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Valorant Patch 2.03 Release Date, When is Valorant Patch 2.03 Coming Out? Check Here

Valorant patch 2.03 release date has been intimated and you can check out the information about the Valorant patch 2.03 release date and all the new updates making their appearances to this update on Valorant. Valorant is a videogame which became immensely popular among the videogame e-sports community in recent times. After many rigorous list of updates, the Valorant patch 2.03 is here and you can learn more facts about the game's newest update here below. Continue reading below in this article to know about the Valorant patch 2.03 release date here.

by Ashwin S | Updated Feb 17, 2021 10:35 AM

Valorant Patch 2.03 Release Date, When is Valorant Patch 2.03 Coming Out? Check Here

Valorant patch 2.03 release date

Well, Valorant's newest update is now officially making its appearance and the fans are quite excited about this news. The game developers have officially revealed the news about the Valorant 2.03 update. Known as the Escalation Mode update, Valorant's future is looking quite amazing. The new updated named the Escalation Mode is a fast-paced, hype area, which is purely for social play or multiplayer modes. 

Features of Valorant 2.03 new mode 2021

In Valorant Escalation Mode, players would start off with amazing, powerful guns, but with a twist. That is, the more kills you obtain, the harder it will become to operate your chosen gun or weapon.

Also, the power of your gun would drastically become less lethal, leaving you behind with delivering the hitpoints. 

Escalation Mode in Valorant will deliver a 5v5 team-based gameplay when it originates later this week, flaunting semi-randomized guns & abilities, and an ordinary match period of roughly eight minutes.

When is Valorant Patch 2.03 coming out?

According to Valorant's developer, Riot Games, the Valorant Escalation Mode in the 2.03 release date has been fixed for Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

  • We don’t have a moment for when the brand-new Valorant update will be propelled, but previous patches have been published falls under early morning, Pacific Time.

  • So anticipate for further new updates from Riot Games establishing when the next Valorant patch will be possible to download.

  • Patch notes for the following Valorant update have not been delivered in their entirety, but Riot Games has yielded a full explanation for the new Valorant Escalation Mode.

Valorant 2.03 Patch Notes

Speaking of Valorant 2.03 Patch Notes, there are no official Valorant patch notes yet, but we do understand some major updates that we have listed above. 

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Valorant patch 2.03 release date - FAQs

1. Is the new Valorant update out?

According to Riot Games, the Valorant Escalation Mode 2021 release date has been set for Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

2. What time will Valorant update?

As per old updates, it may come out early morning.

3. Why is Valorant not updating?

The version mismatch error is usually generated by updates to Valorant might be an issue.

4. Is ranked mode out in Valorant?

Yes, ranked mode is out in Valorant.

5. Can I play Valorant offline?

The Range is an offline training mode that highlights a variety of different precise training exercises.