Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20, List Of Updated Tesla Software App

Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20: The Tesla app allows you to access your Tesla vehicle and energy products from anywhere. Download the iOS or Android app and sign in with your Tesla Account email address and password. Fans are more eager to know about Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20. In this article, we can find information about Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20.  

by Kowsalya Chinnadurai | Updated Nov 24, 2022

Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20, List Of Updated Tesla Software App
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Tesla App

The Tesla app lets owners directly communicate with their vehicles and energy products anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: - Review charging progress in real-time and begin or stop charging. - Heat or cool your car before driving – actually, if it's in a garage. - Lock or unlock from afar. Tesla employees can use Inside Tesla to browse the latest food menus, complete learning, read the latest news, view the employee directory, and access your mobile badge. Mobile badging is now available for all employees. For further details, we will update our websites. Keep in touch with our websites you will get more pieces of information. If we get further details we will update you soon as soon as possible.

Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20

-Upgraded the Object Detection network to photon count video streams and retrained all parameters with the latest auto-labeled datasets (with a particular emphasis on low visibility scenarios). Improved the architecture for better accuracy and latency, higher recall of far away vehicles, lower velocity error of crossing vehicles by 20%, and improved VRU precision by 20%.

- Converted the VRU Velocity network to a two-stage network, which reduced latency and improved crossing pedestrian velocity error by 6%.

- Converted the Non-VRU Attributes network to a two-stage network, which reduced latency, reduced incorrect lane assignment of crossing vehicles by 45%, and reduced incorrect parked predictions by 15%.

- Reformulated the autoregressive Vector Lanes grammar to improve the precision of lanes by 9.2%, recall of lanes by 18.7%, and recall of forks by 51.1%. Includes a full network update where all components were retrained with 3.8x the data.

- Added a new "road markings" module to the Vector Lanes neural network, which improves lane topology error at intersections by 38.9%.

- Upgraded the Occupancy Network to align with road surface instead of ego for improved detection stability and improved recall at hill crest.

- Reduced runtime of candidate trajectory generation by approximately 80% and improved smoothness by distilling an expensive trajectory optimization procedure into a lightweight planner neural network.

- Improved decision-making for short-deadline lane changes around gores by richer modeling of the trade-off between going off-route vs. trajectory required to drive through the gore region

- Reduced false slowdowns for pedestrians near crosswalks by using a better model for the kinematics of the pedestrian

- Added control for more precise object geometry detected by the general occupancy network.

- Improved control for vehicles cutting out of our desired path by better modeling of their turning / lateral maneuvers, thus avoiding unnatural slowdowns

- Improved longitudinal control while offsetting around static obstacles by searching over feasible vehicle motion profiles

- Improved longitudinal control smoothness for in-lane vehicles during high relative velocity scenarios by also considering relative acceleration in the trajectory optimization

- Reduced best-case object photon-to-control system latency by 26% through adaptive planner scheduling, restructuring of trajectory selection, and parallelizing perception compute. This allows us to make quicker decisions and improves reaction time.

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List Of Updated Tesla Software

Here is the list of Updated Tesla Software

  • Energy App

  • Alternate Routes

  • Cabin Overheat Protection

  • Blind Spot Camera

  • Tesla App

  • Theater Mode

  • Tesla Profiles

  • Status Bar

  • Driver Profiles

  • Traffic Along Route

  • Supercharger Additional Details

  • Car Left Open Notifications

  • Caraoke

  • New Language Support

  • Battery Heating Performance

  • Disable Sentry Sounds

  • Auto Rear Climate Controls

  • Regenerative Braking

  • Full-Screen Visualization

  • Suggested Destinations

  • Tire Pressure

  • Unlatch Door

  • GPS Direction

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Tesla App Vehicles

To use the available features in the Tesla app, your vehicle must be delivered and include mobile app access enabled. If you have placed an order and are preparing to take delivery, you can access your Tesla Account and analyze videos from the app.

Access Vehicle and Climate Controls

Lock and unlock with phone key, handle climate controls and check for software updates. In cold weather, precondition and defrost your vehicle straight from the app.

Stay Charged

Check your range from anywhere, set your charge limit and view your charging history. On the road, use the app to find charging stations near you.

Understand Your Charge Stats

Analyze your vehicle's charging behavior and view the estimated savings and average costs spent based on the charging for your vehicle.

Manage Payment and Account Information

Make expenses and keep track of your charging and Shop order history. Use Wallet to view, add and remove payment methods associated with your Tesla Account.

Schedule Service and Roadside Assistance

Schedule assistance and track your appointment status. In trouble, demand roadside assistance in seconds. Diagnostic and location data is used to help you as quickly as possible.

Purchase Upgrades and Accessories

Buy over-the-air promotions and subscriptions to count additional features and functionalities to your vehicle. You can also see the latest accessories for your vehicle.

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Tesla App Energy

Customize and Control Powerwall

Use different control modes and components to meet your specific energy needs. Customize how your Powerwall is set and released with control modes such as Self-Powered, Time-Based Control, Storm Watch, and more additional.

Monitor Energy Production

Consider your solar system's energy show and home usage. The Tesla app shows a real-time power flow, displaying how your Powerwall, grid connection, and solar system operate together to provide power to your home.

Set Backup Reserve During Grid Outages

Enable your Powerwall to deliver backup energy protection in a grid outage. Customize your extra percentage based on your personal energy needs and security outlook.

Troubleshoot and Get Help

Use the Tesla app to help troubleshoot your solar panels, Solar Roof or Powerwall. You can even access owner documents, view often-asked questions, and browse additional helpful articles to learn about your energy products.

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Tesla Software Update 2022.36.20 - FAQs

1. Can you leave Tesla when updating?

Some software updates can take several hours to complete. Your vehicle must be parked while the software is being updated. To ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of software updates, leave Wi-Fi turned on and connected whenever possible.

2. How often does Tesla update their software?

Tesla issue a new software update or release to the cars typically every 4 weeks. Not every release is applicable to every car, but many are and provide new features and bug fixes.

3. Do Tesla owners pay for software updates?

As a Tesla owner, you are given eight years powertrain warranty, and software controls the car. You are assured of free updates for eight years if the future systems are compatible with your Tesla vehicle.

4. Can I take a nap while my Tesla drives?

Although pretty much all Tesla models offer full-driving mode, you cannot sleep while driving a Tesla. That's not to say that you can't actually do it, but you're susceptible to fines if you get pulled over. Additionally, you can cause an accident if the Tesla veers off course.

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