Tap Tap is From Which Country? Is Tap Tap Chinese App? Know More Details About Tap Tap App Here

by Priyanka S | Updated Feb 22, 2021 18:19 IST

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Tap Tap is which country App? Since the government of India released a list of Chinese apps that are now banned, there has been a buzz among countries for Tap Tap which country App as well and People now want to know the base location of Tap Tap and Tap Tap which country App, So if you too are searching for the questions like tap Tap which country App, Tap Tap belongs to Which Country, Tap Tap made in Which Country, Tap Tap is of Which Country then stay on the page to read everything you need to know about Tap Tap which country App.

Tap Tap Which Country App

Tap Tap App, is also known as Tap Tap Revenge, is a sequential part of rhythm games by Tapulous available for the iOS of which several versions, both purchasable and free, are produced. The goal of the sport is to tap each of the colored balls after they reach a line at the underside of the screen. If the ball hits the beat, the player gains points, but if not, it counts as a miss. If a player taps the screen without a tapper on the beat, the streak will return to 0 and some points are going to be lost apart from 16x. There have also been "shakes", which required the player to maneuver the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the proper, left, or backward. The apps were pulled from the app store and had their servers stop working in February 2014.

Tap Tap is from which country?

Name Tap Tap
Original Founder Art Decrem, Andrew Lacy
Country America
Initial Release July 11, 2008
Developer Tapulous
Platform iOS, Android
Genre Music

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Tap Tap - FAQs

1. Where is the Headquarter of Tap Tap Mobile ?

Tap Tap is owned by Tapulous Software headquartered in America.

2. Is Tap Tap made in India?

No, Tap Tap initially was created by Art Decrem and Andrew Lacy  in America

3. Will Tap Tap be banned in India ?

Since the Indian government has banned apps based in china to avoid data integrity violation and Tap Tap and its funding has no relation with china so the App won’t be banned in India.

4. How can I download the Tap Tap App?

You can visit the Google Play Store to download the Tap Tap App.

5. Who is the founder of Tap Tap?

The founder of Tap Tap is Art Decrem, Andrew Lacy.

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