Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide - How to Get the Trophy in Vampyr and a Guide About it?

Updated: Oct 10,2020 11:55 GMT

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Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide - This is one of the scariest and rarest game that anyone has played till now. Only one who has played knows about how it is difficult to achieve all the trophies in Vampyr PS4. Getting all the missions done is not that easy because one needs to struggle when it is about Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide. Want to know about the Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide. Here, in this article we will try to guide you and help you to go through the mission step by step. Stick with us to know more Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide.

Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide 

Playing Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide is pretty much challenging because when it comes to collect all the trophies in this games, it becomes a difficult task. No wonder this game is one of the most amazing game that you'll be playing but with that, comes many obstacles which are not easy to clear thus landing you up in problems where it becomes difficult to achieve the trophies. But then, one need to be focussed and motivated enough to crack up the levels and get the trophies with a proper guide. Here. we are going to discuss about the Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide and how to achieve the trophies in a more effective way.

There is no multiplayer mode feature in this game as such and the estimated amount of time to finosh up this game is about 40 hours. But you can finifh up this game before that if you are able to crack down the levels. There are about 29 trophies in the game where you get 17 silver, 6 bronze, 5 gold and one platinum on Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide.

Steps for the Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide 

 Step 1 - Avoid killing the innocents from the start, when you start with the game.

Step 2 - After the boat ride in chapter 1, turn off your game and make a backup of your current progress.

Step 3 - Just take a Bite trophy is won when you kill Clay Cox.

Step 4 - Turn off the game. Delete the current save and upload the previous saved file.

Step 5 - To get Merciful Release trophy, you need to spare Clay Cox this time.

Step 6 - Spare Dorothy Crane in the second chapter.

Step 7 - Let SEan Hamptom drink your blood in the third chapter.

Step 8 - Don't kill the defeated McCullum in the chapter five and heal Dr.Swansena in the chapter six with your blood.

Step 9 - Do all the activities before you pick up a fight in the chapter six against the Disaster.

Step 10 - You will unlock all the three achievements but not counting the platinum trophy. Turn the game off and upload the previous game.

Step 11 - Now, finish the game to get all the missing trophies and the platinum trophy on PS4.

Vampyr Ps4 Trophy Guide - FAQ

1. How many trophies are there in Vampyr game?

There are about twenty nine trophies in the Vampyr Game.

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