened To Chris Harrell? What Did Chris Harrell Do On The Resident? Chris Harrell Net Worth, Age, Height, And More

What happened to Chris Harrell: On the premiere of season 6 of the series The Resident, a title card appeared before the credits on the screen with the words, “In Loving Memory of Chris Harrell.” After seeing that, many start to wonder who he is and what happened to Chris Harrell. Read this article to know what happened to Chris Harrell and what his role was in The Resident.

by Ashnath Jeba | Updated Nov 25, 2022

What Happened To Chris Harrell? What Did Chris Harrell Do On The Resident? Chris Harrell Net Worth, Age, Height, And More
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What Happened To Chris Harrell?

Chris Harrell is not alive anymore. Details of the cause of his death are unknown. It is said on the website hiddenremote.com, he died unexpectedly earlier this year during a medical procedure. Amy Holden Jones, The Resident's co-creator and one of the writers mentioned on her Twitter page, "A long term crew member who was treasured. He passed this year." The cast and crew of the series The Resident attended his funeral and paid tribute to him. 


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What Did Chris Harrell Do On The Resident? 

Many people don’t know about Chris Harrell. Some were wondering who he was when they were watching the premiere episode of the series while the title card appeared on the screen. Here you can find out who he was and what role he played in the series. He was a part of the Teamsters Local 728, which is an Atlanta-based company. This company provides assistance services with the production of films and shows. It is unclear what role he played in the series as he worked behind the scenes, but it is obvious that he did a crucial role in the production and was loved by the crew. 

Chris Harrell Age

Chris Harrell's birth date and other details about his birthplace and family are not known as of now. It would be after we get a reliable source of information. His age is also unknown. However it is evident that he died earlier in 2022, and the cause of his death is unknown. 

Chris Harrell Height

Chris Harrell’s height, weight, and other body measurements are not found on any websites. He also didn’t reveal any details about himself on social media or in any interviews. 

Chris Harrell Net Worth

Chris Harrell was in the production company called Teamsters Local 728, and he was also a part of the medical drama series, The Resident. However, details about his salary, earnings, and net worth are not disclosed in any reliable source. It will be updated once it is known. 

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What Happened To Chris Harrell - FAQs

1. Who was Chris Harrell?

Chris Harrell was a part of the series The Resident.

2. When did Chris Harrell die?

Chris Harrell died in early 2022.

3. What was the cause of his death?

The cause of his death is unknown.

4. What was his role in The Resident?

His role in The Resident is not clearly known. He was part of the production crew.

5. Where did he work?

He worked at the production company called Teamsters Local 728.

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