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Top 10 Active Goal Scorers In International Football: Check Out All The Top Goal Scorers!

The top 10 active goal scorers in International Football are some of the most accomplished players. They have achieved great things for both club and country. Scroll down to learn more about the top 10 active goal scorers in International Football.

by Vishwesh Rajan P | Updated Jun 09, 2021 05:27 AM

Top 10 Active Goal Scorers In International Football: Check Out All The Top Goal Scorers!

Top 10 Active Goal Scorers in International Football

On Monday, Sunil Chhetri struck a spectacular brace to lead India to a 0-2 win over Bangladesh in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifying campaign. The captain scored his 73rd and 74th goals for India in international play, two more than Lionel Messi's 72 goals for Argentina. The 36-year-old is now ranked second among active international goal scorers. Chhetri is in elite company, coming in second only to Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo. His achievement also draws attention to the world's most prolific active goal scorers at the present. The top ten highest active international goal scorers are listed below.

List of top 10 Active Goal Scorers

1.Christiano Ronaldo - 103 goals / 174 caps

Ronaldo, arguably the best footballer of the modern era, has set numerous records during his illustrious career. And if he succeeds to break Daei's record, he would solidify his position as the greatest goal-scorer of all time. In 174 appearances for Portugal, he has scored 103 goals.

2.Sunil Chetri - 74 goals / 117 caps

Sunil Chettri, the captain of the Indian football team, is the world's second-highest active international goalscorer, which is as incredible as it sounds. Chettri, the nation's heartbeat, carries the hopes of millions of people who want to see Asian football's fallen titans resurrected. Chettri, who is 36 years old, is a dynamic finisher. He has 72 goals in 115 caps for India, making him the second most active striker in international football history. His dexterity, skill, and laid-back demeanour have been a joy to watch.

3. Ali Mabhkout - 73 goals / 89 caps

Mabkhout, a notable one-club star in Asia, is the most efficient scorer on this list, averaging 0.76 goals per match for the UAE, having scored 73 goals in only 89 appearances!

4.Lionel Messi - 72 Goals / 143 caps

Messi has scored 71 goals in 142 caps for his country, making him the third-highest goalscorer in international football who is currently active. Messi, the highest-paid footballer in the world, is the man who has inspired Argentinians to dream big, regardless of success or failure. La Pulga will be looking to end his illustrious career with a victory in Copa America in 2021.

5. Robert Lewandowski - 66 Goals / 118 caps

The 32-year-old striker is Poland's all-time leading goalscorer. His incredible scoring record earned him numerous awards throughout his career. Lewandowski's greatness is based not just on his goals, but also on his commitment to the game. Poland became a more difficult opponent to play against as a result of his presence.

6.Neymar - 65 Goals / 104 caps

Neymar made his Brazil debut at the age of 18 and made an immediate impact. In his first game for the Canaries, he scored against the United States, and he went on to score five more goals in the following 12 months. Since then, the PSG star hasn't looked back. He's closing in on Pele's 77 goals for the national team now that he's 65.

7.Luis Suarez - 63 Goals / 117 caps

Luis Suarez, who has 63 goals for the Uruguayan national team, is next on the list. The Atletico Madrid striker will compete in the forthcoming Copa America 2021 and is expected to add to his record of goals. Suarez is Uruguay's all-time leading goalscorer and will try to add to his tally at the Copa America.

8.Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 62 Goals / 118 caps

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden's greatest striker, has 62 goals for the national team. The 39-year-old recently returned from international retirement to assist his team in the Euro 2020 qualifiers. However, due to an injury, he was forced to withdraw. Given his age, the forward's return to the national team is unlikely, but nothing less than extraordinary can be expected when Ibrahimovic is involved.

9.Romelu Lukaku - 60 Goals / 93 caps

Romelu Lukaku is one of the most dangerous strikers in world football. In his 93 games for the Red Devils, the Belgian attacker has scored 60 goals. The former Manchester United striker will try to lead his squad to victory at the forthcoming UEFA Euro 2020, and Lukaku is expected to climb even higher in these rankings over time.

10.Edin Dzeko - 59 Goals / 114 caps

In international football, Edin Dzeko represents Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 114 appearances for the national team, the AS Roma attacker has 59 goals. Dzeko also holds the record for most goals scored in Bosnia history. Herzegovina's The 35-year-old still has a few years before retiring as a professional and has the opportunity to add to his goal total.

  • Top 10 active international goal scorers.

  • Top 10 active goal scorers in international football

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Top 10 Active Goal Scorers in International Football: FAQs

1. Who is currently the top active goal scorer in international football?

Christiano Ronaldo is currently the top goal scorer.

2. How many goals has Christiano Ronaldo scored so far?

He has scored 103 goals so far.

3. How many appearances has Christiano Ronaldo made for his country?

He has 174 appearances for his country.

4. Which country is Christiano Ronaldo from?

He is from Portugal.

5. How many goals has Sunil Chetri scored?

He has scored 74 goals.

6. Who is the captain of the Indian Football Team?

Sunil Chetri is the captain of the team.

7. How many goals has Messi scored for his country?

Messi has scored 72 goals.