TFT Set 4 Release Date - When is TFT Set 4 Come Out? Check TFT Set 4 Release Date Here

Updated: Sep 29,2020 16:22 GMT

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TFT Set 4 Release Date - Teamfight Tactics is a Team Auto battle game that is published and developed by the Riot Games. This Game uses Character's power from League of Legends.TFT Game was released for Windows and Mac Pc in June 2019 and was released for Android and iOS platforms in March 2020. TFT Fates is set 4 in TFT Games and TFT Set 4 Release date is out in the open. Read on to know more about TFT Set 4 Release Date, TFT New Set Release Date, and Many More.

TFT Set 4 Release Date

TFT Game's new update features many interesting updates like the new mechanic known as Chosen, New traits known as Cultist and In addition to that, Moonlight trait is enhanced the lowest star level up to one-star level. TFT Set 4 has numbers of dragons, Storms, and many more. The number of champions now after the update is 58. Each of them will have new powers, origin, and class. New mechanics along with new items is added to TFT Set 4.

When Does TFT Set 4 Come Out?

TFT  New Set 4 Release Date was on the 16th of September 2020. Teamfight Tactics follows the same launch timetable as League of Legends. TFT Fate is the 4th set of TFT Games.

TFT Set 4 Items List

●      Duelist's-Spatula and Recurve Bow

●      Elderwood Heirloom-Spatula and Megatron Cloak

●      Mage's Cap-Spatula and Tear of the Goddess

●      Mantle of Dusk-Spatula and Nedlessly Large Road

●      Sword of the Divine-Spatula and BF Sword

●      Vanguard's Cuirass-Spatula and Chainvest

●      Warlord's Banner-Spatula and Giants Belt

●      Youmnu's Ghostblade-Spatula and Critglove

●      Iron Will, Negatron Cloak and Chainvest

●      Sunfire Cape

●      Chainvest and Giants Belt.

TFT Set 4 Release Date - FAQ

1. When is TFT Set 4 Coming Out?

TFT Set 4 has already come out on the 16th of September 2020

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