Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working, How To Fix Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working?

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working: Spotify has surpassed iTunes as the most popular app for legal streaming music in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. It is a fantastic seamless service when it works, but some of you may occasionally experience issues. Some users have queries on Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working, well, in this article, we have added insights on Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working and added a few fixtures for it.

by Fredrick Fabian Daniel | Updated Dec 01, 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working, How To Fix Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working?
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Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working

Every year, the Spotify app compiles your stats cumulated from your musical interests. This will be displayed as a review of your listening habit. This is indeed a piece of happy news for the artists and the people who initiate their podcasts. All the details regarding your listening habit will be presented in the form of a slideshow, and this is believed to be a homepage for your summary. Some users have reported needing help seeing their Spotify Wrapped Slideshow. Definitely, this is a frustrating thing if you rely on music as your best friend. 


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How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Slideshow Not Working?

If you are one of the users who incurred the same problem with Spotify Wrapped 2022, then there might be one fix that can help you. Generally, make sure that you have updated the Spotify app from your play store or the AppStore. Sometimes slideshow doesn’t show well, as it appears as if the app is outdated. If you have this issue though your app is up-to-date, then it is advised to force close the Spotify app. This makes your complete slideshow appear again. Also, we will be mindful of adding relevant updates when they are made.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working For Some Users

Whatever social media you open, you will be witnessing stories from composers and songwriters about their streams on Spotify. Yes, you got it; we are talking about the Spotify wrapped. Recently, many celebrities have added a screenshot of their Spotify wrapped and posted them on their respective social media accounts. While on the other hand, users have complained that they could not see their Spotify Wrapped; you might wonder what might be the issue, right? Well, check if your Spotify app is correctly updated to the latest version. Make sure to force close the app and check in once again.

Spotify Wrapped Slideshow

Spotify adds an element of surprise at the end of every year; Spotify wrapped is nothing but an analysis that is based on the streaming service’s analysis, and the songs here are based on the greatest hits, and it is based on your listening habits and taste. Recently some people were reporting that Spotify Wrapped isn’t working for them. If you are among these users who have the same trouble, we request you to look to the upcoming passages for the fixtures.

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Spotify Wrapped 2022 Slideshow Not Working - FAQs

1. Why is Spotify not working on the web player?

Various things can cause Spotify's web player not to work, most commonly a problem with your web browser.

2. Why is Spotify not working on Chrome?

Cookies and cached data can break web apps resulting in errors like the one you face where the Spotify web player is not working. We have talked before about how to clear cache and cookies on Chrome and Microsoft Edge

3. Which browser is best for Spotify web player?

It's been announced that Spotify can no longer use the Safari web browser, and you'll need to install Firefox and Google Chrome to access the Web Player, or you can download Spotify on your desktop.

4. How do I fix Spotify not opening?

You can restart your device, launch the application with administrator rights, restart Spotify, run it in compatibility mode, or update the app to the latest version.

5. Is it better to download Spotify or use web player?

If you're keen to have fewer apps on your computer, get rid of the desktop client for Spotify and just use the web app.

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