TFT 10.21 Patch Notes: When Will TFT 10.21 Update Release? Check the TFT 10.21 Patch Notes Here

Updated: Oct 20,2020 12:51 GMT

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TFT 10.21 Patch Notes - The TFT 10.21 Patch Notes is a very popular game these days and Teamfight Tactics or Tft patch notes have been launched by the Riot Games and it's been a very good opportunity for all the players of TFT. So kindly read the article if you are also waiting for the TFT updates. Also, you will get all the related information about TFT 10.21 Patch Notes. You just have to scroll your cursor to get the full information on TFT 10.21 Patch Notes because this article has everything you are searching for.

TFT  Patch Notes 10.21

Riot Games, the developer organisation launched the 10.21 update which has brought many changes in the game due to which the players are very much excited.

TFT 10.21 Traits Systems Changes
Removed the Fates change to the shop that prohibited unbought champions from repeating in consecutive shops.
Modified the Chosen appearance rate to reduce some of the worst luck cases and streakiness.
You are now guaranteed to see at least one Chosen by 2-2.
TFT 10.21 Traits Balance Changes

General Balance

Adept Attack Speed Slow: 2/3/5sec ⇒ 2.5/4/7 sec
Hunter Bonus Damage: 175% at all levels ⇒ 150/175/200/225%
Moonlight (5) now exists: Stars up the lowest 2 champions.
Mystic Magic Resist: 35/95/175 ⇒ 40/100/200
Ninja AD and AP: 50/120 ⇒ 50/150
Shades now gain the Stealth effect AFTER their 3rd attack instead of FOR the 3rd attack. Additionally, bonus damage now applies every 4th attack rather than every 3rd.
Shade Bonus Damage: 100/325/650 ⇒ 125/400/750
Vanguard (8) now exists.
Vanguard Armor: 100/250/500 ⇒ 100/250/600/1500


Each star level of your cultists will grant Galio +12% bonus Health and Attack Damage. For example, three 1-star Cultists will grant Galio +36% bonus HP and AD.
Galio Base Health: 1600/3800/6666 ⇒ 1000/1750/2500
Galio Base Attack Damage: 125/400/1000 ⇒ 80/180/400


Rework: Upon attacking 6 times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units remove all crowd control and ascend, taking 50% reduced damage and dealing 50% bonus true damage for the duration of the ascension.
2 Divine: 4 seconds
4 Divine: 7 seconds
6 Divine: 10 seconds
8 Divine: 14 seconds

TFT Patch Notes 10.21 Release Date

Update 10.21 of Teamfight Tactics is now available on live servers, with its patch notes announcing its release date alongside the first set of improvements to Divine Trait. As with previous updates, the release date of TFT Patch 10.21 falls on the same day as its counterpart in the League of Legends, expected to go live on Wednesday, October 14.

TFT Patch Notes 

TFT Trait Balance Changes:


  • 3 unit spell power is increased from 70 to 80.


  • 6 unit spell power decreased to 50/75% from 40/70%.

TFT 10.20 Champion Balance Changes:

Tier 1


  • Ability orbs have increased from 3/4/6/10 to 4/5/6/10.


  • Ability damage has increased from 300/v 400/600/900 to 350/450/600/900.
  • Secondary damage has increased from 150/200/300/450 to 175/225/300/450.

Tier 2


  • Ability damage has increased from 200/300/450 to 250/350/450.
  • Ability shield has increased from 400/600/900 to 500/700/900.


  • Ability duration has increased from 6/7/8/11 to 7/8/9/11.


  • Ability healing has increased from 250/350/500 to 250/400/600.

Tft Patch Notes 10.21 - FAQ's

1. What do you mean by patch note?  

Patch Notes were first introduced on 13th of  January 2009 and it is posted in the RuneScape Forums under General as a sticky forum topic named Patch.


2. What patch TFT is on?  

Set Four of TFT Patch Note has a scheduled release date set for September 16, 2020, and will be part of Patch 10.19.


3. What should one prioritize in TFT?  

This is the series how should one prioritize items in the first carousel:

    Recurve Bow.
    Tear of the Goddess.
    Needlessly Large Rod.
    B.F. Sword.
    Giant's Belt.
    Negatron Cloak.
    Chain Vest.


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