UK 49s Teatime Results 29th October 2020 Today - Check UK 49s Teatime Winning Numbers, UK49s Teatime Results Here

Updated: Oct 30,2020 05:50 GMT

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UK 49s Teatime Results - Find the UK 49s Teatime Results Today 29th October 2020 along with the key information on UK 49s teatime results Here. The UK 49s Teatime Lottery is the biggest lottery in UK as wells as in South Africa. UK 49s Teatime Results and the winning numbers will be declared at 5:49 PM GMT. Get the latest UK 49s Teatime Result/ UK 49s evening results here and the prize amount for the UK 49s Teatime Results from this article.  

UK 49s Teatime Results

UK 49s Teatime lottery is one of the popular and daily lottery in the UK. Also, the 49s Teatime lottery is the biggest lotteries in the UK and South Africa. UK 49s Teatime draw will take place twice a day every day. Get the latest UK 49s Teatime Results here.

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The UK 49s Teatime Winning Numbers will be declared at 5:49 PM GMT. he UK 49s Lunchtime Results for Today will be updated soon once the draw is over. The UK 49s draw time might vary sometimes, but UK 49s Result time does not vary it remains constant. 

Teatime Results 2020 Today Latest Results

Find the UK 49s Teatime Results on this page. The latest UK 49s Teatime Results, UK 49s Evening Prize Amount, how to play the game here. Stau updated on this page to check the UK 49s Teatime Results.

How to play UK 49s Teatime Lottery? 

  • The uk 49s Teatime Lottery is comparatively similar to all other lotteries
  • You need to pick six numbers and one booster number from a lot of 1 to 49 numbers to play the UK 49s Teatime Lottery
  • You can either play the 6 number draw or the 7 number draw in the UK 49s Teatime Lottery
  • A Booster ball is included in the seven number draw that will improve the odds of winning the lottery. 
  • You can also pick your own numbers, or let the Lucky Dip randomly choose certain numbers for you. 

UK 49s Evening Results - Prize Amount

At either lunchtime or teatime, the price of each bet (minimum take) is £ 1. Numbers are chosen for the 6 number draw and the winning prize is £ 7 if one of the chosen numbers matches the winning numbers,  and if the same takes place in the drawing of 7 numbers, it is £6. The prize is £54 for matching 2 winning numbers in the 6 number draw, and it is £39 for the 7 number draw.

The winning prize for 3 numbers matching the winning numbers is £601 for the draw of 6 numbers, and £330 for the draw of 7 numbers. If 4 numbers match, the prize is £7,200 in the draw of 6 numbers and the winning prize is £3,800 in the draw of 7 numbers. Finally, the winning prize is £125,000 for a bet matching 5 numbers of the winning numbers from the 6 number draw, and for the 7 number draw, the winning prize is £40,000 if the same happens.

UK 49s Teatime Results - FAQ

1. When will the UK 49s Teatime Results come out?

The UK 49s Teatime Results will be declared at 5:49 PM GMT.

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