The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle - Check & SolveThe Missing 1 Dollar Riddle

Updated: Sep 08,2020 04:54 GMT

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The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle - The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle is simple and yet tricky at the same time. The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle is one of those riddles which has emerged out on the Internet via Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram etc. The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle is well explained with the possible answers in the page given below. To know more about The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle kindly read out the descriptions below.


What is The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle?

The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle is a type of Riddle which is being shared on the Internet these days over Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. Due to Corona Pandemic we all are bound to our homes and so we all are busy in creating or shaping different things which we don’t do generally in our daily lives because of the busy or hectic life schedule. We are busy in trying various art forms like singing, dancing, crafting, painting, pot making, sewing etc. and some of us are busy trying our hands on our favourite cuisine and many of you are busy playing online games or spend your time by just lying on the couch!
But if you are an online game lover or someone who follows all the new trends then you must add Riddles to your list. Solving Riddles will no doubt make you happy as well as energetic.

Let’s get that The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle:

"Three travellers register at a hotel and are told that their rooms will cost $10 each so they pay $30. Later the clerk realizes that he made a mistake and should have only charged them $25. He gives a bellboy $5 to return to them but the bellboy dishonestly gives them each only $1, keeping $2 for himself. So the men actually spent $27 and the bellboy kept $2. What happened to the other dollar of the original $30?"

The answer is quite tricky but yeah one can solve it if thought properly.

What is the answer to The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle?

Solution to this The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle is there were no $30 money and there were no any missing too.


The trick used to find the answer is simple which is you have to subtract the money left with the bellboy instead of adding them to the amount which was being paid at the hotel because after returning  $1 to each of the three travellers, they( the travellers) only paid  $27 at the hotel and if we subtract the amount which is left with the bellboy i.e. $2, the total amount is $25. So, there were no  $30 and also no missing of any dollar.


The Missing 1 Dollar Riddle - FAQ

1. A woman gave birth to two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year but were not wins. How is this possible?

So the correct answer to this question is there were two(sons) of a set of triplets or may be quadruplets etc.


2. I wear a green jacket on the outside, white jacket as a second layer, and a red jacket inside. I am pregnant with a lot of babies. What am I?  

Well the answer is really interesting and that is a Watermelon.


3. I am a shiny metal sheet that covers BBQ food. What am I?  

The answer to this riddle is an Aluminium.


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