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Venom Lyrics - Little Simz

Venom Lyrics: You can get the  Venom Lyrics “Life sucks and I never tried suicide Mind's fucked even more than I realise” by Little Simz below and Venom has been topping the charts ever since it came out. With a beautiful rendition by Little Simz, Venom has become an instant hit. Scroll down to get the full lyrics of Venom

by Abisha Muthukumar | Updated May 04, 2021 13:19 PM

Venom Lyrics - Little Simz

Venom Lyrics by Little Simz

[Verse 1]
Life sucks and I never tried suicide
Mind's fucked even more than I realise
Time's up, keep it moving when she arrives
If you ever heard what I heard in my mind
Never try, you would cry, that's a lie, you would die
I don't wanna ever come down from a high
I'm in the best seat, from time, been a next breed
If you comin', come at me directly
Don't need no one to defend me
Soul's in a place even I can't get to, don't fuck with the deadly
Moon waves and open seas, quick coasting overseas
Fuck those who don't believe
They will never wanna admit I'm the best here
From the mere fact that I've got ovaries
It's a woman's world, so to speak
Pussy, you sour
Never givin' credit where it's due 'cause you don't like pussy in power

[Verse 2]
My, my, if you've ever heard what I've heard in the night
What a fright, must've been a parasite in my past life
I don't wanna ever come down from a high
My soul ascended to the sky, it's just you and I
God but I'm feelin' too alive
Tryna get me out of spite
Someone's gotta pay, I ain't talkin' big amounts
Some kind of physical pain
Some kind of traumatic shit
Niggas wanna see dead bodies
Probably not, they ain't rollin'
With no automatic clips
Moving scatty, all erratic and shit
Niggas pussy lickin', batty and shit
Oh, you mad? Then come at me, you prick
Make a move, better pattern it quick
I assume you'll be comin' for blood
That makes two of us, that makes two of us

Venom, venom

[Verse 3]
Night time to daylight we roll trees
Saved lives, invade minds and go deep
Oh, he wouldn't have guessed I'm so chill
Part of the day in the life you won't see
Part of the day in the life you can't be here for
It's the day in the life of OGs
Dealin' with inner demons that won't leave
Not a word, you will listen when my soul speaks
Down I go, so follow me, follow me, follow me
Actually, don't follow me, nobody bother me
I'm a mess, honestly, fuck all of your policies
They wanna kick me down and demolish me
Use me and fuckin' abolish me
I don't wanna hear no apologies
Or am I in my own head?
Can't tell anymore, psychotic to the death
When I dig deep, I can never find nothin' left
It's a mystery
Rage, nothin' but rage
Can't figure out if I'm goin' insane
Ain't no doubt we'll be showing no mercy
So think twice if you wanna get blazed
Nothin' ain't nice 'round here, no games
I don't wanna dark nobody in a flash
True, it's a stick-up, hands in the air
Put the money in the bag, all cash, all cash

Venom, venom


Venom Lyrics Details

  • Movie/Album : GREY Area

  • Release Date of the song: March 1, 2019 

  • Singers: Little Simz

  • The genre of the Song: Hip hop

Venom Lyrics from GREY Area

This song is one of Inflo and Little Simz best works. Little Simz has given life to the song through his/her unique voice. Fans of Little Simz can't seem to get enough of this wonderful song. Memorizing the lyrics is so easy because of the song’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

Interesting Facts About The Singer

The song from the GREY Area became viral soon after its release. Sung by Little Simz, has left thousands mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by Inflo and Little Simz have played a major role in the success of the song. Inflo and Little Simz has once again proved himself through the lines of this song. Overall this song is something that is never going to leave your playlist.

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Explore some of the interesting facts about Little Simz below

  • Nationality - London of the Singer

  • Genre - Hip hop of the Singer

  • Record Label - AGE 101 Music of the singer

Release Date of Venom

Produced by Producer Name the song is an ecstatic one. It was released on March 1, 2019. The lyrics will definitely make us feel fascinated and euphoric. If you want to find the lyrics of this song then you are in the right place. 

Some facts about Venom Song Lyrics

Released on March 1, 2019, this song has had No of Views on Youtube.
The Lyricist of this song is Inflo and Little Simz

Lyrical Video Of The Venom Song
Check out the lyrical video of the song here.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/embed/KZdwYtUDyS0


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Venom Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did the Song Release?

The Venom Song was released on March 1, 2019.

2. Who is the Lyricist?

The Lyricist is Inflo and Little Simz

3. What is the genre of Venom?

The genre of Venom is Hip Hop

4. What is the album name of the Song?

 The Venom is from the Grey Area. 

5. Where to check the Song Lyrics?

Viewers can check the full song lyrics on our page.