Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen, Why Is Spotify Not Showing on My Lock Screen? How To Fix It?

Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen - You might be fed up with Spotify Not Showing Up On the Lock Screen, and so you may be the one who tries to find the answer to the issue Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen. You may go through this article, to find out the solution for the issue of Spotify Not Showing Up On the Lock Screen.

by Janani Durga Perumal | Updated Nov 24, 2022

Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen, Why Is Spotify Not Showing on My Lock Screen? How To Fix It?
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Spotify is a new digital music service that provides you access to several songs. With the help of the Spotify music and podcast app, you can play millions of albums, songs, and original podcasts for free. The app has even added audiobooks. With this app, you can play your favorite songs, get new Music, and look at what your friends are Listening to. The app helps to listen to your favorite artists, songs, and albums for free. You may even get the songs with the lyrics. You may listen to Music on several devices.

Spotify Control Panel Not Showing Up On Lock Screen

You may have noticed on your lock screen the Spotify controls are no longer viewed as a permanent notification while playing Music. They may still be present when you expand the notification bar on an unlocked phone. At this time, you might have tried to close and reopen the app, logged out and in, and also uninstalled or reinstalled it. All Spotify notifications have been enabled in-app and in Android settings.

  • Settings > Lock Screen > Notifications 

  • Settings > Apps > Spotify > Notifications

How To Fix Spotify Not Showing On Lock Screen?

There are many methods to solve the issue of Spotify Not Showing On Lock Screen, as per

1) See For Sleeping Apps

  • Navigate to Settings and then click on Device Care, then tap Battery.

  • Next, click App Power Management, then click Sleeping apps to identify the Spotify app.

  •  If you see that in the list, then tap and hold the Spotify app to get the option to remove and tap Remove.

2) Log Out & Log In

The basic thing you could do is to see the logon issue and try to log out and log back in, which helps solve the problem that Spotify won't show on the lock screen. 

  • Initially, click on the Settings icon on the upper right and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen to identify the Log out option.

  • Now, try to log in with your email or Facebook account again once you used logging in to Spotify.

  • Next, check if your Spotify could show up on your phone's lock screen.

3) Look For Security & Privacy

The Security & Privacy feature on Android devices will manage the running of all the apps. Before all apps are on your phone run, you must adjust the installed apps' settings. So, you may go to open the settings of your phone and start to adjust the setting of the Spotify app.

  • Navigate to Settings and then click on Security & Privacy so that you may get lots of options listed for you to choose from.

  • Then tap on Permission management and scroll until you identify the Spotify app.

  • Next, click the Spotify app and then click Single permission settings.

  • At last, toggle on Display on the lock screen.

4) Deactivate Face Widgets

The music widget is a means for returning to something you recently listened to. If you have made your Music widget enable, you may try to deactivate it to solve the problem with Spotify on your Android phone

  • Navigate to Settings and then click on Lock Screen, then click FaceWidgets.

  • Next, click the switch to deactivate Music and then try to play Music from Spotify again.

5) Reset Notification Settings

For For iPhone

  • Initially, start the Settings app on your iPhone and then click Notifications.

  • Below Notifications, identify Spotify, click it, then toggle Allow Notifications.

  • After switching on, click Lock Screen and toggle Badges on.

For Android Phone

  • Navigate to Settings, swipe to, and click Lock Screen

  • Next, click Notifications.

  • Then identify the Widgets option and set the Lock screen and Always on Display to the Music controller.

  • Next, navigate to tap More, then click Most recent. 

  • Then click All to select the Spotify app.

  • Switch the notification settings on by tapping the switch next to the different features.

6) Disable Battery Optimization

The optimization of battery usage restricts how much Battery is used by a few apps to save power. You may check if the setting affects Spotify.

For Androids

  • Initially, navigate to Settings and then click on Apps.

  • Next, click the Special access below More Options.

  • Now, click optimize the battery usage, then ensure that the display option is All.

  • Next, identify Spotify, then click the switch to deactivate Battery optimization.

For iPhone

  • Navigate open the Settings app on your iPhone, identify the Battery, and click it.

  • Next, below Battery, switch the Low Power Mode off and then navigate to Settings.

  • Now, scroll down to click Spotify and toggle on the option of Background App Refresh.

Why Is Spotify Not Showing on My Lock Screen?

Under normal situations, if you hear songs from your music streaming service on the lock screen, then you may notice a music widget with a few playing details. If you identify the Spotify app on your mobile stops playing or shows when the device screen locks or sleep, it may be due to the reasons given below.

1) Default Setting on the Phone

2) Unnormal Logging Status

3) Battery Optimization

4) Security and Privacy

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Another Solution To Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen

The issue mentioned above might be in default for many of them. You may also have switched off and restarted it and then tried to play the Music to verify (no controls present on the lock screen). Then you may have turned it back on and restarted the phone with the same result.

  • After doing all these steps, a temporary solution to this issue is that you may swipe on my lock screen differently so that the voice recorder widget will appear. 

  • From there, you must tap Lock Screen > Widgets menu.

  • Then turn ON the "Music" Widget. 

Turning on this widget permits the Spotify widget/notification with playback controls to be viewed on the lock screen when Music is played On and for a short time after pausing a track. Though it is not a proper functionality, it still seems to a minimum, a workaround for the issue, as per

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Spotify Not Showing Up On Lock Screen - FAQs

1. What is Spotify App?

Spotify is a new digital music service that provides you access to several songs.

2. What is the use of the Spotify App?

The Spotify app is used to listen to a million songs. 

3. Is Spotify safe app?

Yes, Spotify is okay for kids about 10 and up! There's also Spotify Kids, which provides curated content for younger children. Regular Spotify is a great music platform, the only potential issues are inappropriate song lyrics and podcasts.

4. What are the reasons for Spotify Not Showing on My Lock Screen?

Here are the reasons For Spotify Not Showing on My Lock Screen.

1) Default Setting on the Phone

2) Unnormal Logging Status

3) Battery Optimization

4) Security and Privacy

5. Why does anyone use Spotify?  

Spotify boasts more than 50 million songs in its catalog and grants users access to the entire archive, regardless of their subscription level. Out of its 400 million-plus user base, 182 million are paid subscribers, and it's one of top music streaming services in the world.

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