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WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021: Get The Objective And Theory Answers For WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021

WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021: Students who have applied for WAEC exams have been on the lookout for WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021. The article below has answers to both Physics 1 and 2 questions of WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021.

by Pooja | Updated Sep 15, 2021 06:21 AM

WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021: Get The Objective And Theory Answers For WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021

WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021

The term WAEC stands for West African Examination Council, which is a West African examination and education board mandated by law to conduct tests for West African students. The WAEC normally administers two exams: one in May/June for the SSCE and another in November/December for the WAEC or GCE. The Physics paper 1 and 2 for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) will be written today, September 15th, 2021. Past WAEC Physics objective and theory questions can be found here. You'll also learn how WAEC Physics questions are constructed and learn everything there is to know about the WAEC Physics exam.

WAEC Physics Objective Question And Answers 2021

The objective WAEC Physics Answers and WAEC Physics Questions have been in high demand, particularly now that the exam is coming. However, obtaining the objective WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2021 is a difficult task, even though we have obtained WAEC Physics Answers. We also learned how the WAEC Physics Question Paper will be constructed. The number of Objective Questions is projected to be 50. The WAEC Physics Answers to these 50 questions are listed below.






WAEC Physics Theory Question And Answers 2021

No (2a)

Flat metal plates are mainly used to collect heat for space heating in solar panels for heat transfer.


Thermal insulator is used for reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact


a tube is a device that controls electric current flow in a high vacuum between electrodes to which an electric potential difference has been applied.


highly purified silica glass.


To confine the optical signal in the core the refractive index of the core must be greater than that of the cladding.

No (7)




No (1)

Original length Lo= 3m

Extension e = 310 = 3*3= 9m


F=ke where k = 982.3NM-²


The five that produce the extension F = 8.840.7N

No (5)

Escape velocity = VE

Radius of the earth = R

Acceleration due to gravity = 10ms²

Escape velocity Be=√2R



No (6)

Angle at horizontal θ = 30°

Time of light , T = 25sec

Velocity of projection u = ?

But T=2using sinθ/g

25= 2u*sin30/10






A torque is defined as a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis


Factors that determine torque are;

– The magnitude of the force

– The radius

– The angle between the force and the lever arm


Free fall simply means the act of which objects fall freely under the influence of gravitational force. An object under free fall does not encounter air resistance


Height of tower H = 40.0m

Velocity v = 10.0m/s, time t= ? , g=10.0m/s

Using the relation

S= ut + 1/2gt^2

H= ut + 1/2gt^2

40= 10t + 1/2*10t^2

4= t + t^2/2

= t^2 + 2t – 8=0 ( solving quadratically)

= (t+4)(t-2)=0

t+4=0 or t-2=0

t= -4 or t=2

Therefore time to fall on the ground t=2s


R.d of oil =R1 = 0.72

R.d of water = R2=1.00

R.d of liquid= R1/R2= 0.72/1 = 0.72

R.d = density of wood(P1)/density of water(P2)


P1= 0.72*1.00=0.72g/cm³

But density of wood= mass of wood/volume of wood

0.72= mass of wood/8*8*8

Mass of wood = 0.72*512 = 368.64g


Critical angle: this is the angle of incidence that

provides an angle of refraction of 90-degrees.


(i) Light must travel from a denser medium to a rarer medium and

(ii) the angle of incidence inside the denser medium must be greater than the critical angle.


-In elescopes application

-In microscopes applications

-In the binoculars


(i)Bending of light;If light is moving from rarer to denser medium then it moves towards the normal.

If it is moving from denser to rarer medium then it moves away from the normal.

(ii)Change in wavelength of light



(ii)Long sightedness

(ii)short sightedness


(i)concave lens

(ii)Convex lens

(iii)Contact lenses


convex mirror has a wider field of view


The disadvantages of convex mirrors are that they make it appear like those objects are at a more noteworthy distance than they actually are.


V∝ Tx μy


LT-¹∝ m*L*T-²x x m y L-y

LT-¹∝ m(x+y)L(x-y)T-²x





From equation 3


Putting x = ½ into (eq) 2


Equation is

V∝ T½ μ-½

V∝ √T/μ

V= k√T/μ

Where k is constant

Note: The above questions are presumably WAEC Physics repeated questions and answers, rather than 2021 WAEC English questions and answers. These are just practise questions. Do not fall prey to internet scammers that promise you access to a live question paper before the exam in exchange for money.

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WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021: FAQs

1. Where can I get WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021?

You can get WAEC Physics Question And Answers 2021 here once they are updated.

2. What is WAEC ?

WAEC is the acronym for West African Examination council which is an examination and education board in West Africa established by the law to conduct exams for West African Students.

3. When did WAEC 2021 Start?

WAEC 2021 has started from 16th August 2021.

4. What is the two exams conducted by WAEC?

SSCE and WAEC or GCE are the two exam conducted by WAEC.

5. When is SSCE exam conducted by WAEC?

WASSCE - conducted in May - June is called the SSCE.

6. When is GCE exam conducted by WAEC?

WASSCE - conducted in November - December is called the WAEC or GCE.

7. How many papers are there in WAEC Physics exam?

There are totally 3 papers in WAEC Physics exam.