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Snowrunner Update Patch Notes: Check What The Latest Snowrunner Patch Note?

Snowrunner Update - The latest Snowrunner Update is here. And people are pretty excited to know about what this latest Snowrunner Update is all about. Want to know more about Snowrunner Update and the Snowrunner Patch Notes? Here, in this article we will enlighten you with the details of the Snowrunner Update. 

by Maria Thomas | Updated May 04, 2021 07:26 AM

Snowrunner Update Patch Notes: Check What The Latest Snowrunner Patch Note?

Snowrunner Update

Snowrunner is one of the best games that is popular and loved by the players who play this game. Snowrunner, developed by Saber Interactive came a year ago on this day 28th April 2020. The game when it was released promised the gamers four season passes that would give the gamers access to exciting new content in the game. This was explained by the developers in the season pass and premium edition trailer. Apart from the phases they have been releasing a number of Snowrunner Patch Notes that not just solve the issues that the gamers are facing, they also add new features in the game with these Snowrunner new updates. In this vein it can be observed that a number of Snowrunner Updates has been released by the developers of the game. 

Snowrunner Update 12.2 Release Date

One of the most anticipated aspects of the game Snowrunner are the Snowrunner Patch Notes and Snowrunner Update. This anticipation is what makes these gamers wait eagerly for the Snowrunner Update 12.2 Release Date. The developers of Snowrunner have been releasing the Snowrunner update today since the release of the game in 2020. The aim of these Snowrunner new updates is to make sure that the issues faced by the gamers while playing the game are solved.The developers have since the release of the game released a number of Snowrunner Patch Notes and the most recently released Snowrunner Patch Notes is the Snowrunner update 12.2. The Snowrunner update 12.2 release date was on March 19, 2021. But fans are not just satisfied with the Snowrunner update 12.2 release date, they also look to find out the Snowrunner update time. By knowing Snowrunner update time gamers will be able to play and work their schedule accordingly. But the developers have not revealed the Snowrunner update time. Generally it is only the Snowrunner update 12.2 release date that is revealed. 

Snowrunner update 12.2 release date - March 19, 2021

Snowrunner New Update

The game Snowrunner was released to a multitude of platforms from PC and PS4 to Xbox. Thus it should come as no surprise that the gamers playing the game in these different consoles would want to know Snowrunner update Xbox one, Snowrunner update ps4 and Snowrunner update pc. In fact gamers playing the game on Xbox and Xbox one often ask Snowrunner update Xbox, Snowrunner update Xbox one and Snowrunner Xbox one update. But generally the Snowrunner Update would address all these consoles in a single Snowrunner new update.

Snowrunner Patch Notes 12.2

General And Bug Fixes

  • Video settings were not saved after restarting the game this bug was fixed

  • When a player is trying to set to reverse there were issues with the gearbox, this was fixed

  • Logging mechanics in co-op faced a few issue, these were fixed

  • Crash fixes and optimizations were also done


  • Increased the amount of available memory for mods

  • When players tried to connect to the co-op host with mods a false RAM restriction appeared, this was fixed 

  • Fixed a bug on Xbox wherein the user received "Authentication notice” when selecting Mod browser 

Snowrunner Xbox One Update

As stated earlier gamers playing the game on Xbox and Xbox wonder what the Snowrunner update Xbox one, and Snowrunner update Xbox are. This time in the Snowrunner update 12.2 the rectified an issue that the gamers playing on Xbox had made wherein the user received a notification “Authentication notice” when they select a mod browser without internet connection. This issue was resolved to ensure that the gamers playing Snowrunner on Xbox received the best experience. Apart from the Snowrunner Patch Notes 12.2, yet  another Snowrunner Update is that the developers of Snowrunner had announced on April 29th 2021 that the game Snowrunner is being made available on Steam from May 18th 2021.

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Snowrunner Update - FAQs

1. Does Snowrunner has split screen?

No, the Snowrunner does not have split screen.

2. When was Snowrunner released?  

Snowrunner was released in April 2020

3. Who are the developers of Snowrunner?

Snowrunner is a game developed by Saber Interactive

4. When was the last Snowrunner Update?

The last Snowrunner Update was the patch note that they released on March 19th 2021

5. What is Snowrunner?

Snowrunner is an off the road racing simulation game wherein the gamers are required to race outside the road while completing other objectives.

6. Is Snowrunner a part of the Spintires series?

Yes, Snowrunner is a part of the Spintires series

7. Is Phase 3 out for SnowRunner?

Yes, Phase 3 is out for SnowRunner