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The Conjuring Movies in Chronological Order: List of Conjuring Universe Movies in Order to Watch!

The Conjuring movies in chronological order is something we all wished the conjuring universe would let us know, as each movie takes place in a different timeline. Though the movies happen at various localities, the conjuring universe has continued to enthrall their audience by bringing an element to connect with each movie, thus making it perplexing for the audience to jot down the events and to connect the dots. If you have been searching for the conjuring movies in chronological order, this article has it all. So keep reading to know the unknown!  

by Ashika A | Updated Sep 15, 2021 10:31 AM

The Conjuring Movies in Chronological Order: List of Conjuring Universe Movies in Order to Watch!
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Conjuring universe movies in order to watch

The Conjuring universe has produced some of the big time best horror movies in the horror niche. Though the first movie, entitled Conjuring, premiered in the year 2013, it is not the first in sequence of the conjuring universe. The conjuring universe now consists of 8 to 7 movies which are all set in different timelines, adding much to the confusion of understanding the timeline and movie sequence. 

Following the first blockbuster movie ‘THE CONJURING’, the story series follows the investigations of paranormal cases of demonologist couple, Ed and Lorraine. Apart from the stories based on cold cases of Ed and Lorraine, there are lots of spin-offs and origin stories for the demon characters like  Annabelle and Nun. The movies in the conjuring universe often jump around various timelines and locations. Below is the list of movies which got released in each year following the 2013 Conjuring movie.  

Chronological order of release : 

  • The Conjuring (2013)

  • Annabelle (2014)

  • The Conjuring 2 (2016)

  • Annabelle Creation (2017)

  • The Nun (2018)

  • The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

  • Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

What order should I watch the conjuring movies?

Following the success of the Conjuring movie in 2013, ideas for the creation of sequel and prequel are all developed over time. Hence the timeline of each movie varies and each movie is connected by a common element. So if you want to run a horror movie marathon, picking the Conjuring universe would be a wise choice. The movie Nun from the conjuring universe, which was released in the year 2018 takes us back to the timeline 1952 and the movie’s connecting element can be found in the first movie the Conjuring which happened in the year 1971 and got released in the year 2013! Confusing isn't it ? don't worry, just scroll down and keep reading.

The conjuring movies in chronological order

1. The Nun 

The story of Conjuring universe opens up with Nun, which is set in 1952. The story follows Father Burke and Sister Irene who leaves to Romania to investigate a suicide of a nun. The story then forwards with a demonic encounter with Demon Valak. The movie ends with Frenchie becoming the vessel for the demon. Later in the movie The conjuring, the audience are thrilled to learn that Frenchie is Maurice Theriault, upon whom Ed and Lorraine are shown performing an exorcism, before they take on the case of Perrons. 

Image source: Radio times 

2. Annabelle: Creation

Next in line is Annabelle Creation, which is set in the year 1955 of South Carolina. This story is a Prequel to Annabelle which itself is the prequel to the movie The Conjuring. The plot follows the origin of a haunting doll. It all begins with a car accident in 1943 which causes the death of a seven years old girl named Bee. After several years, Bee’s parents open their house to a handful of orphan girls. When Janice enters Bee’s room, the demon gets unleashed using a porcelain doll named Annabelle. 

Image source: Radio times 

3. Annabelle 

At the end of Annabelle creation, we learn that Janice got possessed by Annabelle and she started living as Annabelle and grows into an adult woman by getting adopted by the Higgins family. Following Annabelle creation, the movie Annabelle is set in the year 1967. The movie begins with Annabelle and her boyfriend getting murdered by Annabelle’s Adoptive parents, when they tried to attack them. Though Annabelle A.K.A Janice dies, the demon continues to haunt through a porcelain Annabelle doll. Mia, the protagonist of this series receives Annabelle as a present and the demon unleashes wanting to claim Mia’s body and soul.  

Image source: Goodhousekeeping 

4. The Conjuring  

The Conjuring is the first movie to get released in the conjuring universe, which is set in the year 1971. This story follows the true case of demonic investigations of Ed and Lorraine. This is the movie where Franchie from the movie Nun and Annabelle from previous movies are interlinked as an element. In this movie, the audience are introduced to the Perron family and their 5 daughters. The family experiences lots of paranormal activities and learns that they are living in a cursed house, which belongs to a witch named Bathsheba Sherman. The curse takes Carolyn perron who at the end tries to attack her own family. 

Image source: goodhousekeeping

5.  Annabelle Comes Home 

Next in line is Annabelle comes home, which takes place in the year 1968. The movie continues with the conjuring series where Ed and Warren take Annabelle doll and add it to their artefacts, a collection of demonic possessed items and lock it in one of the rooms in their house. The story then jumps a year later to 1969, where the couple leaves on a vacation, leaving their daughter behind along with a caretaker. The girls unleash the demon doll when they try to touch the artefacts kept below. The demon draws all the other demons out from the artefact room.  

Image source: goodhousekeeping

6. The conjuring 2 

Next in line comes The conjuring 2, which is set in the year 1976. Following the first part, Conjuring 2 is one of the other cases of Ed and Lorraine. The Warrens go to investigate the Amityville house. When trying to figure out Ronald DeFeo jr case, Lorraine has a vision of the Nun(valak) and develops fear and worries about her vision of Ed being injured. They then move to London to investigate Hodgson family where Lorraine has to contain both the Nun and the Crooked Man. 

Image source: goodhousekeeping

7. The Conjuring: The devil made me do it 

This movie, which was released in September 2021, is one of other paranormal cases of Ed and Lorraine. This story is set in the year 1981 and revolves around the young man Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who gets possessed by willingly accepting the demon into his body. He kills his own landlord and claims the devil made him do it. The warrens come to his rescue and find that Arne has been cursed by a witch’s totem, who is a satanic worshipper. They also discover a similar backstory of the curse and find a way to stop the witch. 

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The Conjuring Movie in Chronological Order - FAQs

1. What is the first movie to watch in conjuring universe ? 

the Nun is the first movie which comes first in its timeline in the conjuring universe. 

2. In which timeline is the movie the Nun and the Conjuring are set? 

the movie Nun is set in the timeline 1952 and the movie the Conjuring is set in the timeline 1971.

3. Who directed the movie, The devil made me do it? 

the movie devil made me do it was directed by Michael Chaves

4. What are the upcoming movies in the conjuring universe?

the crooked man and another sequel to the Nun which is untitled are the upcoming movies from conjuring universe which are yet to be announced

5. What is the timeline of Annabelle movies ?

Following Nun, Annabelle creation in 1955 and Annabelle in 1967 are the movie order which are prequels to the conjuring. followig conjuring, the movie Annabelle comes home is set in the timeline 1968. 

6. Who gets possessed by Annabelle in the movie Annabelle creation?

one of the little orphan girl called janice gets possessed by Annabelle 

7. What happens to Annabelle?

Annabelle gets into Janice and escpaes the closet. she then grows into an adult and gets killed by her adopted parents while she tries to attack them