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  3. Vighnesh Pande reveals why he chose ventriloquism as a career

Vighnesh Pande reveals why he chose ventriloquism as a career

Actor and host Vighnesh Pandey, who is currently seen hosting the show "The Happy Hour", has also made a mark as a ventriloquist. He says ventriloquism wasn't his first career choice.

Updated Jul 03, 2021 07:48 AM

Vighnesh Pande reveals why he chose ventriloquism as a career

Vighnesh, whose female puppet Anna is quite popular, reveals that his journey started as a substitute ventriloquist for his father.

"I decided to take up ventriloquism only as a hobby in my first year of college and back then I wasn't much of a fan of show business. My father and my brother are ventriloquists and we had been through a lot of ups and downs in life, I always wanted to make a stable career. Despite this, I decided to give ventriloquism a shot. My first paid show was a flop show, I went as my father's substitute and came back disappointed. I thought the profession wasn't for me," Vighnesh tells IANS.

The actor adds: "I had nearly decided to stop pursuing this art until my father got a call from the same event planner whose show had flopped, asking if I was available for another show. He said the show was a hit and the audience loved watching me! That's how my journey of ventriloquism began."

Vighnesh reveals that the idea of Anna as his puppet came into being because he wanted a female character who could talk on issues in a lighthearted way.

"When a lot of women-related issues were given light, that's when Anna, the female character, was born. Initially, my organisers or clients hinted to not put her on stage but I was keen on having a female character who would speak about relevant issues and not shy away from them. I made videos with her online and before I knew she was famous. Ever since, the journey hasn't been harsh. People love Anna and Vighnesh's arguments and I owe a lot to her. Like they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman!" he sums up on a witty note.

His show "The Happy Hour" airs on Zee TV.

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