Shukrawar Vrat Katha Importance: Check Complete List of Shukrawar Vrat Katha, Shukrawar ki Kahani, Shukrawar Vrat Aarti Here

Updated December 10, 2020

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What is Shukrawar Vrat Katha ?According to the Mythological Books, the Day of Friday or Shukrawar is for the Devotion of Maa Santoshi. It is very easy to please Maa Santoshi with a true and honest heart. Maa Santoshi saves all her devotees from pain and gives blessings for the fulfilment of one's daily needs.So, that's why the Shukrawar Vrat Katha is very important to know. In this article, we will read and know about Shukrawar Vrat Katha, Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha Aarti, Shukrawar ki Kahani, Shukrawar ki Aarti, and much more.

Shukrawar ki Vrat Katha - How to Perform?

Shukrawar Vrat is not very hard to perform. On this day, one should wake up early in the morning and Take Bath. After that, the devotee has to put their heart and soul to remember Maa Santoshi. Women keep fast on this day and offer Maa Santoshi Jaggery(Gur) along with Chickpea(Chana). After that, they have to read the Shukrawar ki Kahani and once they finish the Shukrawar ki Katha along with the Shukrawar ki Aarti, they have to feed Jaggery and Chickpea to the nearby Cows with their own hand and distribute the rest of the prasad among the Family Members.

Shukrawar Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who has 7 Sons. Out of those 7 sons, 6 were employed in one or other types of works and 1 was unemployed. The Old woman used to feed 6 sons with great heart and offer them freshly made food while the 7th was ignored and was only offered the remaining food. The 7th Son doesn't focus on these things but her wife use to feel very sad for him because he was very Innocent.

One day the wife decided to tell the truth about he was served the remaining food. After she told her the truth, He faked Headache and slept in the kitchen to know the truth. As soon as he saw the truth, he decided to go to the other state. When he was leaving for the other state, he gave his ring to her wife as a mark. After some days, he finds a job at a Wealthy Merchant's Shop, and with his hard work and dedication, he cemented his place in the shop.

After the son left the house, the Father and Mother of the son started oppressing her Daughter-in-law. They made her do all the house stuff, cook food, and then send her to the jungle for woods. Her life was going like a hell. One day when she was going to cut woods from the Jungle, she saw few women worshipping Maa Santoshi. She asked the method to perform the Puja and after hearing them she sold her woods and bought Jaggery and Chickpea and took oath in the temple of Maa Santoshi.

After performing two weeks of Shukrawar ki Katha, She got the money and address of her Husband. Then, she goes to the temple and made a wish about the comeback of his Husband. Later that night, Maa Santoshi came in the dream of his husband and told all the stories of her wife. The Husband took an oath to finish the work and return back to the wife. The next day, he finished all his work and took money and jewellery, and returned to her wife.

The wife used to tell all her daily life stories to Maa Satoshi. One Day Maa Santoshi appeared in front of her and said - Your Husband is about to return today. Go near the River and Collect Woods and go to your house a bit late today. The Wife did the same and when his husband seen her condition they decided to live peacefully in another house.

One day she decided to invite her nephews for dinner on Friday. After finishing dinner, they started demanding to eat something sour. Later, they ate sour things from the money her Aunt gave to her. After this incident Maa Santoshi got angry and her husband was imprisoned by the King's army. Her wife goes to the temple and begged her to pardon her devotee. Maa Santoshi was happy with her prayer and her husband was released by the Army. On the next Friday, She again invites all her nephews but this time she gave them a fruit after they finished their food. Maa Santoshi was very happy with this and blessed her with a baby boy. After seeing this, all her family members started to worship Maa Santoshi.

Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha Aarti

Shukravar Vrat Aarti reads as Following:

Jai Santoshi Mata,

Maiya Jai Santoshi Mata,

Apne Sevak Jan ko,

Sukh Sampati Data,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Sundar Cheer Sunhari Maa Dharna Kinho,

Heera Panna Damke,

Tan Shringar Kinho,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Geru Laal Chhata Chhavi,

Badan Komal Sohe,

Mand Hansat Karunamayi,

Tribhuvan Man Mohe,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Swarna Sinhasan Baithi,

Chanwar Dhure Pyaare,

Dhoop Deep Madhumeva,

Bhog Dhare Nyaare,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Gur Aaru Chana Parampriye,

Taame Santosh Kiyo,

Santoshi Kehlayi,

Bhaktan Vaibhav Diyo,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Shukrawar Priye Manat,

Aaj Divas Sohi,

Bhakt Mandali Chhayi,

Katha Sunat Mohi,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Mandir Jagmag Jyoti,

Mangal Dhwani Chhayi,

Vinay Kare Hum Balak,

Charnan Sir Nayi,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Bhakti Bhavmaya Puja,

Angikrit Kije,

Jo Man Base Humare,

Ichha Phal Dije,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Dukhi Daridri, Rog,

Sankat Mukt Kiye,

Bahu Dhan-Dhanya Bhare Ghar,

Sukh-Saubhagya Diye,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Dhyaan Dhariyo jis Jan ne,

Manvanchhit Phal Payo,

Puja Katha Shravan Kar,

Ghar Anand Aayo,

Jai Santoshi Mata.


Sharan Gahe ki Lajja,

Rakhiyo Jagdambe,

Sankat tu hi Nivare,

Dayamayi Ambe,

Jai Santoshi Mata.

Santoshi Mata ki Aarti,

Jo Koi Jan Gaave,

Riddhi-Siddhi, Sukh-Sampatti,

Jee Bharkar Paave,

Jai Santoshi Mata.

Shukrawar Vrat Katha - FAQ's

1. On which day prayers are offered to Maa Santoshi?    

On the day Friday prayers are offered to the Maa Santoshi.

2. What is favourite prasad to offer to Maa Santoshi?  

Jaggery(Gur) and Chickpea(Chana) are the favourite items that are offered to Maa Santoshi.

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