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Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations: Where To Find Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations?

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations - Watch Dogs legion recently released and one of the key features of the game is the variety of masks and so players want to know the Watch Dogs Legion mask locations. Masks play a key role in this game since it helps keep your identity hidden. So everyone wants to know about Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations. Even though they don’t provide players with any perks or advantages, masks are still important in the game. So fans of the title want to know the Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations. Masks also make your character look cool, so they want to know the Watch Dogs Legion Mask locations. Read this article to get all the info regarding Watch Dogs Legion to mask locations and all Watch Dogs Legion Masks.

by Shalini | Updated Oct 31, 2020 13:10 PM

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations: Where To Find Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations?

All Watch Dogs Legion Masks

Watch Dogs Legion, is an open-world stealth-based game which has got good reviews from the community. The game is set in a dystopian future where you are part of a revolution trying to rescue the city of London. You can choose from a variety of characters to play the game and carry out your missions. The clothing of these characters are customizable, so players want to know about Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations and Watch Dogs Legion All Masks. Here is a list of Watch Dogs Legion All Masks.

  • Pig Mask 

  • Gas Mask

  • Soldier Mask

  • Red and Black Face Mask

  • Helm of Sparta 

  • Ubisoft Mask

  • Union Jack Mask 

  • Box Head Mask 

  • Skull Crown Mask 

  • Cat Eyes Mask 

  • Fancy Soldier Mask 

  • Red and White Geometric Mask 

  • Purple Skull Mask 

  • LDN Soldier Mask 

  • Golden Soldier Mask 

  • Box Head Mask 2 

  • Box Head Mask 3 

  • Box Head Mask 4 

  • Black Visor Gas Mask 

  • White Visor Gas Mask 

  • Blue Visor Gas Mask 

  • White Gas Mask

  • Pink Pig Mask 

  • Silver Pig Mask 

  • Golden Pig Mask 

  • Rabbit Cloth Mask 

  • Lipstick Cloth Mask

  • Crown Skull Mask 

  • Blank White Mask

  • Fractured Red Mask 

  • Lion Gargoyle Mask 

  • White Rabbit Clan Mask 

  • White Rabbit Clan Mask 2 

  • £ Sign Gas Mask 

  • Knight’s Helmet

  • Black Knight Helmet 

  • Lion Knight Helmet 

  • Buckethead-Looking Helmet 

  • Scratched Knight Helmet 

  • White Valve Gas Mask 

  • Orange Valve Gas Mask 

  • Orange Goggles Gas Mask 

  • Yellow Bulldog Mask 

  • White Goggles Gas Mask 

  • Brown Goggles Gas Mask 

  • Black Goggles Gas Mask 

  • Skull Candle Mask 

  • Scratched Riot Helmet 

Watch Dogs Legions Mask Locations

Watch Dogs Legion Mask locations are hidden in different parts of the map. Though these masks do not provide any gameplay perks, they are key to keeping your identity hidden. So finding more masks and adding to your collection will give you more options while customizing. So here are all the Watch Dogs Legions mask locations.


  • Inside St. Pancras International, in a purple-lit office.

  • Inside a locked garage in Albion Internet Centre

  • On the roof of Camden Market at the centre. 

Islington And Hackney

  •  On top of the scaffolding on the east side of the World of Tomorrow.

  • On the Museum of the Home’s small garden building.

  • Second floor of the Sandstone Residence.

  • Northside of Foodtown, behind a sliding glass door. You will have to use a spide bot to get to it.


  • Can be found on the west side in the roof of MI-6 Building.

  • In the middle of the European Processing Centre, inside a metal crate

  • Eastside of the London Lens exterior, in a locked room.

  • Northside of the Brixton Barrier Block. Will need a Freight Drone to reach it.

  • On the roof of the Xcess building.Need to use a Freight Drone to reach it

  • On the south side of the roof of Brixton Recreation Centre.

City of Westminster

  • Inside Earl’s Fortune safe house on the upper floor.

  • First Floor of Brocha Tech, inside a metal crate 

  • Centre of Somerset House, on top of a wooden crate.

  •  On the first floor of Thorne’s Felts inside one of the rooms.

  • North-east corner of Buckingham Palace Gardens.

  • On a filing cabinet inside New Scotland Yard.

  • On the scaffolding above the alley stairs at the west side of the Perry Harris Redevelopment.

  • Southside of Downing Street, below the camo tarp

  • Underground, below the London Carriage Service. 

City of London

  • Between two pillars on the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

  • Below the Northe End of the London Bridge.

  • Inside the ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper. Use the elevator to reach the top floor and find the box locked in an office. 

  • Southside of the Roberts & Scott Hall interior. Use a spider bot to navigate below some bricks.

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Watch Dogs Legions Mask Locations - FAQ's

1. Why do you need masks in Watch Dogs Legions?

You need to use masks in Watch Dogs Legions to keep your identity hidden.

2. Do masks give you special perks and abilities?

No, the masks will not give you special perks and abilities.