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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List November 2021: Slime Isekai Memories Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List: Get to know the complete Slime Isekai Memories Tier List on our page to choose the best character in the game. Slime Isekai Memories is a popular RPG video game that has a global fan following, read further to know about Slime Isekai Memories Tier List.

by Mahima B | Updated Nov 26, 2021 03:39 AM

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List November 2021: Slime Isekai Memories Characters Ranked from Best to Worst
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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List from Best to Worst

Games have become immensely popular these days. Here in this article you can check the complete Slime Isekai Memories Tier List from the below section. The Slime Isekai Memories Tier List includes S+ Tier, S tier, A Tier, B tier and many more. So if you are new to the game you can head into this article to know the Slime Isekai Memories Tier List and then select the strongest character. There were days when we went to an internet hub just to play games but now, we have smartphones and online games that give us popular and exciting games.

Slime Isekai Memories

It is a puzzle video game introduced on Android, in 2021. Ever since its release, gamers have been immersed in their unique characters. This game was published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. When it comes to games, we know how important it is to choose an exemplary character. Each character has its strength and weakness, so we need to make the right decision to excel in the game. 

Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

Tiers Names Variations Rarity
S+ Tier Milim Nava Bellicose Dragoneye 5 Star
S+ Tier Elemental Colossus Golem 5 Star
S+ Tier Treyni Budding of Deep Green 5 Star
S+ Tier Rimuru Tempest Harmonizer of Monsters & Humans 5 Star
S Tier Shizue Conqueror of Flames 5 Star
S Tier Veldora Tempest Storm Dragon 5 Star
S Tier Rimuru Tempest Chancellor of Tempest 5 Star
S Tier Shuna Holy Princess 5 Star
S Tier Souei Spy in Shadows 5 Star
S Tier Beretta Arch Golem 5 Star
S Tier Orc Disaster Starved 5 Star
S Tier Charybdis Swimming Calamity 5 Star
S Tier Ifrit Burning Spirit 5 Star
S Tier Ramiris Fairy of the Labryrinth 5 Star
A+ Tier Ranga Tempest Star Wolf 5 Star
A+ Tier Shion Steel Annihilator 5 Star
A+ Tier Hakurou Instructor of Flashing Sword 5 Star
A+ Tier Milim Nava One of Oldest Demon Lords 5 Star
A+ Tier Benimaru Samurai General of Hellfire 5 Star
A+ Tier Gazel Dwargo King of an Armed Nation 5 Star
A+ Tier Milim Nava Dragon Majin 5 Star
A Tier Sky Dragon Soaring Dragon Calamity 4 Star
A Tier Fuze Guildmaster 4 Star
A Tier Salamander The Flame Master 4 Star
A Tier Trya Summer Breeze of Benevolence 4 Star
A Tier Shion Ardent Attendant 4 Star
A Tier Gabiru Waving Spear 4 Star
A Tier Shuna Excellent Tailor 4 Star
A Tier Milim Nava Delighter in Everyday Life 4 Star
A Tier Gelmud Secret Operator 4 Star
A Tier Geld Orc King 4 Star
B+ Tier Rimuru Tempest Reincarnated 4 Star
B+ Tier Garm The Armor Artisan 3 Star
B+ Tier Gobuichi The Hobgoblin Chef 3 Star
B+ Tier Psychic Elf Fortuneteller 3 Star
B+ Tier Chloe Aubert Lovely Innocence 4 Star
B+ Tier Gobta Hobgoblin Ascendant 4 Star
B+ Tier Souei Blue Gale 4 Star
B+ Tier Shuna Pink Ogre Princess 4 Star
B+ Tier Hakurou White Slash 4 Star
B+ Tier Kurobe Steel Heart of Forge 4 Star
B Tier Rimuru Tempest Swordsmanship Forge 4 Star
B Tier Light Spirit Heroic Conductor 4 Star
B Tier Veldora Tempest Proud Kin of Dragons 4 Star
B Tier Vesta Seeker 4 Star
B Tier Kaijin The Forge Artisan 4 Star
B Tier Gard Mjolmire The Competent Merchant 4 Star
B Tier Benimaru Valiant Kijin 4 Star
B Tier Ranga Loyal Wolf 4 Star
B Tier Yuuki Kagurazaka Grandmaster 4 Star
B Tier Phobio Leopard Fang 4 Star
C+ Tier Benimaru Next Clan Leader 4 Star
C+ Tier Souei Instant Spy 4 Star
C+ Tier Shion Purple Smash 4 Star
C+ Tier Rigurd Hobgoblin Monarch 3 Star
C+ Tier Alice Rondo Golem Master 3 Star
C+ Tier Kurobe Immobile Black Ogre 3 Star
C+ Tier Gale Gibson Earth Spirit Lodger 3 Star
C Tier Ryota Sekiguchi Harmonizer of Insanity & Calm 3 Star
C Tier Myrd The Construction Artisan 3 Star
C Tier Haruna The Affectionate Hobgoblin 3 Star
C Tier Butterflies of the Night Owner Bewitching Shopkeeper 3 Star
C Tier Dord The Skilled Artisan 3 Star
C Tier Kenya Misaki Heroio Vessel 3 Star

Battle Characters List

  • Alice Rondo – The Golem Master

  • Benimaru – The Samurai General of Hellfire

  • Beretta – The Arch Golem

  • Benimaru – The Next Clan Leader

  • Benimaru – The Valiant Kijin

  • Chloe Aubert – The Lovely Innocence

  • Gabiru – The Waving Spear

  • Gale Gibson – The Chancellor of Tempest

  • Gazel Dwargo – The King of an Armed Nation

  • Geld – The Orc King

  • Gelmud – The Secret Operator

  • Gobta – The Hobgoblin Ascendant

  • Hakurou – The Instructor of the Flashing Sword

  • Hakurou – The White Slash

  • Kenya Misaki – The Heroic Vessel

  • Kurobe – The Steel Heart of the Forge

  • Kurobe – The Immobile Black Ogre

  • Milim Nava – The Dragonoid

  • Phobio – The Leopard Fang

  • Milim Nava – One of the Oldest Demon Lords

  • Milim Nava – The Delighter in Everyday Life

  • Ranga – The Tempest Star Wolf

  • Ranga – The Loyal Wolf

  • Rigurd – The Hobgoblin Monarch

  • Rimuru Tempest – The Chancellor of Tempest

  • Rimuru Tempest – The Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans

  • Ryota Sekiguchi – The Harmonizer of Insanity and Calm

  • Rimuru Tempest – The Swordsmanship Forge

  • Rimuru Tempest – The Reincarnated

  • Shion – The Steel Annihilator

  • Shion – The Purple Smash

  • Shizu – The Conqueror of Flames

  • Shion – The Ardent Attendant

  • Shuna – The Holy Princess

  • Shuna – Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light

  • Souei – The Spy in the Shadows

  • Shuna – The Pink Ogre Princess

  • Shuna – The Excellent Tailor

  • Souei – The Blue Gale

  • Souei – The Instant Spy

  • Treyni – The Budding of Deep Green

  • Tryna – The Summer Breeze of Benevolence

  • Yuuki Kagurazaka – The Grandmaster

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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List - FAQs

1. What is the genre of the game?

It is a Role playing game

2. What are the platforms the game is available?

It is available in Android

3. What are the characters in S tier?

They are

  • Shizue
  • Veldora Tempest
  • Rimuru Tempest
  • Shuna
  • Souei
  • Beretta
  • Orc Disaster
  • Charybdis
  • Ifrit
  • Ramiris
4. What are the characters in S+ tier?

They are

  • Milim Nava
  • Elemental Colossus
  • Treyni
  • Rimuru Tempest
5. What are the characters in A tier?

They are

  • Sky Dragon
  • Fuze
  • Salamander
  • Trya
  • Shion
  • Gabiru
  • Shuna
  • Milim Nava
  • Gelmud
  • Geld