Vault Hunters Patch Notes, Updates, Wiki, And More

Vault Hunters Patch Notes - Vault Hunters is a Minecraft RPG modpack created by Iskall85 and his team. Gamers are curious to know in detail about the recently launched Vault Hunters Patch Notes. In this article, you can also find insights about Vault Hunters Updates, Vault Hunters Wiki, And More. With that being said, let's begin to explore insights about Vault Hunters Patch Notes.

by Fredrick Fabian Daniel | Updated Jan 10, 2023

Vault Hunters Patch Notes, Updates, Wiki, And More
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Vault Hunters Wiki

Vault Hunters is a Minecraft-based RPG game that Iskall85 and his crew created; here, you can build excellent bases, spend skill points, level up your character, dominate the vaults and finish the artifact puzzles as well as all the classic Minecraft elements, with over 2.1 billion different chest plates, swords, idols and more, the pack features a never-before-seen depth! You can even use wind turbines which can turn a power sauce when the weather is breezy. Vault Hunters has gained the attention of many gamers, and people are looking for new updates to add more fun to their gameplay.


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Vault Hunters Patch Notes

Balance Updates

  • Slightly increased knowledge essence in Living Chests

  • Lowered the amount of Magnetite Ingots required for several Magnet upgrades

  • Lowered the amount of Vault Plating needed for Durability upgrading pickaxes

  • Heavily increased the amount of Raw Carbon found in Wooden Chests

  • Added Soul Value to Empty Flasks

  • Reduced the rate of the Festive themes

  • Loot information (shift hover) does no longer display on identified vault gear

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Auxiliary Blocks making trap doors treated as air blocks

  • Fixed a dupe bug with Black Market

  • Fixed a bug displaying “Unknown” for vault ore in Bounties

  • Fixed the Mana Shield ability to respect player’s damage reduction

Date: 2022-12-18


  • Added a tooltip loot table identifier to items that appear in loot tables, allowing players to shift over the tooltip to see where the item originates from.

  • Added 5 new shield models

  • Added the Fairy Lights mod

  • Added a new room: Chromatic Caves, this room can only appear in the Raw and Cave themes and is fairly common

  • Added Vault rock ore, and changed the way ore generates in ore POI’s; no more vanilla ore

  • ‘Tis the season…

Changes/Balance Updates

  • Remade the entire Black Market offer list, and included a lot of new items, including vault gear

    • The rarity of vault gear is random and only revealed after you purchase it

  • Gave some more items soul value and buffed a handful of items soul value

  • Bounties now better scale with player level, slightly reduced rewards on low level and increased rewards as you level up

  • Bounty completions are now scaled with vault level

  • Bounties reroll cost lowered on lower levels

  • Coin Piles now scale with player level

  • Cagerium cages and terrariums are now slightly slower to produce their outcome

  • Completing a bounty now gives a 60 minute cooldown instead of 2 hours cooldown

  • Splash potions of any kind no longer work inside a vault

    • Dev Notes: To us this is a very important change; We have abilities and gear modifiers to allow the player to regenerate health, in addition vanilla provides drinkable potions - but we can not, without a very advanced and convoluted system, find a way to balance splash potions. We do not think they fit the game and have therefore banned them from being usable inside the vaults.

  • Stonefall now has a tinted screen overlay (vignette) when active.

  • Buffed Stonefall; lowered the mana cost and mana cost gets lower the higher level Stonefall is

  • Added a recipe to convert Azalea logs between the 2 base colours

  • Updated several recipes for mods

  • Updated leveling requirements from 50 onwards

  • Made it so that Soul Diffuser can hold more soul dust

  • Sky Vaults RAW crystals now yield less vault XP after level 1, and at level 4 and above they yield no XP.

  • Shield updates (these do not affect legacy items rolled before this patch)

    • Lowered base durability

    • Lowered durability modifier

    • Lowered health scaling

  • Completely reworked loot tables, they now have even more focused loot and loot scales and differ depending on player level.

    • We will monitor these results, but feel confidence in this change. It should also make benitoite scale better with its needs.

    • While loot tables will eventually be added past level 60, we do not intend on having similar loot scaling as the 1.16 version as the player gains Item Quantity and Item Rarity on top of the loot tables being improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Kill Entity Bounty now respect tiered mobs (Kill X Zombies will now respect any tier of a zombie)

  • Fixed a bunch of broken armour models

  • Fixed a bug where building gadgets was usable inside the vaults

  • Fixed several critical bugs with the vault altar

  • Fixed sound bugs relating to

    • Vault Ore breaking playing in stereo, making them seem very loud

    • Coin pile placement playing in stereo, making them very loud

  • Fixed a bug that generated Terralith terrain outside chunk render in Sky Vaults.

    • Note this doesnt fix already pregenerated worlds generated chunks, if you are playing sky vaults and have a generated world, you can use MCEdit to prune the generated chunks, check our discord ( for a guide for how to do that

  • Fixed a bug that disallowed players to break chests even within their reach



  • Added a Vault Anvil… Yeppers. We added a vault anvil… Yeppers. It doesn’t break.

  • Added Animal Pens & Animal Jars - We urge all gamers to swap out their “vanilla pens” for these animal pens in order to help server improvement

    • We recognise that people want to keep animals in pens in order to have a steady income of animal loot for altars and other things. This is, and have always been, a massive lag generator for servers, as mob AI in minecraft isn’t ideal.

      • While mods like Cagerium and iSpawners remove the need of these “vanilla pens”, they are gated behind research and we do not want to force players into research to help avoid lag. Therefore, Animal Pens and Animal jars are not gated behind any research.

      • Animal Pens are by design not automatable (in order to not compete with the research unlocks) - but instead works very much like a replacement for the classic “vanilla pen”.

      • The crafting recipes for an animal pen and an animal jar are also very basic and cheap

    • Craft an animal jar and shift right click it on a passive mob to collect it. You can collect several (unlimited) amount of animals in one jar.

    • Right click your jar on to an animal pen placed down to put all the collected entities in that pen (only one per mob type)

    • Animals in a pen can be interacted with just like you would interact with a mob in the vanilla game, you can hold shift to see more information about the pen

  • Added a group function to the Vault Altar, allowing us to group required items together, most notably is dyeable things like Glass, Terracotta and Wool, but we have made some other groups as well for you to discover. When the altar has a group it will swap between the items it allows.

  • Added 2 new unique shield models, they have to be discovered elsewhere…

  • Added statistics for total vaults runned in the statistic tab of the stat screen

  • Tabbing on a server now shows the player’s vault level as well as if they are in a vault or not

  • Added a sound when using the ability Hunter

  • Bees now produce pollen in their animal pen, allowing the player to collect honey and honeycomb

  • Added a few new curses; Explosive, Shulkered, Crab Walk, Confusion and Jupiter Gravity

  • Added Rubidium to the modpack by default

  • Added a feedback sound when trading in the Black Market

Complete Overhauls

  • We completely overhauled Soul Shard Trading, there is no more soul shard shop accessible through F7

  • Added the Black Market block (replaces the F7 screen)

    • Interact with the block to access the Black Market (prev soul shard trading).

    • There is a timer at the top telling you when the current 3 offers expires

    • If you buy one of the three offers all offers refresh and the timer resets itself

    • Offers are player individual and no longer server wide

  • Added the Soul Diffuser block

    • Can be used to break down various items in to soul dust

    • Items that can be broken down will state their soul value on their tooltip

    • The Soul Diffuser supports full automation

Balance Updates

  • Updated a lot of recipes for mods to be more accessible. Mainly focused on removing any Compressed Block needs and instead increasing the use of Chromatic Steel. There are a lot more recipe changes planned and more will be done before the patch is pushed to Curseforge

  • Vault Altar recipe requirements were completely rewritten to better scale and better fit the progression of gamers.

    • Note, we will monitor the results closely and more changes will come over the next coming days

  • Wither skulls can now be applied to exhausted crystals to further apply a curse

  • Overhauled the proficiency gain when crafting vault gear. The old values were very hypothetical and our intention was that to become an artisan in gear crafting would take a lot longer than it did. We have therefore made it 10 times as slow, this may be reviewed again after seeing results.

  • Added Vault Plating as a requirement for gear crafting

  • Changed scavenger items to not be cleared when exiting a vault (as they now all have a soul value)

  • Lowered the opacity on the Frost Nova effect to provide players with better visibility.

  • Animal pens can now breed multiple animals by having several of the food items held while breeding

  • Fixed a few more recipes (including void upgrades for Drawers)

  • Sheep can now be dyed inside an Animal Pen

Bug Fixes

  • Completion Crates can now be opened while wielding an offhand item

  • Fixed a few mixin related client crashes

  • Fixed alternative doll recipe to now be displayed correctly

  • Fixed a bug that affected vault gear level when displayed in the bounty table

  • Fixed a bug which allowed an exploit of zooming mini map while inside a vault.

  • Fixed a bug that emptied infinite water bucket on use

  • Fixed a bug with crafting proficiency that allowed a player to go beyond the total proficiency points

  • Fixed Sweeping Edge modifier to now deal the intended damage to the swept targets

  • Fixed a critical bug causing crashes with the Vault Altar

Mod Updates

  • Compressium (And we added tags so they are breakable)

  • FTB Backups (hoping to fix random crash errors on servers)

  • Cagerium

    • Removing an egg from a cage now requires a one-time-use key that can be crafted in game for vault materials

  • iSpawners

    • Spawn Eggs in the survival spawner now no longer expire

  • Sophisticated Backpacks

    • Pepper (Pepperchamp) added the super feature of saving the memory of a bag to the player data, so it can be loaded and used even if you die and lose your backpack! (OMEGA)

Vault Hunters Updates

If you need to know insights about recent updates, then all you need to do is track their Twitter accounts, which are @Iskall85 (the developer) and VHS2_UPDATES. Nevertheless, we found the updates after referring to their patches, and the developer has added tags under (compressium) that are available and breakable from the last update. When you remove an egg from a cage, you need to use a one-time-use key to open the vault materials. In the survivor spawner, the spawn eggs won't expire anymore, now (pepperchamp) has added a new feature where you can save a memory of a bag that is identified regarding the player data, which can be loaded and used even if you lose your items in a backpack when you die. 

Vault Hunters 2 (VH 1.18) is finally out, and the open alpha is the latest alliteration from the VH game community. The alpha stage was initially released on November 27, 2022, and the modpack is obviously made available for the SMP S3 members alone. As we've mentioned, please keep an eye on their Twitter to find recent updates.

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Vault Hunters Patch Notes - FAQs

1. Will there be Vault Hunters Season 3?

With season 3 using the terralith mod the overworld terrain are majorly revamped while using mostly vanilla blocks as such the world kept the vanilla feel.

2. Did Vault Hunters Season 2 end?

Season 2 was the second season of Vault Hunters SMP. Season 2 started on April 29, 2021 and ended June 11, 2022. The world was created on an unknown version of Vault Hunters 1.16. ANd S 3 has started.

3. Is Tubbo in Vault Hunters?

Tubbo is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer who joined Vault Hunters SMP in season 2 and plans to return for season 3.

4. Did Iskall create vault hunters?

Vault Hunters is a Minecraft RPG modpack created by Iskall85 and his team. This modpack allows the player to develop their own talents and abilities.

5. Who is the oldest Vault Hunter?

The legendary first Vault Hunter, Typhon DeLeon, thinks he can help. They say never meet your heroes, but maybe make an exception just this once."

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