What Happened To Brandon Leake After AGT? Where Is Brandon From AGT Now?

What Happened To Brandon Leake After Agt: People wonder What Happened To Brandon Leake After Agt, but we are aware that this AGT contestant won a golden buzzer for reciting his spoken poetry. We have covered What Happened To Brandon Leake After Agt and Where Is Brandon From AGT Now. Have a good read.

by Fredrick | Updated Jul 06, 2022

What Happened To Brandon Leake After AGT? Where Is Brandon From AGT Now?
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Who Is Brandon Leake?

Brandon Leake is an AGT contestant who won a massive amount of $1 million as an award, a brand-new Kia Stinger and the chance to perform at Luxor Las Vegas for winning in AGT. Leake is a spoken-word poet who rose to prominence by stepping to AGT. The reality star has a lot of charisma and charm to deliver his poetries on the reality show. Having a lot of soul to his words, he won a lot of fans' attention and won America Got Talent in 2022. Howie Mandel gave him a golden buzzer at June 30, 2020.

What Happened To Brandon Leake After AGT?

Brandon Leake has won a lot of hearts with his deep words using spoken poetry as his medium to deliver his emotions. He won the 15th season of America's Got Talent. He was indeed the first poet to gain such a vali reputation from America's Got Talent. Howie Mandel dashed the Golden Buzzer award in the first round of Brandon Leake. He delivered his spoken poetry which he wrote for his sister, father, mother, and his daughter, who has passed away. Also, before their prominence, he was a motivational speaker who works as an academic advisor. Also, Brandon got a lump of the amount to add to his Networth.

Where Is Brandon From AGT Now?

Brandon is a word poet and an academic advisor at San Joaquin Delta College. And he is found active on Instagram, where he posts a lot of insights and updates about his spoken poetry. Currently, Brandon Leake is moving from country to country to deliver his spoken poetry, and he has launched a few new books containing his poems named "Unravelling" which initially came out in March 2022. Brandon is the Owner and CEO of "Called To Move, " as well.

Brandon Leake Biography

Specification Details
Real Name Brandon Leake
Age 30 Years
Stage Name Brandon
Birth Date May 4, 1992
Gender Male
Profession Poet, Motivator, Academic Adviser
Birth Place Stockton, California, USA
Ethnicity African-American
Wife Anna Rebekah Leake
Daughter Aaliyah James Leake

Brandon Leake Net Worth

Brandon Leake is worth $1-$5 million as of 2022, per the research we seconded from a few notable websites. The result that we provided is based on 2022. The estimated amount also comprises his salary in his activities based on his primitive career and a few more talents. His net worth may increase or decline as time passes; once we face a decline or surplus in the estimated amounts, we'll surely update it here. We also believe Brandon Leake might have chosen options for investments to double his returns to add more worth to his Networth.

What Was Brandon Leake's Prize Amount?

Brandon Leake is the spoken poetry winner of season 15 AGT; Brandon recited poetry for his sister, father, mother, and daughter, making Howie Mandell burst into the Golden Buzzer. On winning the AGT title, he was rewarded $1 million as a cash prize to honor him. He won the AGT title in September 2020 and owns a KIA. He is the Owner and CEO of "Called To Move, " an organization for youth to render help through poetry.

Brandon Leakes Ethnicity

No matter how much fame a celebrity gains, there are a few things that never change; we can add Ethnicity to that list. Though Brandon Leake's fame has reached several stages globally, there are little few guesses on Brandon Leake's Ethnicity. Well, chances are you might also be confused about Brandon Leake's ethnicity. He has an African American ethnicity and ancestry. Brandon's natural hair color is black. Continue to read to explore more about Brandon Leake.

What Happened To Brandon Leake After Agt

Where is Brandon from AGT now

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What Happened To Brandon Leake After Agt - FAQs

1. What is Brandon Leake's age?

Brandon Leake is currently 30.

2. Who is Brandon Leake's wife?

Brandon Leake is married to Anna Rebekah Leake.

3. Who is Brandon Leake's daughter?

Brandon has a girl child named Aaliyah James Leake

4. What is the prize amount Brandon Leake won?

Brandon won $1 million.

5. Is Brandon Leake married?

Yes, Brandon Leake is married to Anna Rebekah Leake

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